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Multi-purpose has a new meaning.

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Enjoy the Raw Power Of Drag Racing an HEMTT | Autance © Enjoy the Raw Power Of Drag Racing an HEMTT | Autance

Military surplus vehicles like the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) are fascinating. They’re built incredibly tough, are completely devoid of any creature comforts or amenities, and are often dirt cheap at government auctions. They’re also insanely purpose-built, as they can be customized to fulfill all sorts of duties, as we’ve seen on The War Zone. The purpose of an HEMTT is not drag racing fellow soldiers, but that didn’t stop Hoonigan from trying it out, because of course they did, and bless them for doing so.

In this video, the Hoonigan crew puts the 8×8 HEMTT against a Ford F-450 towing three more vehicles. Who’d you put your bet on?

HEMTTs are gigantic hauling vehicles built by Oshkosh Defense (no, they don’t produce military-grade children’s clothing). Its cab-forward design, eight-by-eight drivetrain, city-block-long wheelbase, and C-130-transportable dimensions are unmistakable. These things look pretty darn unique, too, like if someone force-fed human growth hormone to a Pinzgauer and hooked up a massive trailer.

According to Oshkosh, its latest variant the A4 “performs while it protects with integrated under cab protection and Long-Term Armor Strategy (LTAS) B-kit attachments. Each and every variant – cargo, refueler, load handling system, recovery, light equipment transporter, guided missile transporter and MLRS resupply – offers the power, versatility and safety needed for mission success.” The HEMTT’s list of capabilities and applications is endless.

Oshkosh Defense HEMTT
Fording a river is no problem for a HEMTT. You could probably carve out a river with one, too. Oshkosh Defense / FavCars.com

Civilian variants can be used for all sorts of purposes, including pulling duty as a fire truck, which is shown toward the end of this video. Or, once military variants are past their prime, they’re taken off base and utilized for all sort of purposes. I’m sure the camo-clad one in this video is used for any purpose that demands its massive tow rating.

With nearly 1,000 pound-feet of torque, eight-wheel drive, and a heavy duty frame, why not drag race it? Sure enough, it hooks up like nobody’s business, and when launched properly it takes off pretty well, all things considered. Plus, any form of loud foot-to-the-floor diesel sounds glorious.

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