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For newborn babies, most parents love to purchase infant car seats, mainly because they offer a snug fit and are…

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The Best Infant Head Support For Car Seat (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Infant Head Support For Car Seat (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support
Premium Pick Jj Cole Head Support Black Jj Cole Head Support Black
Best Value Luckyiren Baby Head Support for Car Seat Luckyiren Baby Head Support for Car Seat

For newborn babies, most parents love to purchase infant car seats, mainly because they offer a snug fit and are convenient and very light in weight. There are several models in the market today, manufactured by different brands, and most often choosing among them can be tough. The best infant head support for car seats is mostly dependent on how easy the model is to install and use, how affordable it is and lastly, the comfort it brings to your child. Having such features in mind helps you to streamline your choices and pick an ideal model that will work for both your child and car. This guide contains the safest and best infant head support for car seat out there, many of which are top-rated products in current time.

The Best Infant Head Support For Car Seat

The best head support on the market today is this unit from Boppy Noggin. It is the Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support, one of the most versatile and functional head supports for your car seats, strollers, bouncers and even swings. The product comes with a unique design that is patented by the brand. They have made this item with help from scientists and engineers, to ensure that it fulfills its promise of relieving pressure on your baby’s head, while it is safely cradled. The best backing any product such as this can ever have is an endorsement from a pediatrician. The Boppy Noggin head support system is easy to install, with no new instructions. It works flawlessly with a three and five-point harness system. 

Before you begin to use this car seat head strap, manufacturers advise that you remove all existing padded infant inserts. Also, the head support must ideally be used in the reclined position when used by infants. Besides the rich functionality of this unit, it comes with an easy maintenance procedure that everyone can follow. It is machine washable; thus, it saves you time for other exciting activities such as more playtime with your baby, or a great dinner with family and friends. The recommended use of this head support for babies is for kids aged between 0 to 4 months old, as their heads are sensitive and are now beginning to develop. The Boppy Noggin head support is encouraged for new parents by happy moms and dads and is the best head support to use as an addition to your travel, prenatal and postnatal accessories.

Key Features
  • Unique, patented cut-out
  • Endorsed by a pediatrician
  • 3- and 5-point harness system
  • Head support is machine washable
  • Brand Boppy
  • Model 4100154K 6PK
  • Weight 7 ounces


Easy transportation

Exceeds US safety standards


Flimsy canopy

A bit pricey

The DorDor & GorGor Cuddleme Infant Head Support is another incredible creation that has taken the baby industry by storm. Several parents all around the globe seek to own such a fantastic product, thanks to many positive reviews received over the years. The functionality of this product comes as no surprise; however, since the DorDor & GorGor brand has been in the baby accessory industry for a very long period. They understand the needs of both infant and parent and design their items accordingly to deliver the ultimate level of satisfaction. This head support system is designed with significant emphasis placed on the child’s developmental design. This means that all parts of the support system have been created and tested to ensure that they aid in the development of your child’s body and bones. 

This infant car seat head support is made from hypoallergenic polyester fiber and doesn’t contain any latex, flame retardant, or any other substance which can be harmful to the health of your child. The shape of the unit is ideal for the active support of your baby’s head. It is highly absorbent, soft, breathable and well suited for the infant body, as sensitive as it may be. The build of this unit is such that even while you drive, you’re comfortable knowing that your child is well catered for in the backseat. The cleaning of this unit from DorDor and GorGor is simple. It requires you to remove the vacuum seal package before attempting to wash. The fillings of this unit are all machine-washable; thus, they can withstand hundreds of wash cycles without an issue. 

