Experience Lamborghini Winter Driving Accademia With This Video

Have you ever seen an Aventador S slide like this?

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Experience Lamborghini Winter Driving Accademia With This Video © Experience Lamborghini Winter Driving Accademia With This Video

Lamborghini is one of several manufacturers that offer special driver training to their customers. Most of them involve track days on world-famous circuits to master braking and handling, making sure owners know how to get the most out of their purchase. Lamborghini does, however, provide a unique setting for testing their cars' performance -- an ice driving course. At the automaker's Winter Driving Accademia, they teach drivers how to control a variety of factors on the unpredictable surface, showing off how apt their newest models are in the snow. This video shows the Huracan and Aventador S making their way through the slick stuff, and I can't think of anything else I'd rather drive when the weather outside is frightful. 

Hosted in Livigno, Italy, there's no shortage of romantic ambiance for the dramatic supercars -- and we like that. Livigno is a ski resort town tucked away in the Italian Alps, adding even more features to the pricey experience, and we promise it is pricey. You can choose to bring your own Lambo, or the manufacturer will provide you with one for an "added fee" -- yikes. But if you've got the money to spare, it's an experience that you won't soon forget.

Winter Driving Accademia provides participants with a twelve hour session, allowing them to test in various situations like night driving. During the training, owners pair up with official Lamborghini reps that first give customers a ride-along through figure eights and slaloms, showing them how to prance around obstacles with precision. That's easier said than done, though, as the hefty Aventador still weighs around 4,000 pounds, making it especially difficult to dictate its direction without much skill. Once you've ridden passenger, you then "get the chance to try a variety of thrilling exercises such as emergency braking, drifting and full lap driving on the snow", according to Lamborghini.

This is a special experience that few people will get to take place in, so Lamborghini has hit a home run as far as premium treatment goes. Now, to start saving.

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