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You cannot start your car if your steering wheel is locked. Yet, this is one of the main safety features for most vehicles. The main reason for the locked wheel is to inhibit movement without a key. You need to insert a key in the ignition to unlock it. In situations like this, where there…

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How to Unlock Steering Wheel: Step by Step Analysis? | Autance © How to Unlock Steering Wheel: Step by Step Analysis? | Autance

You cannot start your car if your steering wheel is locked. Yet, this is one of the main safety features for most vehicles. The main reason for the locked wheel is to inhibit movement without a key.

You need to insert a key in the ignition to unlock it. In situations like this, where there is no assistance nearby, you need to understand how to unlock steering wheel. 

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Tevlaphee Universal Steering Wheel Brake Lock

- Brand: Tevlaphee
- Item Dimensions: 15.47 x 6.5 x 2.76 inches
- Item Weight: 4.09 pounds
- Car anti theft device made of high quality aluminum/ alloy and steel
- The double lock cylinder, 2 adhesive tapes to stick to the U-shaped part of the lock
- The Three-Section telescopic hydraulic lock can be compressed according to the height of the steering wheel brake/ pedal /clutch.
- Fit most vehicles with steering wheels 58cm-85cm
- Includes 1 Lock unit,3 keys and 2 adhesive tapes

Oklead Universal Car Steering Wheel Lock

- Brand: Oklead
- Item Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 5 inches
- Item Weight: 7.3 pounds
- Fit most vehicles with steering wheels up to 17 inch
- Bright yellow Car security lock covered steering wheel,restricts access to airbag
- Anti theft auto steering lock with extendable Tempered steel anti-saw bar

Disklok Security Device

- Brand: Disklok
- Item Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 3 inches
- Item Weight: 8.82 pounds
- The Patented Design Spins on Attack, Prevents Steering, Protects the Airbag and Deters Keyless Entry Theft
- Fits vehicles with steering wheels 13.7in - 15.3in (Measure Left to Right)
- Comes with 3 Keys, an Official Disklok Window Sticker and Peace of Mind

MONOJOY Car Steering Wheel Lock

- Brand: MONOJOY
- Item Dimensions: 28.74 x 5.12 x 1.4 inches
- Item Weight: 2.64 pounds
- Foam covered handel it is make of zinc alloy
- High density sponge cover, no odor even long time using
- Adjustable length 6.5"-12.4"(16.5-31.5cm)
- Fits Steering Wheel Inner Diameter Between 6.5''-12.4''

The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock

- Brand: Winner International
- Item Dimensions: 4 x 9 x 6 inches
- Item Weight: 2 pounds
- Cro-moly steel construction resist sawing, prying,hammering, and freon attacks
- Fits steering wheels with inner dimension from 8.75 to 14 inches

How to Replace the Ignition Key Lock Assembly?

Do you know that your ignition key can be damaged? But what can you do if you find yourself in this situation? The best thing to do is to replace it on your own so that you can understand how to unlock your steering wheel push to start. You can use the following ways:

Buy another lock assembly: It is quite easy to replace the ignition lock assembly in your car, and you can do it at home. Therefore, you need to buy a new one from the local store. To get the right and precise replacement, tell them the correct model and year of your car. Also, ensure that both new and old ignition keys are identical.

Confiscate the ignition cover: Remove the plastic cover by adjusting the wheel to the lowest position and remove the fasteners that hold the ignition covers in place. In most vehicles, the cover comprises the portion both below and above the wheels.

Release the Ignition Assembly using Allen Wrench: You need to identify the location of the ignition assembly. After that, remove all the trim parts preventing you from accessing the release hole and wire harness. Next, insert the Allen Wrench in the tumbler hole as you turn the key backward.

Ensure the ignition switch is greased properly: After removing the old assembly, compare it with the new one and ensure they match. The new switches come from the factory greased and ready for installation. Ensure it is well lubricated, and the key should fit perfectly to enable the ignition cylinder to rotate gently in all directions.

