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Removing a tonneau cover from your truck is quite straightforward and simple. You might want to change it, or you need to create space for something heavy and tall. To do that, you must understand how to remove tonneau coverthe right way. But you don’t have to worry about that because this article will enlighten you…

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How to Remove Tonneau Cover- Systematic Steps Of | Autance © How to Remove Tonneau Cover- Systematic Steps Of | Autance

Removing a tonneau cover from your truck is quite straightforward and simple. You might want to change it, or you need to create space for something heavy and tall. To do that, you must understand how to remove tonneau coverthe right way.

But you don’t have to worry about that because this article will enlighten you on the systematic procedure of removing it. Installing it has a lot of benefits, but sometimes it can prevent you from loading heavy cargo. It also greatly contributes to enhancing the stylistic design of your truck.

Types of Tonneau Cover

There are various types of tonneau covers you can choose from, which depend on the type and weight of the cargo you want to transport. Different covers have different aspects; for instance, some provide sufficient security during transportation, while others create space for large loads. Before you know how to remove tonneau cover, what types do you know?


If you want to secure the back of your truck with a friendly version cover, then a roll-up tonneau cover is the best option for you. It folds itself like a mat or pad; thus, it is easy to remove when needed. Nevertheless, there are two types of this kind; hard and soft roll-up.

Hard roll-up covers are durable and offer you great security, unlike the soft ones. They are also made of superior quality materials. However, it might be inflexible to roll. In contrast, soft roll-up ones flexible and made of strong vinyl materials.

The roll-up cover is relatively versatile, thus can help you against harsh weather or thieves. Moreover, they are easy and simple to install in just a few minutes. It also provides you quick access to your cargo. It’s also affordable, and therefore, you can know how to roll up a tonneau cover if you understand how these versions work.


This is the preferred choice if you want an appealing finish to your cover’s exterior and its hinges offer you the necessary lock support. It provides maximum security for your truck bed against thieves.

It is available in both hard and soft designs, and it’s constructed to be highly durable. You can also open it yourself using innovative shock technology. They are relatively expensive but affordable; thus, they are a good value for your money.

Given that you can neither fold, roll or retract these types of covers, you should understand the best how to remove tonneau cover.If you have a truck, you might prefer covering it with a hinged variety. Several truck owners can often paint them to complement the truck’s color and enhance its appealing nature.


Most truck owners have foldable covers because they are the most common and tight security lock system. They also provide you quick accessibility, which makes them more preferable. You can easily remove and fold them, and they have a reliable tailgate lock mechanism.

They come in different designs and styles, such as triple or dual fold designs. In addition, they can either be soft or rough. Another common design is a hard folding sheet. They are made of rigid plastic materials that you can fold in three different ways.

They are available in various folds such as multiple, tri, or bi-folds. If you acquire bi-fold, you can fold it into two different sections. You can also fold tri-fold versions into three parts, while the multi-foldable types, you can fold them into several designs of your choice.


This kind of cover has some similarities with roll-up tonneau covers, with slight differences in the unique style of opening them. They are clean and have a simple design, which provides your truck bed with maximum security and proper accommodation.

You can retract them in a front canister of the truck bed. The outer part is made of different, rigid, and highly durable materials such as aluminium or vinyl. Another fantastic feature is that no need to fold the cover to access your cargo. You only need to press a button to either close or open them.

They are highly versatile and stylish, thus providing you with customized protection for your bed. It has a sleek and appealing look and enhances the touch of your truck. It only reveals a section of the bed you want to access.

How to Remove Tonneau Cover; Comprehensive Steps

These covers come in different shapes and sizes. Their removal greatly depends on the kind of cover you have. Some of them are fastened using robust adhesives, while others are firmly fixed onto the truck body using screws or nuts. 

Most of them are also designed to be rolled up, and others are soft, so they are easy to remove. Therefore, you need the necessary skills to remove fiberglass and hard versions. The steps below can help you to remove them.

Step #1: Locate the Joints

The first thing to do is figure out the type of tonneau cover attached to your vehicle’s body. You should open it and allow it to lie on one side of the bed, enabling you to locate the joints. Place a soft barricade between your truck and tonneau to prevent the frame from getting damaged or scratched.

Step #2: Remove the Clips

After you have located the joints, you should remove the clips that hold its shock mount to the shock brackets using a screwdriver. Now you can remove the shocks, which makes it easy to complete the next step with ease.

Step #3: Remove the Pins that Holds the Hinges

After removing the shocks, the next thing you should do is remove the pins holding the tonneau hinges. To do this, you need to secure it on one side of the truck bed by placing curved arms along its length. 

