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Headache racks are a must-have for all trucks, especially those that carry heavy loads. There are instances where your heavy…

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The Best Headache Racks (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Headache Racks (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Backrack 15004 Rack Frame Backrack 15004 Rack Frame
Premium Pick Dee Zee Black Aluminum Mesh Cab Rack Dee Zee Black Aluminum Mesh Cab Rack
Best Value MaxxHaul Black Headache Rack MaxxHaul Black Headache Rack

Headache racks are a must-have for all trucks, especially those that carry heavy loads. There are instances where your heavy payload will not be able to stop as quickly as your car does after slamming on the brakes. In such cases, you might experience a busted rear window, scratched cab, or even worse. These are situations in which a headache rack will be immensely helpful. To save yourself a headache, it is best to equip your truck with this product because it acts as an unbreakable barrier between your cab and bed, which protects you from any broken glass, scratches, and scrapes. They are also known to offer additional lighting and shade; thus, their presence in your vehicle is important. The best way to find the right model is to read our article that offers some of the best headache racks on the market. Many of them come from brands with years of industry experience.

Best Headache Rack

Today’s market is filled with a wide range of headache racks. Each model comes with specific features that enable it to perform its needed function and many other bonus features. Among the best rack frames in the market is the Backrack Rack Frame. You get a frame but must purchase hardware kit specific to your vehicle. This cab guard features a patented design that sets it apart from many models.

The rack frame is mounted carefully onto all existing stake pockets of your truck for strength and full protection. It features rugged stainless steel construction, which ensures rigidity and high strength at all times. The design of this cab guard also comes with a highly protective layer of black powder coating to reduce the occurrence of chips, scratches, and corrosion. One feature this truck headache rack possesses that we love is the versatile sizing. The Backrack frame is available in both half and full rack compositions. With this product, you get a full-back window protection, and you can also hang all your tools and other clip accessories without any issues.

Key Features
  • Frame only
  • Truck specific hardware kit required
  • The welded criss-cross center grid
  • Reinforced steel construction
  • Brand Backrack
  • Model 15004
  • Weight 48 pounds

Everyone loves to feel protected no matter where they may be and what they’re doing. The need for safety in a vehicle is vital, especially when you carry loads to and from locations. To avoid any damage from unforeseen accidents and other dangerous occurrences, we recommend the Dee Zee Cab Rack. This is a cab rack system is designed from aluminum. It features rugged construction, which consists of robust and octagonal aluminum tubings. The heavy-duty construction of this unit ensures its functionality and also keeps it operating for a longer time. Depending on your needs, the dee zee headache rack features an ultra-mesh system that delivers more protection and visibility.

The Dee Zee cab pickup headache rack comes in a set of two removable ties down mounts. It also has a protective black powder coat finish, which prevents corrosion and enhances longevity. If you seek to purchase a cab rack that exhibits heavy-duty performance, be sure to keep a steady eye on the Dee Zee cab rack. The frame comes with a chain-link styles grate, diamond-threaded steel and octagonal tubing which enhance its aesthetic. To install this unit, fix the rack into all existing stake pocket holes steadily without the need for drills.

Key Features
  • Gloss black finish
  • Aluminum mesh and diamond-threaded steel
  • 2 Removable tie Down Mounts
  • Can be easily installed into the existing pocket holes
  • Brand Dee Zee
  • Model DZ 95050RB
  • Weight 34 pounds

The MaxxHaul Headache Rack is a highly versatile truck rack. It was launched after careful study, design, and will work well for both you and your vehicle. This 70234 model is made from commercial-grade steel, and it features heavy-duty construction, familiar to most truck rack systems. To enable you to carry all your long cargo, such as pipes and ladders safely, the unit comes with an extension on all uprights. The Maxxhaul rack is wide enough to fit most pickup trucks, and such versatility is why it is highly recommended by experts and novices alike.

There are several reasons why we love this aluminum headache rack from Maxxhaul. Besides its exciting construction features, the unit offers all users with full visibility, through a two-inch wire screen system. The installation doesn’t require a drill. With this rack protecting the rear window of your vehicle, you can shift light cargo without a care in the world. We love Maxxhaul because its frames are very versatile and also extremely affordable. The coated cover ensures their durability for days on end.

Key Features
  • Adjustable
  • Black
  • Commercial-grade steel
  • 2" widescreen
  • Brand MaxxHaul
  • Model 70234
  • Weight 52 pounds

This brand has a wide array of products created for the satisfaction of customers. We love the AA-Racks X35 Model and it’s one of the best truck rack systems in today’s market. The brand is a leading manufacturer in the industry; thus, it takes the necessary pains to ensure each item it creates works perfectly.

The X35 rack features shared traits found in the cab and the basic X35 headache rack. It comes with a protective screen, which isn’t common with other models in the market. The best thing about this protective screen is that it can be removed and adjusted to suit your needs. This truck rack is designed for heavy-duty thus; it features the use of commercial-grade steel. Designers have ensured that this unit is suitable for a wide variety of pickup trucks thanks to its universal design. Such a feature is hard to come by in today’s market, which is why we strongly recommend this unit for you and your household. To keep your truck rack safe and free from corrosion, it is coated with a matte black powder, and this also enhances its durability for more value.

