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Chat with the Car Autance crew in real time from 4 to 5 p.m. pacific on Fridays.

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Hooptie Happy Hour Is Our New Weekly Live Chat | Autance © Hooptie Happy Hour Is Our New Weekly Live Chat | Autance

The new-for-2021 Car Autance has officially been online for a week, and I sincerely hope you’ve been enjoying the vibe so far. I’ll give you a candid peek behind the scenes: The site is still in an experimental phase. So, I’m serious when I say now’s the best time to give us feedback. I’d love to see you in the comments. No, yeah, right now!

Inspired by my colleague Tyler Rogoway at The War Zone, I’m going to try to hold weekly dedicated reader-chat-sessions to see if we can make an earnest community over here. After all, one of the best aspects of car culture is using vehicles as an excuse to hang out and bullshit.

Since this is our inaugural chat sesh and Car Autance still has a long road to relevance, I fully expect crickets in the comment section. But we gotta start somewhere!

If anyone does show up, here’s the format: Ask anything you like (ideally something car related, but I’d also entertain questions about penguins or other mystery topics) and myself, Chris Rosales, and/or Kevin Williams will answer. Peter Nelson’s out of town today but he’ll be in the mix next week.

Those three dudes are going to be our regular contributors, and I’ll let them intro themselves in the comments if they’re so inclined.

As for me, perhaps you read my stuff on Jalopnik (thank you!) or follow me on Twitter or Insta and already know my deal. I’m Editor-In-Chief around here which means making this site sweet is my main professional responsibility… if you hate it and want to speak to the manager, I’m your guy. Just be nice because I’m actually very sensitive.

Jokes aside, I’d be lucky to have reader feedback at this fledgling stage of the site. Not about to promise I’ll take everybody’s advice, but, feel free to speak your truth.

Update 03/05/21: It’s 5:00 p.m. in California and the inaugural Hooptie Happy Hour is technically over. You’re welcome to keep hanging out with other stragglers, but the Car Autance crew might be shuffling off soon. If you didn’t get a reply this evening, sorry about that, we’ll try and hit you back next week! Remember, every Car Autance post has a comment field and we hope you feel welcome in all of them. Thanks for coming by!

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