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It is very irritating driving a car with a loud exhaust along the street. It greatly affects the pedestrians, and it is also annoying. Did you know that in some states such as Oklahoma, Colorado, etc., it’s illegal to drive vehicles with a loud exhaust? Damaged exhaust contributes to both noise and environmental pollution. So,…

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How to Make Exhaust Quieter Without Compromising Performance | Autance © How to Make Exhaust Quieter Without Compromising Performance | Autance

It is very irritating driving a car with a loud exhaust along the street. It greatly affects the pedestrians, and it is also annoying. Did you know that in some states such as Oklahoma, Colorado, etc., it’s illegal to drive vehicles with a loud exhaust?

Damaged exhaust contributes to both noise and environmental pollution. So, you can be charged for causing these pollutions. Nevertheless, various ways can make your vehicle’s exhaust quiet and enhance its performance.

This article describes how to make exhaust quieter without affecting the performance of your car. You will get solutions also to make it quiet temporarily. Therefore, the purpose of the muffler is to reduce the noise from the motor, such as a sound filter.

Let’s see some products making exhaust quieter below:



Further information

MegaBrand N14

- Brand: MegaBrand
- Item Dimensions: 18 x 6 x 6 inches
- Item Weight: 3.99 pounds
- Made of high quality T-304 stainless steel
- Includes removable silencer OUTLET TIP 4", INLET TIP 2.5"
- Muffler - Quality aftermarket performance part

Flowmaster Super 40

- Brand: Flowmaster
- Item Weight: 13 pounds
- Deep Aggressive Sound Exhaust Note
- Noticeable interior resonance
- Excellent performance on high horsepower vehicles
- Race proven Delta Flow technology
- Easy Installation

8 PCS NEW -- NGK 3403

- Brand: Walker's
- Item Dimensions LxWxH: 27 x 10 x 6 inches
- Item Weight: 8 ounces
- Durable aluminized steel construction and helps reduce corrosion
- Spot-welded bushings and spun-locked heads
- Tube-and-partition style interior design
- Customizable design for easy fitment
- Available in a variety of body diameters and inlet/outlet configurations

Genuine Motorcraft

- Brand: MagnaFlow Exhaust Products
- Package Dimensions: 27 x 9 x 6 inches
- Package Dimensions: 15.24 cms (L) x 21.59 cms (W) x 68.58 cms (H)
- Item Weight: 15 ounces
- Product Type: Auto Part
- Country Of Origin: United States

ACDelco 41-993

- Brand: Dynomax
- Item Dimensions: 20.9 x 10.5 x 5 inches
- Item Weight: 10.23 pounds
- Aluminized-steel construction, nternal drainage system
- Customizable design offered in a variety of styles and sizes
- Available in a variety of body diameters
- Use premium DynoMax accessories when installing it

Common Causes of a Loud Exhaust

One of the most common causes of a loud exhaust is that it might be too old or your car has a powerful engine. For instance, the supercars that sound like Batmobile make them very powerful and produce a loud sound.

Another cause of loud sound is leaking in the valve filters. Check for any leakages in the exhaust by inspecting from the front to the back of your vehicle. If you find the leakage, fix it immediately to make your exhaust quiet.

If your car is too old, its exhaust can be loud due to rust. You can hear the pipes rattling at the bottom of the vehicle, indicating that the nuts have become loose. You can eradicate the sounds by strategically fixing sound-deadening materials.

The hole in the muffler might be the cause of a high-pitched sound. You should act immediately if you recognize this problem. If you don’t, the exhaust fumes often seep into the car resulting in carbon dioxide, which is highly dangerous to your health.

The failure of the catalytic converter can also cause loud noise in the exhaust. The sounds that it produces correspond directly to the noises from this converter. Probably you are asking yourself what a catalytic converter is? It is part of the exhaust system connecting the engine and muffler. 

The main task of this converter is to transform dangerous gases into breathable components. Lastly, when your engine is faulty, you can hear a sharp and cracking sound from the exhaust. The solution depends on the engine’s condition, and it can either be easy or difficult to solve.

How to Make Exhaust Quieter?

