Electric Ford F-150 Lightning’s Battery Weighs Over 1,800 Pounds By Itself

It’s also roughly the size of two mattresses.

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Electric Ford F-150 Lightning’s Battery Weighs Over 1,800 Pounds By Itself © Electric Ford F-150 Lightning’s Battery Weighs Over 1,800 Pounds By Itself

The electric Ford F-150 Lightning is being revealed in full tomorrow after years of hype, even though it made a surprise appearance today. The battery-powered pickup will be one of the automaker's most important models ever, and it signals the brand's commitment to EVs by completely transforming the country's best-selling vehicle, full stop.

U.S. President Joe Biden toured Ford's Rouge Electric Vehicle plant on Tuesday to get a better understanding of the company's approach to zero-emission cars and trucks, unmasking the F-150 Lightning in the process. The president also spent some time with the truck's underpinnings, previewing how the battery pack fits within the frame—all 1,800-plus pounds of it.

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During a conversation with the F-150 Lightning's chief engineer Linda Zhang, Biden explicitly asked the weight of the battery. Zhang revealed that it tips the scales at "over 1,800 pounds," a point that was mentioned by Reuters reporter David Shepardson on Twitter. EV expert John Osborn says that translates to a pack capacity of around 112 kilowatt-hours.

The weight of the electric motors was not mentioned. For comparison, the F-150's 5.0-liter V8 and 10-speed transmission weigh as much as 680 pounds together. A full tank of gas adds around 150 pounds.

It's anyone's guess how heavy the F-150 Lightning will be until it's revealed on Wednesday, but the upcoming Hummer EV pickup is said to weigh a whopping 9,046 pounds in production trim.

Biden then remarked that the low-slung weight would mean a lower center of gravity, which Zhang noted is perfect for the F-150's handling and towing capabilities. She then added that the large battery would work in conjunction with a tire option specifically selected for its lower rolling resistance to provide maximum range. It was also mentioned that the massive battery will support vehicle-to-home power supply.

The electric F-150 will be likely offered in Ford's popular 145-inch wheelbase, offering a five-seater SuperCrew cab and a 5.5-foot bed. The power source is tucked neatly inside the truck's widened frame and according to Biden, it rivals the size of batteries put into electric school buses. Zhang said that the battery itself covers roughly the same space as two mattresses.

We'll have all the details regarding the Ford F-150 Lightning on Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET, broadcasted live from the Ford World Headquarters and covered here at The Drive.

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