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While there are many ways to spend time outside the comfort of your home, cycling is one of the most…

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10 Best Bike Racks That Blend Seamlessly Into Your Home | Autance © 10 Best Bike Racks That Blend Seamlessly Into Your Home | Autance
Best Choice delta michelangelo canaletto indoor bike rack Delta Michelangelo Canaletto Indoor Bike Rack
Premium Pick Steady Rack Classic Indoor Bike Rack Steady Rack Classic Indoor Bike Rack
Best Value dirza indoor bike rack garage wall mount Dirza Indoor Bike Rack Garage Wall Mount

While there are many ways to spend time outside the comfort of your home, cycling is one of the most thrilling and exhilarating activities most people enjoy. Although you may not mind spending top dollars on a good cross, road, gravel or mountain bike, owning a bike and actually finding a good, safe and protected space to store it could be a major concern. Hence why a good bike rack is vital when it comes to safekeeping your bicycle. To make it easier for you to choose, we have listed the best bike racks below, which are among the top rated in the market that blend in seamlessly in your home, regardless of the area or space.

The Best Indoor Bike Rack

When it comes to managing space, the Delta Michelangelo Canaletto Two Four Bike Gravity Stand is your go-to bike rack. It has been designed for versatility and is suitable for most home types. Its minimalist and contemporary design makes it one of the best indoor bike racks and also means that it can be built to blend into any room, parlour, hallway or garage while taking up little ground space. You would think that for a rack like this to support your not so lightweight bicycle, it would need to be hammered into your wall. However, this is not the case; this innovative rack uses the force of gravity to sustainably hold up your bike without ever tipping over. No nail screwing is needed to hold it in place as its sturdy and balanced yet light looking form, easily rests firmly on the wall without the need for extra attachments or multiple drillings.

Key Features
  • Simple set up  procedure via provided hardware and installation video
  • Easily adjustable arms
  • Made with silver coated durable steel
  • Rubber arm sleeves to secure hold on the arms
  • Brand Delta Cycle
  • Model RS6002
  • Weight 4 ounces

Leaning your bike on a wall in your house, yard or garage can seem quite simple until that expensive and precious road companion of yours tips over! If you are lucky, no scratches or damage will result from such an experience. However, the only sure way of sustainably holding up your bike on the ground is with the help of a reliable bike stand. The Feedback Sports Rakk Bicycle Storage Stand is sturdy and reliable; whether you prefer to keep your bike upright in your office, home, store or garage, it is extremely easy to set up and use.

Once this indoor bike rack is unpacked, you simply need to unfold it and roll your bike into the horizontal track to secure the back or front tire. It will then be evident that it is suitably designed to accommodate practically all bicycle tire sizes; a road bike to a mountain bike tire can readily fit in the guide roller. What’s more, the arm is reinforced with a spring that firmly holds both the front or back tires in place without harming the spoke or scratching the rims of your tires. It is able to hold up to 20-millimeter road tires with a 2.4- inch diameter and mountain bike tires that range between 20- and 29 inches. Two bikes can be mounted on it at once when you adjust it to your preference.

Key Features
  • Spring loaded arm
  • Horizontally holds bike up firmly
  • Extremely easy to unfold and set up
  • One year Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Brand Feedback Sports
  • Model 13989
  • Weight 5.95 pounds

The RacorPro-Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift-Up to 50 lbs is a phenomenal bike storage system that can be installed on ceilings, so you can perfectly make full use of your ground space. It works with a rope and pulley system that enables you to effectively raise and lower your bike whenever you need to. This pulley system is able to raise and lower bikes weighing up to 50 pounds and once installed on your ceiling, it suspends as high as 14 feet while still being firmly and safely secured by a dynamic rope locking mechanism. This makes certain the rope will always hold firm and lock in place even when the indoor rack is not being used, thus erasing your concerns about keeping your space free, neat and roomy.

