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Time Needed: 1-5 minutes, Difficulty: Can you push buttons?, Cost: $0 One of the principal points of entry to your…

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Here’s How To Change Your Garage Code | Autance © Here’s How To Change Your Garage Code | Autance

Time Needed: 1-5 minutes, Difficulty: Can you push buttons?, Cost: $0

One of the principal points of entry to your house is your garage door. If some ex-romantic partner or previous owner has had access to your garage and you want to put a stop to that, you’re gonna have to reprogram your garage door remote. Good thing it’s a super simple process.

For those looking to fortify a home, changing up the garage door signal every so often is a solid way of doing so. Luckily for you, the author recently just reprogrammed his own home’s garage door opener, so Car Autance’  is giving you up-to-the-second-modern, cream-of-the-crop-type knowledge.

Who’s ready to push some buttons and climb a ladder?

The Safety Brief

We want for you to exit the garage with all the fingers you went in with. There’s no need for safety to come third, make it first. To ensure your skin stays unblemished and your bones intact, you’ll want to just watch what you’re doing.

The Tools & Parts You Need

There’s no need for specialist equipment for this job. You may need a screwdriver to open up the garage door components and a ladder to reach the door motor, but that’s about it. Be sure to have somebody hold your ladder when you climb it.

The Job: How To Change Your Garage Door Code

Let’s get that door to go up and down, up and down, up and down!

Garage Door Keypad & Remote

  1. Climb up the ladder to access the garage door motor’s rear.
  2. If there’s a cover, remove it.
  3. Press and hold the “reset” button on the back until the light beside it blinks or goes off.
  4. Climb down the ladder and go to the keypad.
  5. Enter your new code. The light on the motor will blink.
  6. Climb up the ladder and hold the button again until it becomes static. The keypad has been changed.
  7. Take your garage door remote and place it near the motor.
  8. Press and hold the “open” button until the light blinds or goes off.
  9. Press the button again and the remote should be changed.
  10. Done.

Garage Door Remote

  1. Remove the remote’s cover.
  2. Change the switches to reflect the new code you want.
  3. Climb the ladder up to the garage door motor.
  4. Open the rear housing and flip the switches to reflect the ones in your remote.
  5. That’s it.

The Car Autance Questionnaire

Car Autance answers all your burning questions!

Q: What If I Have a Second Remote?

A: Follow the same instructions above!

Q: What If My Car Has a Built-in Garage Door Opener?

A: You’ll need to follow the instructions laid out in your car’s manual.

Q: What About a Universal Remote?

A: Well, it’s supposedly universal, so it should work. Follow the instructions provided.

Video Tutorial on Reprogramming Your Garage

Car Autance’ editors understand that not everyone is a text-based learner. For those kinesthetic people out there, we have your back with a video showing you exactly how to change your garage door remote. We pulled it from one of our favorite, and most trusted, sources and it’s a great additional resource.

Best Places To Buy Tools and Parts for your Garage Door

You can buy tools for fixing your garage door at almost every auto parts and home improvement store. As well as online stores like Amazon. You have a sea of options to select from. Why not just listen to us? Why not check out the Garage Door Remotes or a Garage Heater?

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