Hermès Makes Luxury Leather Car Interiors

The handbag brand is branching out to offer exclusive custom designs.

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Hermès Makes Luxury Leather Car Interiors © Hermès Makes Luxury Leather Car Interiors

Custom-designed car interiors are nothing new. Katzkin has created custom leather designs for millions of customers since the 1980s. Car companies like Mercedez Benz and Maybach have recently offered additions like luxury upholstery and granite interiors, which cost thousands of dollars. The most recent company to enter the custom market is luxury handbag brand, Hermès.

Hermès which is known for the status-evoking leather “Birkin bag” toted by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian, is offering made-to-order car interiors. If you have the means and the desire, you can conceptualize what you want your car to look like and then an Hermès employee will draft a proposal and send it to the design team. The initiative is called “Hermès Sur-Mesure.”

“We are not just a manufacturer; we are a house of ideas. And we like to surpass people and give some funny answers,” said Axel de Beaufort, the project’s head of design and engineering.

This is not Hermès’ first time taking its luxury leather to the automotive scene. In 2008, Hermès collaborated with French smart car label Como, creating 10 versions of the Smart Fortwo Toile H, complete with colored leather upholstery and saddle-stitched steering wheels. In 2013, Hermès created crocodile leather seats, for several Hyundai Equus models, which were exhibited in Seoul.

Whether the company produces handbags or car upholstery, Hermès will always stay true to its luxury craftsmanship reputation.

“We only choose products that we believe in, where we can add something and do something different,” said Hermès CEO Axel Dumas.

Fifty percent of Hermès’ total sales come from its leather goods, according to the site. Maybe these car interiors will increase this number even more.

Custom car upholstery usually costs around $2000. There is no word on what the Hermès version will cost, but given that the average Hermès handbag is around $10,000, it will be pretty pricey.

For now, Hermès is only offering the service in France, so if you want a designer car interior, be prepared to take a trip.

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