Ensure the internal pins move freely: To ensure that the lock pins move freely, insert the key in and out repeatedly. It should not get stuck as you pull it out or insert it in. Use graphite powder to lubricate sticky keys by applying them to the hole.

Slide the ignition cylinder: After ensuring that both new and old assemblies are identical and well-greased, slide it into its position. After that, you can reconnect your switch lug and set up the trim parts formerly removed. Next, use the key to rotate the cylinder until it clicks into the right place.

Start the engine to disengage the lock: Insert the key and turn it as you apply gentle force to the wheel in a different direction. This disengages the lock.

What Causes Steering Wheel to Lock?

If it’s locked, it can be because you have engaged one of the security features. If you turn off your car, the lock is activated, and the wheel turn either left or right a few degrees. The first reason your lock engages is because it’s an anti-theft tool. 

Therefore, if a thief breaks into your vehicle, it turns in one direction and locks itself. Secondly, it acts as a security device. For instance, if you park your car on a hill, ensure you turn it towards one direction until it locks, thus preventing it from falling.

How to Unlock Steering Wheel?

It is an embarrassment when you want to start your car, but it can’t turn. When you turn it too sharply can cause it to lock. Nevertheless, unlocking it is pretty much forthright. You need to follow the steps below you can know how to unlock your steering wheelsuccessfully:

Inset the key in the ignition

You can lock it due to little force on the wheels when turning it. Therefore, you need an ignition key to start your vehicle. First, you should insert the key into the ignition and observe if it turns. If it turns, then start your car to unlock it using the ignition cylinder.

Gradually turn the key.

If the wheel and ignition key are locked, you should apply a small amount of pressure to it. If you apply excess pressure, then the key might break while still inside the ignition hole. Therefore, continue exerting small pressure gently until you unlock it. It is imperative to seek assistance from a professional locksmith to replace the ignition cylinder.

Exert gentle pressure 

It is always locked using a pin; thus, it cannot move freely in any direction. You should determine the direction is not moving. So exert little pressure in the opposite direction as you turn the key gently. 

You can unlock the key if you apply pressure on them and turn the key concurrently. It then moves in the opposite direction. However, it can’t move in the wrong direction.

Do Not Rock the Wheel

Rocking it while trying to unlock the wheel reduces the chances of unlocking it successfully. The best thing to do is to exert pressure in one direction. Shaking it can damage the pin.

Pull out the key gently before you turn it.

If your key is worn out, it might be unable to turn on the ignition. But you can engage the locking pins if you insert the key gently and then pulling it out slowly. Then, pull the key out halfway and try to turn it once again. Of course, the best thing to do is to replace your key immediately it stops being functional.

Turn the ignition key at once

Your wheels can move freely if you apply little pressure on them as you turn the key instantaneously, thus unlocking them. Don’t apply excess pressure on them because the spin or other significant internal parts can break. You can drive your car if your steering they are unlocked. If it’s not, then you can troubleshoot the issue. 

Tips of Unlocking Steering Wheel

Now that you know how to unlock steering wheel. Do you know the tips for unlocking them? The following tips can help you to unravel it and prevent destroying the internal components of your car: 

  • Attempt different unlocking mechanisms: If one technique doesn’t work, you can apply another favorable method. Use one hand to insert your key while adjusting it with the other hand to realign them to start your car successfully.
  • Try a different ignition key: If your key is damaged, you can replace it immediately. Its shape always depreciates due to wear and tear; thus, it cannot engage the tumblers.
  • Avoid excess pressure: You cannot fix locked steering using excess force. If you do that, then you can destroy internal mechanisms. Wiggle it back and forth as you turn the key by applying little pressure.

The Best Steering Wheel Lock: Buyer’s Guide 2021

Your car can be stolen anytime unless you do something about it. Stealing a car can take less than 60 seconds. But how can you make it hard to thieves to steal your vehicle?

Buying the best lock is the only solution, therefore, this article highlights some of them that can keep your car safe and sound.