Setting up the RacorPro is quite easy, however, you may first have to drill into the ceiling and screw in a few bolts but it will surely be worth it when you finally have your bike safely put away overhead. This will ultimately take away the worries of finding the perfect position or ground space to place it. Every home with an indoor bike rack would most definitely need a strong, durable rack with a quality finish and the RacorPro does not disappoint with its solid steel construction on both the hardware and rope which measures 48 feet long. It is also extremely durable ensuring that you enjoy a safe, valuable and long lasting mechanism for your bike.                                                                                                                        

Key Features
  • Pulley system with Simple Installation
  • Made of solid Steel for extra durability 
  • Pulley locking mechanism firmly secures bike                 
  • Can be used on ceilings up to 12 feet high 
  • Brand Racor
  • Model PBH-1R
  • Weight 2.85 pounds

With the Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Wall Hanger Bike Hook Storage rack, you can fashionably and tidily store away your bike in any room of your choice. It is also the best way to save up floor space and simultaneously show off your bike as the Ibera body is adorned with a strong and durable aluminium body to ensure it can properly bear the weight of your bicycle. The arms stand at a 45-degree angle and can easily be adjusted depending on how you need to mount it and the ABS frame-holder arms are also well padded with foam to ensure there are no scratches when storing it and your bicycle gets the comfort it deserves.

Setting up this bike wall mount is quite hassle-free as all the hardware required for setting up are included in your purchase. It will, however, be more advantageous if you have masonry or concrete walls with anchors as these would work better to tightly secure the wall bike rack.

Key Features
  • Strong and Sturdy Construction
  • Foam Padded Frame Holders
  • Adjustable Beam Hanger
  • Extra Velcro Strap to Secure Front Wheel
  • Brand Ibera
  • Model IB-ST4-UK
  • Weight 2.3 pounds

The Clug Bike Clip-Bicycle Rack Storage System is one of the smallest yet extremely functional bike stands that is suitable for using up the minutest space in your room, parlour, garage or patio when storing your bicycle. It comes in 3 sizes for mountain bikes, hybrids and road bikes, and the most suitable will depend on your precise tire width. So, it’s vital to measure your tires first to understand which would work best for your tire.

After ascertaining the right size for your bicycle, you will next have to decide where to install the clug; you can easily store your bike vertically or horizontally depending on your preference. If you want your bike to stand vertically, the rear tire must be well positioned and rested on the floor.

Key Features
  • Small and Durable Cycle Stand
  • Easy Installation
  • Perfect for Mountain bikes, Hybrids and Road Bikes
  • Takes up little space
  • Brand Hornit
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

The Racor –B-1R Solo Vertical Bike Rack Wall Mount is one of the best ways to vertically store your bike as it comes with a secure hook and plate design that firmly keeps your bike and wheel in place when not being used. The Racor-B-1R is great for home use and is sure to last you a long time thanks to the epoxy coated steel constructions that spell out durability and high resistance to harsh weather conditions and wear and tear. When hanging a heavy yet special cycle on your wall, you will want to be assured that the rack is extensively resilient, strong and long lasting before you trust it with the entirety of your bicycle. The good news is that the Racor bicycle wall mount provides just that. It can easily be setup on any studded wall to free up space and get your living room or garage looking extra tidy and organized again.

Key Features
  • Hook and Plate Safe and Functional Design
  • Strong and Durable Epoxy Coated Design
  • Allows a Lift of up to 50 lbs
  • Security Loop
  • Brand Racor
  • Model B-1R
  • Weight 1.28 pounds

The Steady Rack Classic Bike Rack is another phenomenal easy to use bike wall mount; whether you are a kid, teenager or adult this bike hanger will be of great service. You can boldly park your bike on this strong and sturdy steel frame with its distinctive tire tray that securely holds the front wheel intact. The dynamic tire tray also keeps the tires from scratching on the frame so you will never have to worry about unpretty bike marks.

