‘Exotic’ Halo Car for Hyundai’s N Performance Sub-Brand Reportedly Confirmed

Expect a dedicated two-seater with hybrid propulsion and plenty of speed.

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‘Exotic’ Halo Car for Hyundai’s N Performance Sub-Brand Reportedly Confirmed © ‘Exotic’ Halo Car for Hyundai’s N Performance Sub-Brand Reportedly Confirmed

It looks as if an all-new halo car will soon find its home at the top of Hyundai's N performance sub-brand with reported confirmation from a top-level exec already made for the future model. 

During a recent interview with AutoRAI.nl, Thomas Schemera, executive vice president of Hyundai's high performance vehicles and motorsport division, confirmed that a new go-fast model for the brand is in the works. It's reportedly in the very early stages of development, so what kind of car or what market it will reach is yet to be confirmed. Schemera does heavily allude to a big surprise coming from the brand. 

Speculation about the development of some kind of special edition, high-performance sports car under the N guise has been going on for months. Confirmation of the flagship model solidifies the rumors and has many wondering what is in the works. It’s expected to be a two-seat sports car, with use of electric hybrid technology almost certain.

“Behind the scenes, we are working hard on a ‘halo model’—as a flagship model for the N brand. This is going to be a great machine, something nobody expects from Hyundai, something really exotic,” Schemera revealed in the interview with AutoRAI.nl.

While he’s staying tight-lipped on any specific details, there’s a good chance the new halo car will be similar to the RM16 N concept, as Schemera referenced to the Dutch outlet.

“Whether it will be a limited edition or not, we can unfortunately neither confirm nor deny. In any case, it will be a car in the super sports segment. Think of the Hyundai RM16 and you have a bit of an idea of what is possible.”

The secrecy may just be a ploy to build hype, but in general, it seems to be working. While it’s exciting that a new N model is on its way, don’t expect to see production for a few more years at least. 

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