Genesis G70 Won’t Offer a Manual Transmission After 2021

Another one bites the dust.

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Genesis G70 Won’t Offer a Manual Transmission After 2021 © Genesis G70 Won’t Offer a Manual Transmission After 2021

Recently facelifted for 2021, the Genesis G70 sports sedan was expected to carry the torch in the transmission department, which is exactly why we titled its model overview, "2021 Genesis G70 Keeps the Manual Dream Alive for Yet Another Year" back in March. Today, however, we're finding out that our chances of finding a manual 2021 model are basically none, and the transmission will officially be discontinued for 2022.

A recent report by CarBuzz originally claimed that the 2021 Genesis G70 would no longer offer a manual transmission, only the eight-speed automatic. The reason for the discontinuation isn't really a surprise to anyone, citing a low take-rate for the row-your-own variant. In other words: no one bought one.

We reached out to Genesis for confirmation, and a spokesperson claimed that the 2.0T 2021 Genesis G70 technically will offer a manual, as some have already been sent through the pipeline. However, he also claimed that that number could very well be zero.

As much sense as that doesn't make, the spokesperson did confirm that the manual was for sure dead for 2022.

"Technically, the G70 2.0T manuals still exist, at least any that may already be in the pipeline (which could be zero)," a Genesis spokesperson told The Drive. "The likelihood of being able to find a 2021 M/T will be very slim.  Then it is officially discontinued for the 22MY."

At the rate we're going so far, there won't be any manuals, front-wheel-drive coupes, or even affordable pickup trucks by the time 2022 rolls around.

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