Key Features
  • Organic cotton,
  • 2-in-1 reversible
  • Machine-washable fillings
  • Redesigned baby-proof velcro
  • Brand Dordor & Gorgor
  • Model BML019-GRAY-SELF
  • Weight 9.6 ounces

Comfortable and supportive

Easy to use

Gender-neutral style


A bit hard to unlatch from base

Newborn infants have extra sensitive body parts, mainly because they’re still developing. To aid in such development and prevent them from forming wrongly, we are recommending one of the best head support systems to you. This is the Baby Pillow for New-borns. It is a pediatrician recommended product, manufactured with newborns up to 12 months in mind. In recent times, the percentage of children with flat head syndrome has increased, and this is because their heads don’t shape properly immediately after birth. To avoid this or to return your baby’s head to its original, beautiful shape, you will need this baby pillow. It is made with a 3D memory foam that offers comprehensive support to the head and neck of your baby. It comes in a heart shape and also features an advanced slow-rebound foam. The use of a breathable cotton fabric ensures that your baby feels comfortable at the backseat, as though he’s asleep in your arms. 

The Baby infant car seat head support is a certified product that can fit anywhere you, please. It has a simple and yet very effective design and can be inserted in any baby rocker, stroller, bouncer, cradle or skull crib without any issues. For ultimate results, we recommend that you use this pillow together with the baby sleep positioner. You can make use of your baby pillow from the first day to help prevent flat head. Its effect will be seen in a span of three months, provided it is used continuously. The manufacturer of this baby pillow believes in their product to the extent of offering a 100% guaranteed satisfaction. This is why, if you aren’t satisfied with its functionality, you’re at liberty to make a return for a full refund immediately.

Key Features
  • Heart-shaped
  • Advanced soft memory foam
  • Efficient design
  • For new-born baby(0-12 months
  • Brand Babebay
  • Model 761272116980
  • Weight 9.6 ounces

removable head and body support

Easy to adjust straps

Carry-handle for easy transport


A bit heavy

Not for tall babies

You can never go wrong with the No Nods Baby Child Seat Pillow Support. We have scouted all across the baby accessory industry, for the best infant head supports for children, and the model keeps springing up. This is one of the best support headbands you will ever make use of. It is a product manufactured with care and precision, from durable and highly comfortable materials such as nylon, cotton, and plastic. It can be attached to your car, pram, or stroller as a beneficial baby sleeping tool. With this kind of support for your baby, you can confidently say goodbye to neck strains and aches, which tend to occur while your child naps in his or her infant carrier, stroller or your car seat. The car seat support is very adjustable and is designed to be as soft as it possibly can, to maintain its level of safety.

The No Nods baby seat pillow comes with a beautiful and catchy cartoon design that your child will love. The design makes this baby car seat head support highly appropriate for children of different ages. It is a well-suited head support product for long travels and trips, as it delivers comfort and helps keep the children calm throughout the entire journey. We also love that this unit comes in different colors to appeal to both boys and girls.  You can get the No Nods pillow support as a baby shower gift for friends and family. It is a highly protective system that offers intense neck relief and head protection no matter where you may find yourself.

Key Features
  • Lovely cartoon design
  • Suitable for children of different ages.
  • Comfortable and Calm
  • Suitable for boys or girls.
  • Brand Luckyiren
  • Model Blue
  • Weight 0.64 ounces

Easy to use

Easy to install

Comfortable with removable body supports


Limited stroller options

Supporting the development of your baby at the early stages is very vital to their growth and health. The most common issues experienced by children in this era is the flat head syndrome, where their heads do not develop into their original shape, mainly because of bad sleeping and sitting practices. We are encouraging all new parents and those expecting to invest in the life of their little ones by getting them the Summer Snuzzler Infant Support for car seats and strollers. The Snuzzler company is an award-winning company with several years of expertise in the baby accessory industry. This product helps in the upward adjustment of your bay as he or she grows and also provides the ideal support for your child’s head and back. It features the used cotton a very comfortable material and has an imported design loved by many parents.