You can either opt for a permanent or temporary solution when it comes to making your exhaust quiet. Some of the permanent solutions include using a sealant or replacing your car muffler. Therefore, the following ways can allow you to reduce the noise in your exhaust.

Identify the Issue

To solve any problem, the first thing to do is to identify the issue. So, place your vehicle on a flat and steady surface to create a working space. A concrete surface is most preferable to support the weight of the car.

In case you are driving, let your exhaust cool down and raise your car using a trolley jack and support it using the best car jack stand. Then, inspect the exhaust piping from the front to the back for any possible fault such as rust, leaks, holes, or any other damage.

Fix the Leak

The logical thing to do when you realize your exhaust is leaking is to fix it. If you discover a hole, seal it using heat-resistant epoxy. Strictly follow the instructions when using these products.

But if you are dealing with a larger hole, then apply Dynomax muffler cement. Clean the rust off the exhaust surface before you use any of these products. Nevertheless, you should purchase a new one if the entire exhaust is perforated with rust and colossal holes.

Invest in a New Silencer

This is the best and reasonable solution to a loud exhaust. Buying a new silencer can help you to reduce the loud noise. This DIY solution mainly focuses on reducing the loudness in the exhaust.

Numerous silencers can make you understand how to make your car exhaust quieter. Silencers require a simple installation process of sliding them inside the exhaust pipe. They reduce exhaust circumference, thus reducing the air pathway, leading to lower and soft sound.

This solution is affordable and easy to use. Therefore, consider investing in a new silence if you want to solve the loudness of your exhaust.

Purchase Soundproof Mufflers

The mufflers linked to soundproof materials reduce the noise traveling through the exhaust. However, you can pack an extra muffler stuff it with steel scrubs and metal wool. Always use materials that are resistant to heat to avoid further damage.

Check the Car Engine

Sometimes the loud noise often emerges from the engine instead of the exhaust. Therefore, all you need to do is check the engine and make few adjustments to produce a soft sound. Your engine can vibrate due to low oil levels, thus creating a deafening noise. Consequently, inspect your engine for bad bearing and worn-out converters.

Invest in a New Muffler

The muffler is an essential part of your vehicle. You can either replace it or buy a new one to make your exhaust quieter. Get expert advice before replacing your old muffler with a new one.

Mufflers have different models, shapes, and sizes designed explicitly according to your car’s model and make. Installing a new muffler requires a high understanding that can make you know how to make a muffler quieter. It is imperative to hire an expert to help you with the installation process.

Importance of a Muffler

  • Horsepower: A muffler enables your vehicle to have perfect airflow and reduces your engine’s backpressure. Constant airflow enhances the horsepower and increased throttle response.
  • Fuel economy: Most drivers don’t know about this but investing in a new muffler improves the fuel economy. It can circulate sufficient air in the engine hence enabling effective exhaust operation.
  • Sound: The essential purpose of a muffler is to give you a quiet ride. Most engines without a muffler are often thunderous while driving. Therefore, its primary function is to control the sound emitted from the exhaust chambers.

How to Make Exhaust Quiet Temporarily

You should apply temporary solutions to fix the issue of exhaust loudness. But, you need to remember that some of these methods cannot work in the long term. The quick ways include:

How To Make Exhaust Quieter

Apply the wad of Steel Wool

Placing a wad of steel wool into the exhaust is the most effective way to address the loudness issue. To use it effortlessly, drill two holes of about 10-inches. Heave the wad of steel wool deep into the exhaust, and thread it through the holes and the yarn.

Tighten the wire around the pipe by twisting it properly. The steel wool acts as a soundproof material and cannot affect your car’s performance. In case you want to apply a permanent solution later, use a bent pipe to remove it.

Use Exhaust Paste and Bandages

A pierced rusty pipe is one of the causes of loud noise. Therefore, the quickest way to fix the problem is by applying an exhaust paste, which is a heat-resistant material. This product works the same way as glue. 

After you have applied the paste, cover it with bandages. It prevents the paste from overflowing in the pipe while you are driving. This method allows your exhaust to produce pleasing sounds while driving.