Key Features
  • 800 LB capacity
  • Comes with an extendable pickup
  • Protective screen set
  • Commercial-grade steel
  • Brand AA Products Inc.
  • Model X35-W-BLK
  • Weight 43.9 pounds

There are several headache racks designed for use on a wide array of vehicles. One of the best brands in the industry is Backrack. It has produced hundreds of truck rack models since its inception and has no plans of stopping any time soon. Its design solution is the Backrack 12500 Headache Rack. We love the composition of this unit, and we regard it as one of the most functional and durable pieces available. Like many other models produced by the company, this unit comes only as a frame, so you need to purchase a hardware kit for your specific vehicle.

The Backrack 12500 truck back rack features a doubled corrosion resistance and an e-coating frame, which keeps it protected from corrosion and rust. After this unit is coated with the corrosion-resistant powder, the rack is taken through a multi-stage dip process that takes care of all hidden surfaces. The steel used in creating this rack system is different from other models on the market. It is pickled, oiled, and finished after it goes through the hot rolling process. This increases its durability and also makes it more functional than models that undergo the hot rolling process only. To bring an elevated level of visibility and safety to your vehicle, we recommend that you choose the Backrack 12500 truck bed rack.

Key Features
  • Double corrosion resistance
  • Louvered rack
  • Backlights
  • Rack frame only
  • Brand Backrack
  • Model 12500
  • Weight 48 pounds

There are a countless number of Backrack safety racks on the market today. Meet the Backtrack 10500 Safety rack, another fantastic cab guard from the manufacturer. This unit is designed to offer your vehicle with full window protection. It features only the frame,  so users need to purchase the hardware kit separately. Most Backtrack models are unique in their design, though they all carry the spirit of the brand. The 10500 rack system is made from high-quality steel to enhance durability, rigidity, and strength.

Designers noticed that there are some models of racks that rattle while in operation. Such sounds can be disturbing for drivers, mainly when they undertake more extended journeys. To solve this issue, Backrack designs its truck back rack with an intersection of wires, which ensure a quieter operation while providing much-needed strength. This rack is straightforward to install. This is facilitated through the provision of broader carrying capacity, a trait that isn’t common on the market. If you need an affordable truck rack system that is silent after installation and delivers the required protection, the Backrack 10500 safety system should be your first option. It is well suited for a wide range of trucks; thus, you can purchase one for your family truck and anyone who transports loads over long distances. 

Key Features
  • Full window protection
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Feature an intersection of wire
  • Wider carrying capacity
  • Brand Backrack
  • Model 10500
  • Weight 38 pounds

Headache racks are a great addition as they offer protection that no other accessory can. For those who carry loads over long distances, we recommend that you invest in a headache rack that you can trust. Check out the Steelcraft Headache Rack. We love how sturdy and rugged this unit is, thanks to its heavy-duty construction. The Steelcraft headache rack has a classic black outlook that looks good on every vehicle. It makes use of a unique tubular steel manufacturing approach to ensure that you reap all the needed benefits from its construction. This headache rack is crafted carefully and accurately by studious hands. It displays impressive crafting expertise, which delivers everything you’ve ever wanted in a headache rack and more.

The SteelCraft headache rack with lights is made from the T304 model of stainless steel. It comes with a stylish design, inspired by the design of louvers; thus, it acts also as a shade provider and a vent for more air. The Steelcraft brand is known not only for its headache racks but also for the creation of bull bars, side steps, grille guards, and many other vehicle accessories. They are considered pioneer designers of all these accessories, as they paved the way for other competing brands to step out of their comfort zone. 

Key Features
  • T304 stainless steel
  • Stylish louvered design
  • Truck specific hardware kit sold separately
  • Full window protection
  • Brand Steelcraft
  • Model 90001
  • Weight 55 pounds

You will love this louvered rack frame the minute it is installed as it features all the necessary elements that offer you the best full protection against unforeseen instances. This headache rack is available in both a full and half-rack model. It comes fully protected against corrosion and damage thanks to the double process of coating, which includes the use of an e-coating frame, powder coating, and a multi-stage dip process.

The Backrack truck headache rack doesn’t require any form of drilling, and also allows you to attach your extra tools and accessories to its body without much effort. If you ever need such rigidity and versatility in your headache rack, the 12400 model is your best shot.

Key Features
  • Hw kit require
  • Available in a full or half rack.
  • Welded, cold-rolled wire rack
  • No drilling required
  • Brand Backrack
  • Model 12400
  • Weight 48 pounds

The robust design of the Aries Classic Headache Rack is something to be admired and lauded. It is simple in design and yet mighty in its delivery of maximum protection and stability; the Aries classic headache rack is made from heavy-duty stainless steel materials. It is designed to suit all trucks and comes with an entirely welded, all-steel construction. To keep snow, water, dirt and other forces of nature away from the surface of your tubing rack, the Aries rack is well coated with weather-resistant materials, which include a double layer finish of e-coat and a durable black powder coat.