1. Tevlaphee Universal Steering Wheel Lock

Tevlaphee is the best brand that manufactures quality locks for your car. Most of their products have undergone several tests. One such product from this brand is Tevlaphee Universal Lock. The lock is attached to both the brake and wheel for proper security.

It is made from a solid and robust aluminium alloy that is impermeable to sawing and cutting. It can be installed in a few minutes. It not only offers security to your car, but you can also use it to break through your window in case of an emergency.

It comes with two pieces of adhesive tapes and three vital keys that you cannot duplicate. The tape prevents scratching. You can compress the 3-section telescopic hydraulic lock. Its adjustable, provided that the steering wheel is between 56cm to 90cm.

Specially designed to increase strength
Universal lock and highly adjustable
Easy and straightforward to assemble and fit
High-quality product
It does extend to fit some types of vehicles

2. OKLEAD Universal Steering Wheel Lock

OKLEAD lock comes with an additional cover that gives your ride additional protection. It has a metal shield that protects a thief from accessing the rim. It is made from robust steel that is very difficult to defeat.

Besides, it has an anti-saw metal crossbar; thus, it is resistant to prying. There is a rubber edge and foam perfectly designed to fit your steering wheel easily. Unfortunately, OKLEAD makes it difficult to take your expensive airbag from the rim.

Both lock and cover can protect your steering wheel up to about 18-inches, suitable for most vehicle’s diameter. Therefore, if you acquire this device, then you need not worry about your car’s safety.

Constructed from strong steel
It has a solid airbag protection
Sturdy metal shield for extra security
Its large size makes it hard to put it under your driver’s seat

3. Disklok Steering Lock

Disklok covers the steering wheel wholly without leaving any space. So it eliminates one of the techniques used by thieves to get around the lock and destroy the wheel. This lock is available in three different sizes to fix well in various steering wheels.

All the keys are numbered to get a specific spare from the manufacturer. It has an anti-drill feature that inhibits pickling. Unfortunately, if any prickling is attempted, the internal disk spins, making it difficult to open it. 

It is made from solid steel, especially the bar, lock, and cover. Therefore, it is hard to crack it. In addition, it comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Strong design
It covers the whole steering wheel perfectly
Numbered tag keys
Provides maximum security
Relatively expensive

4. Monojoy Steering Wheel Lock

Monojoy lock is designed to offer maximum security for your car. It has a pointed tip end that you can use as a safety hammer during an emergency. In addition, the unique security keys and lock provide additional security.

It has an effective locking mechanism that can protect your car from physical thieves. Its handle is made of zinc and is covered with foam to prevent your steering wheel from scratch. In addition, it has a sponge cover of high density, which is free from smell; thus, you can use it for a long time.

This lock is relatively easy to handle, mount, and remove; hence you can operate it smoothly. Furthermore, it is very simple to lock and unlock with your keys because it is a universal fit with incredible self-locking features. Finally, it offers you and your car priceless protection because it is a retractable and extendable wheel lock suitable for most vehicles.

Universal fit
Highly effective and heavy-duty lock mechanism
Offers priceless protection
It is a sturdy anti-theft device
Unsuitable for large trucks and SUVs

5. The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 100 is designed to provide your car with maximum security. It is a high-quality product with and unique design. One of the incredible features is the robust steel hooks. It is made of Cro Moly steel that prevents sawing.

It has a long extension that enables it to fit in most steel wheels of most vehicles. Your steering can be protected using this lock because of the one-clicking technique. In addition, it has a compact size, a feature that amazes most consumers.

This is because it does not take a lot of storage space. It with a sleek red colour; hence your car is extremely safe if you purchase this lock.

Robust steel hooks
It has a fantastic locking mechanism
It’s constructed to resist physical attacks
It can fit in different types of vehicles; thus, it is a universal fit


This article is about how to unlock the steering wheel of your car. You can apply the steps described above to unlock it. Besides, if you are unable to undergo the process, you seek a professional locksmith’s assistance. To prevent theft of your car, try buying one of the locks reviewed above for maximum vehicle security.

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