Ford to Produce Six EVs by 2022 and Hybridize More Models

We’re a step closer to the hybrid Mustang and F-150 we’ve been promised.

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Ford to Produce Six EVs by 2022 and Hybridize More Models © Ford to Produce Six EVs by 2022 and Hybridize More Models

We knew that Ford was getting serious about electric cars and hybrids due to its $11 billion investment and we now have some more details about the company’s plan for electrifying its lineup in the near future. Ford just gave an outline for its plan to crank out more hybrids and introduce six electric vehicles by 2022, the first of which will be a performance SUV in 2020.

For hybrids, Ford is taking an approach that is about more than just fuel economy. Ford recognizes the benefits that hybrids can offer in addition to saving fuel and will play to the strengths of hybrid technologies to make its products better.

“On the F-150 Hybrid, Ford will lean in to

capability, such as the low-end torque for extra pulling power and the fact it can serve as a mobile generator,” said Ford in a press release. “Mustang Hybrid will be all about delivering V8-like performance with more low-end torque.”

So, which Fords, other than the previously promised F-150 and Mustang, will get hybrid versions? “We are confirming that by 2020, the all-new Escape, Explorer and Bronco will arrive and all will be available with hybrid engines,” said a Ford representative in an email to The Drive. “The F-150 Hybrid will also be available by 2020 and the Mustang Hybrid is scheduled to arrive in 2021.”

As for the all-electric Fords that are on the way, we don’t know much about them yet. We asked Ford if more details could be provided about the six EVs on the way by 2022 and were told there is “nothing extra to share today.”

A theme that was repeated in the press release about this new plan is affordability. Ford began as an affordable car for the masses and it looks like that attitude is still alive more than a century later when it comes to hybrids and EVs.

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