The Steady Rack can readily be installed and set up on any wall type because of its unique design that helps to free up space. While your bicycle is certainly your cycling companion, it’s only proper for it to stand firmly and independently on its own and this bike rack simultaneously offers the luxury of easily parking and unloading your bike via the included 160 swivel feature. This offers multiple angle removal and loading options especially in tight spaces or locations that have other bicycles or vehicles parked.

Key Features
  • Can Hold up to 35kg Weight
  • 160 degrees left and right swivel
  • Portable rack that stores flat on the wall
  • Convenient for both kids and adults
  • Brand Steadyrack
  • Model 11000
  • Weight 7 pounds

A lot of times when choosing out an indoor bike rack, we would love to have one with minimal or even better, no drilling and boring of holes involved. This is especially useful for tenants whose rental agreements include no nails in walls and the likes. With such restrictions, you will need to access all your bicycle storage solutions and maybe opt for one like the CyclingDeal 2 Bike Bicycle Floor Stand that does not require the use of bolts or drills when installing. Instead, you simply lean it against the wall and watch it stand firmly and securely, confidently holding up the weight of your strong and prized bicycle.

The Cyclingdeal is adequately built with a coated light steel and as much as it is strong and durable, it does not come off as too heavy or immovable. This allows it to hold the weight of up to two bikes in one go and measures up to 82 inches tall. While this might be a bit high for some, it does an exceptional job at securing both bikes so that they are well positioned in their own space.

Key Features
  • Holds up to two bikes
  • Easy and less tasking installation
  • Strong and Sturdy Construction
  • Adjustable frame hooks to accommodate all bike types
  • Brand CyclingDeal
  • Weight 14.3 pounds

Take charge of your space again with this bike wall mount that allows you to conveniently store your bicycle upright in a perfectly fitting vertical position. The Delta Leonardo Da Vinci Single Bike Storage Rack Hook Holder makes an exceptional quality hanging bike rack for just one special bicycle. This is great for bike owners who want to drastically clear up space in the house or garage. As opposed to simply leaning your bike on the wall, where it is susceptible to unprecedented slips and accidents while also taking up much needed space, you can stylishly and conveniently spice up your walls with your most treasured cycle up on display. Its hassle-free installation is a huge plus since you will not have to assemble it together piece by piece; the needed parts come ready to be hung up.

Additionally, the included rubber sleeves will ensure there are no wheel marks on your walls due to regular parking since they protect the wheels by acting as an intermediary between your bike and your walls.

Key Features
  • Easy Installation
  • Holds any wheel size
  • Rubber sleeves for extra protection
  • Protective Tire Tray 
  • Brand Delta Cycle
  • Model RS4007
  • Weight 1 pounds

The Dirza Bike Rack Garage Wall Mount has been designed to accommodate most bikes; from the mountain bike to the Lady Beach Cruiser, its track measures from 1.75 to 2.5 and the overall length is 10 inches long – this means it is versatile enough to hold various wheels in. Setting up the Dirza Bike rack is quite stress-free especially when you have the right equipment, and in this case, that comprises of a few screws; it does not require any hands-on assembling, just screw it unto your wall and voila – it’s securely fixed in and ready to hold onto your cycle.

One Dirza hanger is able to accommodate a bike weighing up to 65 lbs safely on the wall; the included fixed hook can conveniently mount and unmount your cycle from the wall in no time, while the hook is padded with rubber to prevent unwanted scratches. The safety hook feature also works well to ensure there are no incidental releases that may cause the bike to fall or tilt over which would probably not end well. It effectively prevents accidental releases and ensures that your bike is unmounted safely without causing harm to you or denting your bike’s valued body.