The Aries Headache Rack keeps your truck safe from heat and damage. To ensure reliable cab protection on all tough jobs, the unit is  equipped with full-width louvers. You can maintain full use of your truck bed when this rack is installed, and such versatility is why we believe you will love this model. The installation process of this unit is very secure, and it features the bolting of flat plate steel brackets onto the truck bed walls. This installation often requires the use of drills.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty
  • Black steel truck
  • Weather-resistant
  • Extra cab protection
  • Brand ARIES
  • Model 111000
  • Weight 55 pounds

From construction to aesthetics, this is one of the best headache racks available. The Backrack frame is a sturdy unit built with care and precision from the best metals. To eliminate the occurrence of damage on your vehicle in the event of an accident, this rack is installed to all existing stake pockets in front of your bed. It delivers full protection thanks to the use of reinforced steel, which offers you better rigidity and intense strength.

The Backrack frame model is resistant to corrosion and rust thanks to its sturdy powder coating. The use of welded and cold-rolled wires offers you the full protection you desire. One feature of the Backtrack rack we love is its versatility, where it allows us to hand all our necessary tools and other clip accessories we love.

Key Features
  • The welded criss-cross center grid
  • Black powder coat
  • Installs directly
  • No drilling required.
  • Brand Backrack
  • Model 15001
  • Weight 50 pounds

Best Headache Rack Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying a Headache Rack

There are several considerations which need to be made whenever you’re selecting a headache rack. These considerations are dependent on several factors, which help ensure that you benefit greatly from your purchase. Vehicle experts and headache rack users suggest the following reviews all around the world. They include your budget, the size, versatility, and material of your preferred truck rack.

  • Reviews

A straightforward way to discover the best products is to search for customer feedback. What most customers say about a product often summarises its functions. Concerning headache racks, there are many online platforms available, which offer a lot of information on the various models available. Be sure to check for reviews before making the final selection.

  • Quality

The materials used to construct your selected headache rack must be of high quality. The level of quality will help you choose the best product for the job. As much as possible, choose models made with the most robust materials, as they last longer and don’t break down quickly. If you carry lighter loads, you can purchase a rack made with lighter materials.

  • Type

There are two significant kinds of headache racks; the custom made and the universal models. Universal models offer better versatility as they can be installed onto different vehicles. Custom made frames are models made for specific brands of cars. Per design, universal racks are less expensive than the custom made models, which leads us to our next point.

  • Budget

Be conscious of how much you have available to spend and find products within that range. Having a fixed budget helps you to streamline your choices and focus only on particular brands. Advice from experts is that you study different models within your price range and then compare functionality and specifications, to ensure that you choose the option with better benefits.

  • Brand

Today’s headache rack market is full of several models made by different brands. It is tempting to choose an unknown model because it is less expensive, but experts advise against this. When selecting a rack for your truck, be aware of all the quality brands available, both the popular and the newer companies. Research into these brands to find a suitable rack for your car.

Why You Should Use a Truck Headache Rack

  • Truck headache racks protect the rear window and cab of your vehicle from damage. Such protection saves you from spending loads of money on repairs and other car parts. It also protects the driver from acute injuries which may affect your future productivity.
  • Another reason why you should use at the truck rack is that they are units that increase the appeal of your vehicle. They come in many shapes and designs which add a touch of elegance and class to your car without much effort. We all love how rugged our cars look after installing truck racks, don’t we?
  • Whenever you use a headache rack, you’re able to haul longer items in your truck bed. This is because the installation process adds additional length to your vehicle. In most instances, using these racks allow you to carry items up to 20 feet in length, without any issues.
  • There are some headache racks designed as louvers. These units’ double as shade from direct sunlight. Their louvered design ensures that all light coming in through the back window is redirected or reduced in intensity. This, in turn, helps to keep your cab more relaxed and more comfortable.

How to Install a Truck Back Rack

Headache racks are mostly installed into the stake pockets of trucks, to ensure that they deliver full protection. These holes are provided for an industrial-grade installation process which will drastically reduce the occurrence of damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident. It is advised that you make use of riser adapters and stakes, as opposed to the typical installation hardware. This is because riser stakes are more comfortable to tighten, and also, they are more rigid.

Some rack models need to be mounted onto the sidewalls of your truck bed. These units must be installed onto perfectly smoothed edges and surfaces, for the cleanest feel and look possible.

Our Top Pick

The Backrack Rack Frame is our best choice product for this article, for more reasons than one. The best engineers in the world well design it, and it promises to deliver full protection to your vehicle at all times. This unique unit was created with heavy-duty and rugged stainless steel, which means it is exceptionally durable. It is attached into the stake pockets of your vehicle without the use of any drills, making the entire installation process a breeze. Besides the robust construction, we also love that the rack is versatile in use and that it comes in different sizes for your satisfaction. Be it a full or half rack; you will never regret a purchase from the Backrack family of cab guards.

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