The Snuzzler baby neck pillow can be attached to your infant swings, stroller, bouncer seats, and car seats without any issues. It is well suited for use by both preemies and babies, thanks to its adjustable form. As your baby grows, this infant support unit ‘grows’ along with him or her, thanks to its adjustable length. The group is also very versatile, as it comes with two style options. The first is a smooth woven fabric, and this can be reversed into a soft terry cloth, whenever you need a change. All parts of this head support can be cleaned in a washing machine; thus, you have more time to take care of your little one and rest. We believe that the Snuzzler head support is the best infant support on the market because, it has been crash tested severally by manufacturers, to ensure that it can stay put in the event of an accident.

Key Features
  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Perfect fit for all babies and preemies!
  • Separate head support
  • Brand Summer Infant
  • Model 77510
  • Weight 8.6 ounces

High quality

Very safe



Flimsy canopy

A bit pricey

Our favorite head support and one of the most versatile support units for children is Carter’s Infant 2-in-1 Head Support. We love that this support is available to all parents because it is simply magnificent. It works not only with cars but also with your strollers, to keep your child well-positioned at all times. The support unit has a three or five-point harness system it can be attached to and is offers smaller insert supports which work well with infants. To appeal to different children, manufacturers of this unit make use of cute prints and exciting colors, which keep children occupied and excited.

Carters infant head support for car seats can be washed with a machine, easily. It doesn’t require ironing, and must also be washed on a gentle cycle, without bleach. For smaller infants, you can use both supports, and take out the inner one as your baby grows bigger.

Key Features
  • 3 or 5-point car seat harness system
  • Comfy support and cute prints
  • Smaller insert support
  • Snaps help keep support in place
  • Brand Carter's
  • Model CR03459-1SZ-AMZ
  • Weight 2.50 Pounds

Easy to install

Comfortable handlebar

Machine-washable seat pad


Lacks compatible stroller

Inconvenient handle position

If any new or expecting parent asks for a recommendation concerning head supports for infants, we advise that you show them the Britax Head and Body Support Pillow. This is an all-round product that takes care of every part of your child’s body, delivering superior comfort with its fantastic design. Manufacturers of this support made a reversible design for parents who love to switch up their style occasionally. One side of this product features a plush fleece design, while the reverse displays a moisture control fabric that caters for seasonal changes as they occur.

The Britax support uses a wicking fabric to eliminate all unwanted moisture. This keeps your support pillow dry and fresh always, ensuring that your child remains warm and cozy, no matter the situation. Every part of this baby headrest for car seat is crash-tested before it is allowed onto the market for sale. This is done by manufacturers to ensure that, their product remains intact even during an unforeseen circumstance. This head and body support pillow is well suited for use with all Britax strollers, and children weighing up to 22 pounds. We can guarantee that your infant will not experience any body aches or pains, even during long journeys, thanks to this excellent support pillow. 

Key Features
  • Machine washable,
  • Reversible design
  • Detachable head support
  • Intended for infant children up to 22 pounds
  • Brand Britax
  • Model S864900
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

Easy to clean fabric

Compatible with Britax strollers

High quality and well made



Flimsy canopy

JJ Cole has launched its most exceptional product yet! Meet the JJ Cole Head Support, a great product made to keep your child’s head intact and rightly positioned at all times. It is made with breathable and durable fabrics which include cotton and polyester. This system is an imported product that delivers the ultimate comfort to children of all ages. We love that it has an adjustable design, as this means that the unit will grow with your baby. This stylish newborn car seat head support does a magnificent job of protecting your baby’s delicate neck and head. It features two separate pieces, meant for different growth stages of your infant. 

An included feature which we find fascinating is the breathable embroidered knit fabrics and the soft velvet which adds a touch of style and comfort to the unit. Cleaning is also straightforward and simple since the system can be placed in a washing machine at any time. We recommend this unit for all new parents who want their child to grow without any aches and pains in a well-protected environment. The JJ Cole head and neck support do this and many more.