Key Features
  • Easy Installation
  • Safety Hook Prevents Accidents
  • Anti-Scratch Rubber hook
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Brand Dirza
  • Weight 1.25 pounds

Best Indoor Bike Rack Buying Guide & FAQ

A bike rack has come in handy to so many homes replacing the traditional ways of leaning your bike on your walls to stylishly, safely and functionally set them up. You can do all this while saving and conserving space. When picking out a good cycle rack, here are some important things to consider.

What to Consider when Choosing an Indoor Bike Rack

  • Your Home

It is important to carefully assess your home so you know the type of rack that would be suitable for the design of your house or garage. Depending on your preference, you could either get a standing rack that does not require any screwing in; this works well if you don’t want anything too permanent especially in a rented space. However, for less space, you could opt for a wall mount rack that requires neither screwing or drilling

  • Space

Bike racks are designed to minimally consume space while accommodating your bike securely on the walls, ceilings or on gravity wall storage racks. If managing your space is a priority, you have to take into consideration the size of the rack as even the best mounting racks range in size from really compact to very large. If you want to get the best of your bike rack while using the minutest amount of space, you should consider a wall mounting rack or the Clug Bike Clip which is one of the smallest storage racks you can find.

  • Budget

The best way to shop is to stick to your budget. Don’t go breaking the bank because of items you cannot afford at the time. As budget-friendly as some of these racks are, many are more expensive. It is, therefore, important to check through the bike rack prices that will best suit your budget.

  • Reviews

Of course, most products are only as good as the customers say it is. That is why it is important to go over a number of reviews before purchasing a bike rack and you could even positively learn a thing or two about installation and maintenance among others. Go through more than two reviews for better feedback.

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Why You Should Invest in a Garage Bike Rack

  • Space

Bike racks will positively save you some more space by freeing up the ground space your bike would normally occupy.

  • Safe Storage

Opposed to leaving your bike to fate by leaning it on the wall or wedging it in with a random material, a bike rack will properly store your bike safely in protective gear that you can trust without the dangers of the bike falling over.

  • Accessibility

When you trust where you park your bike, it will become more accessible to you. Bike racks provide the easy option of carefully storing and easily dismounting your bike when needed.  You can now have your bike stored in the comfort of your home and take it out conveniently whenever needed.

  • Security

Properly securing and locking in your bike at home will go a long way in preventing theft; now that your bike is safely stored away, it has become a lot less easy for itchy hands to get a hold of it.

Types of Indoor Bike Racks:

  • Gravity Wall Indoor Bike Rack

These racks work by leaning on your wall and using curved, rubberized feet and the weight of your bicycle(s) to stably and securely hold the rack up

  • Wall Mounted Indoor Bike Racks

These racks are screwed-in or installed on your walls. You can securely mount up your bike for easy vertical and horizontal storage.

  • Ceiling Mountable Indoor Bike Racks

These racks usually require your bike to suspend in the air as they are installed in your ceiling and require certain hardware to keep your bicycle securely roped into the mechanism. A good pulley mechanism is also required for easy mounting and dismounting.

  • Horizontal Floor Indoor Bike Racks

These racks are installed or placed on the ground to enable easy access to your bikes at all times. They may consume more space compared to the off-the-ground options.

Best Indoor Bike Rack FAQ:

Q: How do I install a bike wall mount?

It depends on the type of bike rack you choose; some racks will require you drilling them in while some do not require drilling in at all.

Q: Do I need anchoring kits for installing an indoor bike rack?

Some bike racks come with all the hardware you will need to install the rack on your wall, floor or ceiling. They may also require an anchor, but you can check the installation videos or kit to see exactly what you will need to install the rack.

Q: Are all of these racks suitable for all types of bikes?

Not all Racks are suitable for all cycle types; the bikes they can accommodate are respectively specified on their product information.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the Delta Michelangelo Canaletto Two Four Adjustable Bike Gravity Stand which uses the gravity and the weight of your bicycles to stably store up to two cycles firmly on the rack. It is suitable for all bicycle types and comes with all necessary hardware to set up and an easy to follow installation video.


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