Here Are the Cars You’re Most Thankful For

From V8 muscle cars to quirky niche electric vehicles, these are the rides you said you’re the most thankful for.

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Here Are the Cars You’re Most Thankful For © Here Are the Cars You’re Most Thankful For

As a new Thanksgiving tradition here at The Drive, I asked you all what cars you're most thankful for this year. Not necessarily cars you own or have even seen in real life let alone driven, but just vehicles that you're grateful exist at all. I suggested the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, Toyota's GR Corolla, and the new Honda Civic Type R, but here are the best rides you all suggested.

Shaxx's Left Horn: V8 Americana


"Thankful for Scat Packs, Redeyes, GT500s, and Blackwings. That in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty-Two, when CUVs abound and the e-pocalypse is nigh upon us, we can still buy a smattering of big, comfortable sedans and coupes with massive, snarling V8s. And, much like Thanksgiving itself, what's more American than that?"

Steven M. Dunbar: A Whole Squad of Classics


"My '70 GTO, my '73 Nova, my '62 Impala, and my '69 Karmann Ghia that I could still tune up myself. The three GMs were fine cars, but the VW was a POS. Still, I could tune that statically, engine off, with a 12V test light, and turning the crankshaft with a wrench. That was novel - a hippy VW manual taught me to do that, but first, it said, 'to sit by your bug and absorb its karma.' That process (except I didn't absorb its karma), as outlined, netted me 40 mpg on the highway during the OPEC crisis though, so OK."

Joey Dale: Lexus IS500

Chris Tsui

"I’m grateful for the '22 Lexus IS500 with the last remaining naturally aspirated V8 in a luxury sedan."

Ed Glorius: Honda Fit

Ed Glorius

"For me it's my car. It's been a dependable companion and a fun vehicle that's taken me everywhere in the country except the far West."

Dr. Esox Masquinongy, Ph.D.: Ford F-150

@customer007 | Twitter

"Ford F-150 for saving my life vs a revoked, uninsured motorist. Progressive made me whole, but I can't tell you how badly I miss my truck. #BuiltFordTough"

Bonus Round Email Submission: Mazda MX-30


"My current Mazda MX-30.  Possibly the most hated EV EVER by those that have never owned or driven one long-term. Porsche 911 weight distribution, handles like it is on rails, build quality that is better than my 2019 Audi e-tron EV (and much better than other EVs in its price range), and a crazy low total ownership cost. Plus it isn’t super wide like most other EVs, including the Porsche Taycan which WAS a serious consideration before this car. Again, the MX-30 IS a completely hated car by “influencers and such” BUT having owned almost 60 cars from many well-regarded/reviewed manufacturers of Asia, Europe, and the USA; the Mazda MX-30 EV remains a top complete ownership experience that I am thankful to have."

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