Ford Says It’s Not Necessarily Giving up on Sedans

Amid slow sales, Ford has made sedans a lower priority but denies it is eliminating them completely.

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Ford Says It’s Not Necessarily Giving up on Sedans © Ford Says It’s Not Necessarily Giving up on Sedans

On Monday Bloomberg reported that Ford intends to change a hundred-year-old strategy of building sedans for the everyman and instead focus on trucks, SUVs, and electrification. This comes as a response to continually missing revenue targets as customers opt for trucks and SUVs instead of cars like they used to.

But Bloomberg reported no direct statements from Ford officials that sedans will be eliminated from its lineup in the future. We do know that the Fusion's mid-life refresh was canceled late last year. This makes sense if the cost of the refresh is more than the potential sales are worth. On the other hand, the current version will become outdated as the competition updates their models, further harming the Fusion's sales performance.

We reached out to Ford to clarify its position on sedans. "We cannot talk openly about future product plans," said Jiyan Cadiz, North American Car Communications and Media Relations Manager. "I can tell you Fusion remains an important part of the Ford lineup for years to come with even more new fresh features on the way. We will have more news to share in the future."

So Ford's sedans appear to be hanging on, at least for a little while longer. Whether they'll go for a walk or "do us a favor" remains to be seen in the long term. It's certainly one way to keep marijuana from being smuggled inside them.

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