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Feng shui, as we all know is a science that uses energy forces to create harmony among individuals and to…

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How to Feng Shui Your Car in a Few Simple Tricks? | Autance © How to Feng Shui Your Car in a Few Simple Tricks? | Autance

Feng shui, as we all know is a science that uses energy forces to create harmony among individuals and to enhance positive feelings and energy levels. This form of science originated in China and has spread all over the world because it has worked well for people from different walks of life.

At the heart of Feng shui is energy forces. As living beings, we emit a certain kind of energy that is unique and when this energy combines with energies emitted by other living beings including trees, air and so on, there is a certain amount of chemistry or “mixing” that happens. Depending on the force of each energy, it could create a positive or a negative environment around us. When there is a negative environment, we will tend to feel angry and frustrated. Also, we may fall sick or something may go wrong with our life because of the presence of this negative environment.

By slightly changing these forces, we can change the negative environment into a positive one, that in turn will augur well for us. In such a positive environment, there is sure to be happiness and all good things will happen. Your love life will bloom, you will get the money you want and generally, there is a higher possibility for your dreams and wishes to get fulfilled.

Though it may sound abstract if you’re hearing about Feng shui for the first time, there is a lot of belief in it because at the end of the day, everything around is energy in one form or another.

This is also why people make changes to their homes and offices to ensure that they create a positive environment that will benefit them greatly. The same can be done to your cars too, so the chances of accidents are greatly reduced and you find peace while driving your car.

So, below are some ways to feng shui your car in a few simple tricks.

Throw Away Clutter

Keep your car free of clutter. It not only makes your car look attractive, but it also feels clean and comfortable. Anyone getting into your car will feel like traveling with you when your car is clean. Also, a clean car will help to keep the germs and insects away.

Imagine you have bits of food strewn all over your car seat and floor. It looks messy and dirty and it is also an open invitation for insects to crawl into your car. This is definitely not something you want, right?

Besides cleanliness, feng shui also recommends that you keep your car free of clutter. The belief is when your car is clean, so will be your mind.  Your cluttered thoughts will go away and you will be more relaxed while driving. In turn, this will help you to focus and avoid accidents while driving.

So, clean your trunk and remove every single piece of dirt and dust from your car, and see the difference it makes to your life.

Clean and Fresh Air

Have you ever go into a brand new car just after you buy it from a showroom? What does it smell like?

If you think it smells great, then it is time you understand that what you breathe is nothing but chemicals that are used to give a fragrant odor. In reality, a car is full of chemicals, regardless of whether it is new or old. If it is an old car, the musty smell is sure to linger.

You have to get these chemical pollutants out of your car at the earliest. Open the windows and let clean and fresh air blow these pollutants out. Again, the circulation of fresh air is great for your health as opposed to stale air. Such a clean air is sure to boost your spirits too, and you feel happy and calm while driving.

If clean air is not possible due to weather conditions, opt for essential oils whose fragrance are known to have a positive impact on your health. For example, aromas like lavender and chamomile are soothing and relaxing while peppermint and lemongrass are known to make you happy. You can choose these essential oils to give a refreshing smell and positive energy to your car.

Energy Enhancing Objects

There are many objects that are known to enhance positive energy in your car. Some examples includes rock crystals and hematite that can be kept in your car.

Many people are misguided by Feng shui, as marketers often use this term to sell dangling knicks knacks that have no impact on your car whatsoever. In fact such hanging knick knacks are bad because it turns your focus away from driving. This could greatly boost the chances of accidents.

Remember, true feng shui is about keeping things in your car, preferably in not so obvious places, so they are subtle and at the same time, create a positive energy around you. You can keep hematite or rock crystals in the glove compartment of your car for positive energy.

Some of the other minerals that you can have in your car for enhancing positive energy are

  • Agate: This mineral is known for energizing and harmonizing the body, mind and spirit. It cleanses and stabilizes the aura and remove negative energy
  • Amethyst: This stone is known to prevent diseases related to bone, especially knee, backbone and shoulders. It is also believed to help the wearer stay away from any form of psychic attack.
  • Citrine: Citrine removes the negativity in your mind, especially problems such as depression. It also induces positive energy in the surrounding environment.
  • Clear quartz: Quartz emits strong energy, and this is why, it is a part of crystal healing. It is known to expand the human energy field and gives a positive impact on all parts of the body.
  • Hematite: This stone has magnetic powers that can cure diseases related to blood pressure and even kidney problems.
  • Jade: Jade is known to support healing all over your physical body.

