GM Has Delivered More Cadillac Lyriqs in January 2023 Than In All of 2022

Cadillac’s first EV is finally getting shipped to dealers in significant numbers.

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GM Has Delivered More Cadillac Lyriqs in January 2023 Than In All of 2022 © GM Has Delivered More Cadillac Lyriqs in January 2023 Than In All of 2022

General Motors decided to push the launch of the Cadillac Lyriq ahead by several months, and the result is that deliveries have been dragging ahead at a snail's pace. GM sold more Hummer EVs can Lyriqs last year, but that's already changing in a serious way. Speaking toThe Autance during the Rolex 24, the VP of Global Cadillac, Rory Harvey, said the Lyriq is finally being shipped to dealers in significant numbers.

"If you look to this month... [the production increase] is significant. We will have shipped more cars this month to our dealer-partners than we did throughout the calendar year last year," Harvey said. "So it's really starting to pick up now." To be clear, just 122 Lyriqs were sold to customers in 2022. So more cars in January 2023 than the entirety of 2022 admittedly isn't that high of a bar. It's still a good sign, though. Harvey also mentioned that Super Cruise's arrival in the Lyriq via an over-the-air update is "not very far away," too.


This slow trickle of deliveries is not because of a lack of production, to be clear. As GM Authority previously reported, the Detroit automaker actually built 8,195 Lyriqs in 2022. The slow rate of deliveries is because GM allegedly wants to be sure that the vehicles, which were developed much faster than usual, don't have any widespread issues. That's part of the reason why the company ran its "Cadillac Lyriq Ambassador Program," which tracked the behavior of a small number of new buyers to evaluate early builds. This was done with the owners' permission, of course, and they received a discount on their electric vehicle as compensation.

Harvey indicated that production will only ramp up from here. That means you can expect to see a lot more Lyriqs on the road in 2023. It has solid reviews, 300 miles of range, and an all-wheel-drive model on the way. It just has to get into customers' driveways.

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