Access the bed through the tailgate and locate the remaining pins and remove them all. You should use a flashlight to improve visibility. After you can release it from your arms and prepare to dismount it.

Step #4: Dismount your Tonneau Cover

This is the last step after you unbolted all the attachments successfully. You need to lift it because it is the only thing remaining. Ask for help from a few people to carry it off the truck because it might be bulky and quite heavy to lift it by yourself.

After removing, store it in a safe place until you want to install it again. You should remember that this is a general step-by-step guide that applies to all tonneau covers. Therefore, it is advisable to read the user manual carefully as your main reference point when you want to conduct this process.

Reasons for Removing Tonneau Cover

Several situations can force you to take off the cover. Some of the common reasons include:

  • Installation of new accessories: If you have recently purchased new accessories for your truck, such as the roll bars or cargo management system, you might be required to remove them. Some of these add-ons are compatible with your cover, while others cannot. So it is imperative to go through the manual first to determine that. In addition, you should also consider the type of cover your truck has before installing a new accessory.
  • If you want to carry heavy and large truck cargo: You might be required to remove it first if you intend to load large and heavy cargo on your truck. But also, that depends on the type of tonneau cover your vehicle has. This is because they expand during hauling to protect the tall, heavy and large cargo.
  • Ragged tonneau: A shabby cover always starts to show the possibilities of tearing, thus changing its appealing look and appearance. You are needed to change it with a new one, thus forcing you to remove the old version. Therefore, it is prudent to shop for a highly reliable and durable one. This means that it can last for long, even after constant stretching to accommodate tall cargos that others cannot offer the necessary protection.

Tips of Removing a Tonneau Cover

  • You should be very careful with the attachments or their drainage system. If you are not cautious enough, you might damage it, thus extra repair cost.
  • If you want to rest the truck bed for some time on top of your vehicle, ensure you place a soft cloth in between to prevent scratches on it.
  • To access the bed quickly, ensure that the screws and bolts are exposed. This way, you can have complete access during painting or cleaning.
  • Ensure that the design and type of cover your truck has can accommodate large and tall cargos without getting damaged. You need to roll it for convenient access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to cover the tonneau by myself?

Yes, that’s possible because you can remove most of the soft ones by yourself. It is similar to its installation. Therefore, if you were able to mount it alone, then you can also do otherwise yourself. But if you have hardcovers such as tri-folds, you should be very careful to prevent scratching the rails. It is also advisable to seek assistance from a friend.

Is it easy to uninstall it?

Truthfully, pulling out the truck cover can sometimes be challenging. Nevertheless, the process greatly depends on the design. Soft covers are relatively easy to remove, unlike the hard ones. Some are fixed to the truck using strong adhesive straps, which you can remove within 20 minutes.

Hardcover is quite hard to remove because it is attached to your truck using bolts or nuts; thus, it can take a lot of time to uninstall it. If your vehicle has this type that can either be fiberglass or rigid, you should ask for assistance from a friend or anybody close by to accelerate the removal process.

What kind of tools do I need to remove my tonneau cover?

As mentioned earlier, this highly depends on the type of cover model you have. Thus, you cannot use the same tools you used to install it to remove the cover. The manufacturer’s user manual provides necessary instructions regarding the tools you can use.

During this process, ensure you have enough space to store it after removal. You can use these tools such as:

  • Screwdriver
  • Protective gloves and goggles
  • Wrench

What are the advantages of acquiring hinged tonneau covers?

You can get several benefits from this type of truck protectors, such as the provision of maximum security against thieves, which you cannot have if you are using soft models. Another great benefit is that they are easy to open and close because it has a convenient opening mechanism.

How much does it cost to buy a premium quality tonneau cover for my truck?

Their prices range, and that depends on their quality and convenience. You can get a cover below $200. But the models falling under this price range are the normal soft protectors such as roll-up or fold. They don’t provide your truck with the necessary security but can protect the bed from harsh weather conditions such as rain.

The models that range between $250 to $1100 are either soft or hard versions. So, you have a wide range to choose from. The highest amount is above $1200, which are models with tough shells that you can either lift or roll-up. For quick access to your truck bed, purchase the model with remote rollers.

Conclusion- How To Remove Tonneau Cover?

Now that you know how to remove tonneau cover, you should keep in mind that it depends on the design and type of your truck cover. The procedure is the same regardless of the vehicle you are driving. The most fundamental thing to do is to review the user manual that comes with it.

Hard models are quite challenging to remove than soft ones. Therefore, you need to ask for help during this procedure to avoid damaging it. You need to have simple tools such as a wrench, screwdriver, and goggles to complete this job. 

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