Hankook’s Line of Tires Exclusively for EVs Finally Hit the US

No more compromises for EV owners.

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Hankook’s Line of Tires Exclusively for EVs Finally Hit the US © Hankook’s Line of Tires Exclusively for EVs Finally Hit the US

In order to get the most out of your car—whether it be for performance or commuting purposes—setting it up with the right tires to match the conditions makes all the difference in the world. While ICE vehicle owners seemingly have tires available specifically for any combination of conditions for any application you can think of available to them, EV owners can’t say the same. In a lot of cases, some big compromises are made when sorting through the options available to them. Hankook is looking to change that by finally releasing its line of tires specifically designed for EVs here in the US. 

Hankook’s newly introduced iON series is the world’s first tire line designed exclusively for the EV market. As such, many of the factors essential to a good EV tire, which are completely forgotten in some cases, are staples of this line.

Hankook iON EV Tire with Hankook Sound Absorber Technology

Hankook paired these tires with its exclusive Hankook Sound Absorber technology to reduce noise and enhance the signature silent driving experience of an EV. These are also designed to stand up to the extreme forces tires are subject to on these vehicles. They’ll support the weight of heavy batteries while maintaining grip as the powerful motors apply instant torque. Hankook is so confident in this tire’s ability to handle EV performance that this technology will make its race debut at the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in January 2023. 

Performance is only a part of the story, though. Hankook also took the time to come up with a tread design that wears evenly and offers low rolling resistance to optimize range. Eco-friendly materials being used for the specially designed EVolution compound are a cherry on top for the especially environmentally-conscious EV owners. 

Two versions of this new tire are now available to the US market. The iON evo AS and iON evo AS SUV are available in a total of 26 sizes compatible with wheel sizes ranging from 18-22 inches, both of which are backed by a 50,000-mile warranty.

What do you EV owners think? Do Hankook’s EV tires live up to your expectations of a tire specifically for this segment? Give your take in the comments below. 

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