GMC Hummer EV Easter Egg Shows It Crushing Tesla Cybertruck

The sneaky little joke from GMC is buried in the infotainment system.

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GMC Hummer EV Easter Egg Shows It Crushing Tesla Cybertruck © GMC Hummer EV Easter Egg Shows It Crushing Tesla Cybertruck

Easter eggs in vehicle design have become popular in recent years, with Tesla perhaps the proudest of its efforts. However, GMC isn't about to be left out of the fun, and has thrown in a rather cheeky little shot at the electric automaker in the new Hummer EV. You'll spot it in Doug Demuro's Hummer EV review on YouTube, at around 8:35 into the video.

Doug's review, among other things, explores the features of the Hummer's infotainment screen, and the auxiliary switches in particular. These are common on modern offroaders, allowing owners to install gear like winches and lights that can be controlled from switches on the dash. The Hummer EV eschews physical switches, integrating the auxiliary switch functionality into the infotainment screen instead. Each of the switches can be given a name, and an icon selected as well.

YouTube/Doug DeMuro

This is where the easter egg comes in. In amongst pictures of usual gear like horns, lights, and fridges, there are some joke icons too. As noted by posters on the Cybertruck Owners Club, You can assign your auxiliary switch an icon of what appears to be a Hummer EV crawling over the top of a Cybertruck. Doug chose to assign this icon to Auxiliary Switch 1, naming it "lights," but the switch could be used to control any piece of equipment hooked up to the relevant circuit.  

Other fun choices include what appears to be the Apollo Command Module, a beach-ready wheelchair, or a detonator for TNT. This author's favorite, however, would have to be the drawing of the Hummer EV re-entering the atmosphere with T-Rexes in the foreground. It suggests what many of us have known all along—that GMC's electric off-roader really was the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

YouTube/Doug DeMuro

On the topic at hand though, actually getting a Hummer to drive over a Cybertruck could be a little tricky. The 8-degree slope of the Cybertruck's rear end is a subtle one, but presumably some kind of ramp arrangement would be required for the Hummer's tire to actually climb atop the pickup's roof as shown. 

In any case, the icon of the Cybertruck getting driven on is clipped and vague enough that GMC could deny all if really pushed about the issue. Not all easter eggs are so subtle. However, one somehow suspects that there's now a multi-million view YouTube video to be had for the first Hummer owner to drive up the back of a Cybertruck. We'll probably have to wait some time, however, as deliveries of Tesla's pickup are still just a gleam in Elon's eye

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