Honda Civic Driver Loses Drag Race to a Horse

RIP Civic.

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Honda Civic Driver Loses Drag Race to a Horse © Honda Civic Driver Loses Drag Race to a Horse

Far too many people have watched a certain Vin Diesel-starring film franchise and come away with the misconception that Honda Civics are fast cars. That's not to say they can't be, but most are simply economy compacts, and hacking off their resonators won't turn them into Type Rs. There's no harder way to learn this lesson than by losing a race to something perceived as primitive—like a horse.

Creeping around the fringes of social media is a video of such a showdown, which depicts a sixth-generation Honda Civic coupe face off against a man on horseback. While the video recently surfaced on Facebook, its YouTube counterpart dates back to last year. Regardless, it's a painful watch for Civic owners out there.

You can't fault the Honda driver for expecting to win, as even the most pathetic 1.3-liter four-banger available in that generation of Civic produced 90 horsepower, which to the layman will look like a 90:1 advantage. In reality, the advantage is closer to 6:1, as horses generate about 15 horsepower at full gallop, though those odds would still have most people putting their money on the Civic. 

Erroneously, of course, because in the matchup of Honda versus horse, it's the quadruped that emerges the victor.

Granted, the race took place over such a short distance that whoever got the better launch was practically guaranteed the win. Being front-wheel drive, the Honda was already at a disadvantage against the horse's proverbial four-wheel drive, and those unfavorable odds were only compounded by excessive clutch slip.

It's hard to find any meaningful takeaway from a race as inconsequential as this, though odds are the Civic driver's ego took a battering from losing to such an opponent. Maybe they'll resolve to upgrade to a Civic Si before they challenge a horse again...or maybe they'll only take on farm animals over the quarter-mile instead.

Either or, this is hilarious.

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