Ford Still Won’t Offer a Manual With the Bronco’s Sasquatch Package

The Blue Oval says its plans for an automatic-only Bronco Sasquatch haven’t changed despite a popular petition.

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Ford Still Won’t Offer a Manual With the Bronco’s Sasquatch Package © Ford Still Won’t Offer a Manual With the Bronco’s Sasquatch Package

A 2021 Ford Bronco with the Sasquatch package and a seven-speed manual? Ford said in July it won't be so, disappointing at least several thousand Bronco fans, who digitally petitioned Ford to produce such a spec. Yet a report published Friday claims Ford has heard petitioners' cries for a manual Sasquatch, no doubt delighting the two or three actual Bronco buyers who signed the petition. Once again, though, it ain't so, as Ford has formally denied plans to produce a stick-shift Sasquatch.

Rumors of Ford's change of heart first surfaced via TorqueNews, which, citing a source within the automaker, claimed a three-pedal Sasquatch would come after all. "According to a source at Ford, the company has done an about face and will offer the seven-speed manual with the Sasquatch package," the outlet alleged.

2021 Ford Bronco's manual shifter, Ford

But when The Drive reached out to Ford for confirmation or denial of this report, the Blue Oval issued the latter.

"Speculation on the writer's part," remarked a Ford spokesperson. "Lineup and powertrain offering configurations are as announced on July 13."

By as-announced, Ford means the seven-speed will remain available only with the Bronco's lesser engine option, the 2.3-liter Ecoboost. Upgrading to either the 2.7-liter engine or Sasquatch package, with its beadlock-capable 17-inch wheels, 35-inch tires and off-road suspension requires accepting a 10-speed automatic transmission. This in turn suggests the top-performing Bronco Raptor with its anticipated Sasquatch-plus equipment will also be unavailable with a manual—another disappointing development, but not an unexpected one with how few Americans can operate three pedals today.

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