Hyundai Kona Will Debut at Los Angeles Auto Show

The U.S.-bound version of Hyundai’s urban crossover hits LA this week.

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Hyundai Kona Will Debut at Los Angeles Auto Show © Hyundai Kona Will Debut at Los Angeles Auto Show

Hyundai has just given us another sneak peek of the brand new Kona subcompact crossover, which is set to officially debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show November 29. Accompanying the announcement is a single teaser image, although we already know what the Kona looks like.


The Kona was first introduced as a concept car back in June. It's the first vehicle in Hyundai's lineup to sport the new Cascading Grille design, although some of Hyundai's new cars like the 2018 Sonata adopted the feature before the Kona even went out of concept phase. The Kona is the first of eight new crossover models Hyundai plans to release by 2020 and will go on sale in early 2018.

Hyundai's new compact crossover joins the ever-growing list of "urban SUVs" that most manufacturers are pushing this year. The Kona is aimed at adventure seekers and crossover buyers who want a small, sporty SUV that's capable of off-roading. Therefore it will be available with four-wheel drive and multiple turbocharged four-cylinder engine options, and there's supposedly an electric version in the works too.

Strangely, Hyundai's lips are sealed regarding the look of the America-bound Kona. Maybe we're to assume that the actual car has had a radical design change from the concept, but from the teaser picture, it looks like the headlights and front fascia are the same. 

For those interested in what the Kona is about, the Kona's reveal livestream will go live at 2:30 p.m. PST November 29. 

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