Besides these stones, you can also have ornamental items in your car that will greatly enhance positive energy. There are no specific items, but it can be anything that you keep at home or work to ward off evil elements in your premises. Just a word of caution here. Make sure you do not keep these ornaments in such a way that they distract you while driving. As long as you keep it hidden and away from view, any object of any size is fine.

Another great energy enhancing aspect is music. Play good music that will calm you down and help you focus better. There are many tracks designed specifically based on Feng shui and they are known to create a particular impact on those listening to them. Look for such tracks and play them as often as you can to generate good vibrations within your car.

If you are not sure of what tracks are positive, you can either go with your gut feeling and pick the one that makes you feel relaxed. Alternately, do some research and you are sure to come up with a ton of songs that are created to give a specific effect to the listener.

You can keep one or a combination of items in your car to get the positive energy you need to live a happy and healthy life. The best part is you will be able to carry these positive thoughts into your home and work, thereby making every place a positive one for you. Some of these positive thoughts can rub off on others as well to make everyone happy and contended.


Colors are an important part of Feng shui. Again, it stems from the belief that each color emits a certain energy, so some colors are more preferable than others in some environments. Though you can  have personal preferences, it is best you keep in mind the Feng shui colors too while making a choice.

Here is a list of some colors and what they stand for.

  • Orange: Stimulating, sociable, active and cheerful because it represents the fire element.
  • Purple: Nobility, Abundance and dignity are the aspects represented by purple. As you may have guessed, purple colors give you a soothing and calming environment. They are good for romantic life as well.
  • Gray: This is a neutral and quiet color that lacks energy. So, it can make you feel dull, bored and lethargic.
  • Brown:  Brown is considered to be a stable, reliable and comfortable color. It represents the earth, and this is why it can give you a lot of stability in life.
  • Red: Red is exciting and stimulating and it represents passion and love.
  • Yellow: Yellow is happy and uplifting, and is most ideal if you need someone to give you a mental boost.
  • Green: This color gives a calming, balancing, relaxing and healing effect on your body. It represents nature, growth and prosperity.
  • Blue:  Blue is healing, soothing and relaxing and it represents trustworthiness and security.
  • Black:  Black has the power to enhance introspection and mystery. It represents water element and is ideal for travel, career and knowledge aspects.
  • White: White is cleanliness, spirituality, hope, purity and openness. This is a metal element and is a good choice for travel and creativity.
  • Pink: Pink is sedating and calming, and represents love and romance.

Based on these aspects, you can decide which is the right color for your car exterior and interior. It is best you stay away from fire elements because it is not something that you want to have in your car. Black and white, on the other hand, are good choices.

Keep the Windows Clean

In Feng shui, windows are often seen as the representation of our eyes. It is said that you should keep your car windows clean if you want to have a clear vision of your future.

Generally speaking, if the car windows are cracked, it should be replaced immediately because it could mean that there will be roadblocks in your future vision too.

Make sure to wipe down your car windows often and never allow dust to pile up.

Have a Bottle of Drinking Water in Your Car Always

Water represents clarity of thoughts in Feng shui. A bottle of drinking water not only quenches your thirst on a hot and dry day, but can also greatly reduce the confusions and unwanted thoughts in your mind.

Many incidents have shown that having a bottle of drinking water increases the overall road awareness for drivers. As a bonus, drivers can also drink water when they are stressed, so they can feel better!

Reduce Connectivity and Devices

Wi-FI, Bluetooth and 4G connectivity may give you access to almost anything at the tip of your fingers, but it is never good for your health. Many studies have shown that being surrounded by too many devices in an enclosed space increases radiation levels, that in turn, can lead to diseases.

From Feng shui perspective too, the negative energy released by these devices is harmful for your mind and body. This is why it is best you reduce the number of devices in the car. It is even better if you can turn off connectivity as it not only reduces distractions for you, but also reduces the presence of negative energy.

Overall, all the above tricks that we have mentioned are simple and yet effective. It can go a long way in removing negative energy and infusing your immediate environment with a lot of positive energy, that in turn, will augur well for your body, mind and spirit.

So, go ahead and try these tricks to see the difference they can make to your lives by balancing out and harmonizing your body and mind.


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