Ford Goes All-Out With These 5 Custom 2020 Super Duty Trucks at SEMA

From overlanding to pavement-pounding, all the bases have been covered for this year’s Las Vegas show.

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Ford Goes All-Out With These 5 Custom 2020 Super Duty Trucks at SEMA © Ford Goes All-Out With These 5 Custom 2020 Super Duty Trucks at SEMA

SEMA, one of North America's largest automotive industry shows is right around the corner. Automakers and custom shops come together to put their creations on display for the world to see and perhaps strengthen their name in the custom automotive world. Ford just announced that it will bring a special treat to SEMA this year: trucks. And not just any trucks, but a fleet of larger-than-life Super Dutys.

In all, five trucks were announced to be premiered at SEMA next week alongside Ford's massive collection of 50 vehicles that will be displayed at its stand, each one with a name longer than the next. But for truck lovers, the next few minutes will be pure bliss.

Ford Accessories F-250 Super Duty Tremor Crew Cab

via Ford

Ford is rather proud of its ability to produce rugged and robust pickups. Such is the case with the 2020 F-250 Super Duty Tremor—the automaker's newest off-road trim meant to challenge the likes of Ram's venerable Power Wagon.

This particular variant is made to appear even more capable thanks to a slight two-inch front-end lift and aggressive 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires, but it's not all about looks. Ford also made sure that this truck could hit the ground running by installing a locking rear differential and upgrading the front to a limited-slip. It also included the optional Ford Performance Parts winch and chase rack on the build, along with a bit of added flair thanks to a rock light and Rigid 50-inch LED bar.

CGS Performance Products Ford F-250 Super Duty Tremor Crew Cab

via Ford

Sometimes, less is more—such is the case with CGS Performance Products' submission to SEMA. This build takes the guts of Ford's Tremor platform and adds a dash of personalization to speak for the owners who want more than a cookie-cutter creation.

CGS coated the truck in a beautiful shade of red paint from AkzoNobel's Sikkens line. It then added a bed cover, LED light bar, and mounted 37-inch General tires to 20-inch Grid wheels before installing them on the F-250. While this might be one of the lot's tamer builds, it's a complete package that's more realistic for most enthusiasts.

LGE-CTS Motorsports Baja Forged Ford F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab XLT

via Ford

Meet the truck that Ford calls a "Swiss army knife for the modern adventurer." The manufacturer teamed up with LGE-CTS Motorsports to build out this "Baja Forged" F-250 Super Duty that, in addition to its life as a very capable go-anywhere truck, it doubles as both a campsite and workshop.

Thanks to its custom rear canopy bed, the Super Duty is now much more recognizable than any other pickup in the parking lot. Its added storage and flexibility for uncommon tasks make it all the more appealing to owners that want to pick up and go whenever the wild calls, and a Tepui rooftop tent makes it a fairly competent overlander.

In addition to the rear bed, LGE-CTS fitted the truck with its Baja Forged front bumper and fenders, as well as a fairly aggressive 4.5-inch suspension lift to support its 18-inch Method Race wheels and 37-inch BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tires. The vehicle also sports a Warn Industries winch, retractable ARB USA awnings, a refrigerator, and other essentials for remote-location creature comforts.

BDS Suspension Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab XLT

via Ford

Just when you thought you've heard enough about overlanding, BDS Suspension is here to show another perspective to the most up-and-coming off-road fad of 2019.

This particular build is based on Ford's F-350 Super Duty platform and makes use of its robust 6.7-liter diesel V8 to conquer anything it comes across. BDS lifted the truck with a set of Fox 2.5 Dual Speed Compression coilovers, giving extra clearance for the truck's 40-inch tires. A custom-fabricated front bumper with integrated lightbar and winch help put a few minor touches on the truck's appearance, while the two-tone paint job really seals the deal.

But where this truck really shines is the rear, which is forged from a Knapheide aluminum service box bed. The bed's hard-shell tent is surrounded by gobs of storage, a refrigerator, gas grill, and other modifications to support an extended stay wherever the path less traveled brings you.

DeBerti Design Ford F-450 Super Duty Platinum Crew Cab

via Ford

Perhaps one of the most aggressive trucks of the lot is this Ford F-450 Super Duty customized by seasoned SEMA contributor DeBerti Design. While this outstandingly brash dually doesn't make for the most capable of overlanders or practical work truck, it does make a beautiful tow rig with plenty of storage. 

The truck is supported by Kelderman air ride suspension, enabling proper clearance for the six 37-inch tires that wrap the 22-inch American Force wheels on all four corners. Forward-facing Rigid LED lights are mounted to the truck's roof in place of a traditional light bar and custom DeBerti pull-out bumper drawers help to add additional storage. Dual pull-out fender cabinets further maximize the utility, making this perhaps the ultimate toy hauler for those who like a bit of bravado with their pickup.

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