The Best Muffler to Improve Exhaust Sound and Performance

The main purpose of a muffler is to control the sound emitted from the engine through the exhaust chambers. Shopping for the best muffler can give your car excellent sound, fantastic performance, and enhance fuel economy. Below are some of the best mufflers to make your exhaust quieter.

1. MegaBrand (N14) Burnt Tip Muffler

MegaBrand Burnt Tip Muffler has a removable silencer to give your vehicle a deep sound and make it look sporty. It is made of high-quality stainless steel. It has a 2.5-inch inlet tip and about 5-inch outlet tip, and it weighs about 5 pounds.

You can like the sound it gives your car while you are twisting your gears, and it is not high-pitched. It’s highly durable and reliable product, and it doesn’t rust easily. This muffler improves the sound of your car, and it requires welding to attach it to your vehicle. 

It is highly durable and reliable
It is a rust-resistant product
Improves the sound of your car
Requires welding to attach it to a vehicle

2. Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler

Flowmaster Super 40 Muffler is designed for high horsepower and to boost your vehicle’s power to produce deep, refined sound from your exhaust. It is made of high aluminized steel and welded to last for long, and it has no wadding materials. 

Therefore, no interior materials can come out and reduce the performance of your car. Flowmaster is a high-quality product; thus, you can achieve the sound you desire. This is the best muffler to enhance the sound of your vehicle and give it outstanding performance. 

It boosts the power of your engine
Produces the desired aggressive sound
Constructed through delta flow technology
It is reliable and durable

3. Walker Economy Pro-Fit Universal Muffler

Walker Economy Pro-Fit Universal Muffler is constructed from robust, durable, and anti-corrosive aluminum. It has a clam and slip designed for proper connection to your exhaust. It has tube features and weld features that give your vehicle the necessary support and strong stability.

It has a 2-inch outlet and inlet; hence welding is not a must. This is a universal replacement muffler; consequently, it makes your exhaust quieter. It is easy and quick to install, comparatively quiet, thus improving the sound performance.

It has a heavy-duty construction to fit different models. You need minor adjustments during the installation process of this muffler. It has an affordable price range.

Relatively cheap
It is a universal replacement muffler
Strongly constructed to fit different vehicles
It is built from anti-corrosive and durable aluminium
It leaks air around the seams

4. MagnaFlow (14832) Exhaust Muffler

You should install MagnaFlow Exhaust Muffler if you want to enhance your vehicle’s sound because it is simple to install and highly powerful. It is made from stainless steel for optimum durability and functionality. It uses patented technology that improves sound quality.

It is a top performer and highly durable due to aluminium and carbon reinforcement. It is compatible with different conventional exhaust diameters; thus, it gives your car a deep tone sound. This muffler has an attractive design that supplements your vehicle’s sound with an outstanding style.

Simple to install and can fit your exhaust system correctly. It has distinctive sound reduction functionalities, thus producing a great sound. Therefore, this is the best solution if you want to know how to make the exhaust quieter.

It is made of solid and durable stainless steel
Constructed to give your car an exceptional signature tone
It extremely powerful and durable
It is compatible with different styles of exhaust systems
Requires extra calibration to attain the tone sound

5. Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler

Dynomax Turbo Muffler is designed to reduce turbulence and pressure. It has fiberglass matting technology to moderate the annoying interior tone of your exhaust. Thus, it gives your car a “mellow” sound.

It is easy to install and cannot draw any attention. It produces a little louder sound, thus improving its sound and performance. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty and a 90-day performance. This muffler enabled me to figure out how to make my exhaust quieter.

It has a lifetime limited warranty
It produces a mellow sound
Quick and easy to install
It uses a fiberglass matting technology
It is prone to rust because it’s not constructed from sturdy stainless steel.


There is no excuse for you to drive along the streets with a loud exhaust because there are several ways to make it quieter without compromising performance. Apply all the techniques to reduce the loudness and experience a smooth drive. When solving that problem, make sure it doesn’t affect exhaust performance.

Moreover, using temporary solutions only solve the issues for a short time, thus prolonging the problem. So if you want to reduce the loudness, apply permanent techniques. Now that you know how to make exhaust quieter, choose the best muffler to enhance sound and performance. Have a safe drive!

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