Electric Chevy Silverado Pickup Brings Back GM’s Super-Useful Midgate

Despite the Silverado EV having a longer static storage area than the Ford F-150 Lightning, it brings a few party tricks up its sleeve.

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Electric Chevy Silverado Pickup Brings Back GM’s Super-Useful Midgate © Electric Chevy Silverado Pickup Brings Back GM’s Super-Useful Midgate

The new Chevy Silverado EV is probably not what a lot of people were expecting. More similar to the defunct Avalanche unibody pickup truck than the current body-on-frame Silverado, it features a midgate to boost its storage space. What's a midgate? It's the back wall of a truck's cabin, which in this case can be opened up and configured in a variety of ways to make hauling large loads easier.

Before taking into consideration any of this "Multi-Flex" midgate magic, the Silverado EV already features a longer storage area than the F-150 Lightning. At just an inch short of six feet, it edges out the Ford's storage area of 5.5 feet. Once the midgate goes down, though, things get pretty wild. 

Chevy's storage solution means items over nine feet long can be hauled with the tailgate up, and if a prospective buyer decides to check the Multi-Flex tailgate box, that storage length extends out to 10 feet 10 inches. That is... a lot.

The midgate is also not just an open-closed sort of system. It's separated into multiple sections, allowing for a narrow item like a kayak—pictured above and below—to be hauled without flipping down the rear glass. In fact, the midgate is split 60/40 just like the seats, so one or more rear passengers can still be seated in the back while longer items are carried.

If you're not a fan of air leaking into the cab when you have the midgate open, the Detroit automaker is also offering a lockable tonneau cover to go over the bed, which can be used alongside the midgate. So if you have the bottom half open, the entire cargo area is still sealed. That will definitely help cut any range loss from running the heater inside the truck.

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Chevy didn't provide any photos of this tonneau cover, however, you'll notice the bed is packed with power outlets. Another thing to mention is that these cargo specs don't even mention the front storage area—the frunk. The volume of this front storage area was not specified, however, it looks roughly similar in size to the Lightning's.

Frunk aside, Chevy's storage solution is still interesting, and we'll have to see how it gets used in the real world once the Silverado EV hits the road in 2023. With a 400-mile range available on the lowest WT trim, it might just be able to get the edge on the Blue Oval. Barring any speculation, however, we'll just have to wait and see how things shake out when it arrives in showrooms.

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