In-Person Auto Shows Are Coming Back Starting With Chicago on July 15

Who says wealthy Californians should be the only ones to get their car shows back?

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In-Person Auto Shows Are Coming Back Starting With Chicago on July 15 © In-Person Auto Shows Are Coming Back Starting With Chicago on July 15

As the country opens up and wealthy Californians get their summer car shows back, it looks like auto shows of a traditionally simpler vibe are making a return too. Usually held in February, the previously postponed Chicago Auto Show has announced that a special 2021 edition will take place July 15-19. 

Adapted to comply with pandemic protocol, the show will occupy McCormick Place's west building as well as an outdoor area, allowing for more test drives, tech demo opportunities, and, of course, lower virus risk. Some activities already confirmed include an indoor test track that'll presumably let folks experience the off-road prowess of various Jeeps and Rams, Subaru's pet adoption event (which sounds adorable), and "outdoor experiences" featuring the Ford Bronco, Bronco Sport, and Mustang Mach-E.

Chicago Auto Show

Still pending approval, meanwhile, are plans to turn Indiana Avenue into an "automotive street festival" during the evenings, complete with cars, local food, and entertainment.

"We stand committed to providing a safe environment for all involved and will carefully adhere to the health and safety protocols and guidelines set forth by city and state officials," said Chicago Auto Show General Manager Dave Sloan.

In order to minimize human contact, tickets will be sold exclusively online. Timed entrance windows for attendees will attempt to spread out arrivals while organizers will be keeping an eye on how many people are on the floor at any given time. On-site activities like the aforementioned test drives and the like will feature pre-registration in order to cut down on lineups.

Par for the auto show course, media day will be held the day before the show opens to the public—in this case, July 14. This is typically when the new car announcements start churning out and we'll be sure to have all the big headlines you need to see here at The Drive.

In the meantime, here's a hype-as-heck video posted to Facebook by the Chicago Mayor's Office to get everybody excited.

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