GM Could Revive Hummer as Purely Electric Pickup Truck, Off-Road SUV Brand: Report

Because splashing through mud puddles and tearing up the countryside in an electric off-roader will apparently be a thing in the future.

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GM Could Revive Hummer as Purely Electric Pickup Truck, Off-Road SUV Brand: Report © GM Could Revive Hummer as Purely Electric Pickup Truck, Off-Road SUV Brand: Report

General Motors CEO Mary Barra confirmed at the end of April that an electric full-size pickup truck is on the way from the Detroit auto giant. It's unclear if this upcoming truck might mark the rebirth of the defunct, military-inspired marque Hummer, but that's what several rumors circling the American automaker claim.

After passing off a potential partnership with Rivian to Ford, GM decided that it could develop electrified trucks independently, and is reportedly busy planning this product line. Bloomberg reports that those familiar with GM's brainstorming sessions say the company could bring some of its electrified trucks to market bearing the disused Hummer nameplate, which hasn't adorned a vehicle since mid-2010. Company officials reportedly see electrification as a way to divest Hummer from its image of wastefulness, all while maintaining connotations of ruggedness and capability.

Insiders reportedly insisted that the idea of a Hummer comeback is merely hypothetical at present; an idea for how GM could market its electrified trucks, rather than confirmation that it will revive the Hummer brand to do so. Hummers, having been out of production for nearly a decade now, would need a comprehensive update of their design language in order to not look out-of-place on the market today, though bringing the Hummer aesthetic up-to-date might not be as tricky as it sounds. GM has reportedly played with Hummer-inspired design studies for conceptual next-gen GMC products, and has allegedly continued to commission Hummer concept vehicles throughout the last several years.

GM President Mark Reuss was reportedly asked about a Hummer comeback (Hummback?) at a press conference, and gave an interested, but ultimately noncommittal response.

"I love Hummer," Reuss reportedly told Bloomberg on June 12. "I'm not sure. We're looking at everything."

"It's massive," he reportedly added with regard to the market for electrified trucks and SUVs. "There might be places where we go first that are not just heavy-duty work trucks but more style and capability for off-road. There are lots of things that are very attractive."

Since the Hummer brand's closure, GM has protected its rights to the Hummer name and associated intellectual property, should it need to use them again. GM renewed its U.S. rights to the Hummer name in February of 2018 and will retain the ownership of the Hummer IP for years to come. It'll need that time on its side if Hummer ends up spearheading the company's electrified truck lineup, as none of GM's first 20 electric vehicles coming by 2023 were initially planned to be trucks. It may still be wise not to expect GM to debut a new electric Hummer within the next four years, if ever.

When contacted, General Motors declined to comment on its plans for the Hummer marque.

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