Ferrari SUV Will Hide its Rear Doors and Be Classed as an ‘FUV’

Ferrari says ‘FU’ to anyone who calls it a crossover.

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Ferrari SUV Will Hide its Rear Doors and Be Classed as an ‘FUV’ © Ferrari SUV Will Hide its Rear Doors and Be Classed as an ‘FUV’

Ferrari is reportedly building a crossover. Yes, these are just the times we live in now. According to a new report from Autocar, however, Ferrari doesn't believe the GTC4 Lusso-based SUV codenamed the F16X is an SUV at all.

As recently as last month, Ferrari was adamant that it would only ever create sports cars and nothing else. "We are not producing an SUV," because an SUV is not a sports car – it can be fast, but it’s not a sports car. We are not producing a four-door because, while a four-door can be fast, it’s not a sports car. Ferrari has to remain consistent, doing what we know to do, which is delivering cars that are able to deliver emotion. Sports cars," Ferrari commercial head Enrico Galliera told Autocar

Now though, Sanford Bernstein auto analyst Max Warburton is claiming that this is merely an issue of semantics. In yet another move of comical self-indulgence, the makers of the Ferrari LaFerrari and 812 Superfast are apparently passing the F16X off as an "FUV." That stands for Ferrari Utility Vehicle, if it wasn't clear enough. 

Ferrari's upcoming S, um, FUV will also feature "invisible" rear doors thanks to a "clever hidden arrangement," which somewhat corroborates with previous reports of the F16X using B-pillarless suicide rear doors. We're not sure which to believe or whether they refer to the same thing, but just don't expect conventional rear doors on this thing, alright?

Set to be a prancing horse competitor to the Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and Bentley Bentayga, the F16X "FUV" is set to go into production in 2021. Warburton predicts sales of 2000-3000 units a year.

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