Key Features
  • Imported
  • Soft, breathable fabrics
  • Customizable design
  • Machine washable
  • Brand JJ Cole
  • Model JAHB
  • Weight 7.5 ounces

One of the safest

Easy to install



Heavy to carry

A bit narrow for big babies

Boppy is a company that helps your infant get that unusual round head shape he or she deserves. They eliminate the chances of the flat head syndrome by designing and launching the Boppy Preferred Head and Neck Support. This is a great head support car seat head strap for all infants. It comes with a very unique and patented cut-out design which sets it apart from many other competing models. It also has a massive backing from certified pediatricians; thus, you’re assured of purchasing quality. We love that this support helps to relieve the pressure your child experiences while seated in the car seat. 

The Preferred head and neck support unit features a royally soft and Minky front fabric, which is fit for a princess. This fabric has all the decorative stitching and embroidery that displays royal cuteness; everywhere it is sent. Toddlerhood for your child doesn’t have to be painful or stressful. With the removable neck ring included in the design of this unit, parents and babies are offered immense support through toddlerhood, making it a fun and comfortable experience. Install this head and neck support easily to your stroller, swings, and bouncers. It is the best head and neck support unit you can ever get. 

Key Features
  • Endorsed by a Paediatrician
  • Royally soft Minky front fabric
  • Removable neck ring
  • Simple to install
  • Brand Boppy
  • Model 00060201060490
  • Weight 12.8 ounces

Very comfortable

Adjustable canopy

Easy to clean


Noisy canopy

A cheap and flimsy chest clip

Meet the Travel Bug Head Support one of the best head and strap combo products in the market today. This is a fantastic product which doesn’t only offer you the much-needed head support for your child. It also keeps your child entertained with its unusual and attractive exterior. The Travel bug support is easily attachable to your bouncers, strollers and car seats. It does a fantastic job, thanks to its three or five-point harness systems which are known to aid in optimum performance. Children, especially newborns, have extra sensitive skin, which is why the Travel Bug system exists. The design of this product includes soft padding that keeps your baby’s head and neck in place at all times.

Cleaning your baby head support pillow and the strap is very simple and straightforward as it only requires you to place it in your washing machine. Keep this head support in your car during all your travels to help keep your little travelers comfortable, well-positioned, and extremely secure. If you wish to keep your child’s delicate skin away from irritations, you can make use of the Travel Bug strap cover system. We love this combo product, and we’re confident your little one will too.

Key Features
  • Great for car seats, strollers , and bouncers.
  • Soft padding 
  • Handy closures
  • Easy care: Machine Washable
  • Brand Travel Bug
  • Model TB00033-1SZ-AMZ
  • Weight 7.2 ounces

Best Infant Head Support Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying an Infant Head Support for Car Seat

When searching for the perfect infant head support for your car seat, there are several factors one needs to consider, to ensure that you make a worthy investment. There are several models of head support on the market, and without a fixed guide, you might be engulfed by all the possibilities.

  • Ease of use

The more stars an infant support product has, the more effective it is in its functions. You must take into account the clarity of all instructions attached to your head support, ensuring that they make installation and use very simple.

  • Car seat base

Most infant car seats come with a car seat base. These are elements that allow you to snap your infant seat in and out of your vehicle when needed. Be on the lookout for the additional features that come with many car seats, some of which include the adjustable foot and a bubble level indicator system.

  • Adjustments

The head support you choose for your baby must come with an adjustable harness and headrest. This will ensure that the unit can accommodate the growth of your baby and save you from constant purchase. The harness height and the straps attached to the product must also be easy to adjust and must come with quick-release buckle systems for easy use.

  • Maintenance

Babies are highly prone to creating messes by spitting or gurgling, and most often, they mess up their clothing. Parents are advised that they purchase head support with fabrics and fillings that can be washed easily. If possible, choose head support that can be removed and cleaned whenever there’s a mess.

  • Comfort

The most comfortable head support is the one with proper padding; thus you need to purchase a well-padded unit. If possible, ensure that the product has removable inserts for the body and head areas that deliver a snug fit, proper support and comfort.

Why You Should Buy Baby Car Seat Head Support

  • Car seat head supports are a great way to help your child’s head develop into its original shape. They are structured to hold your child’s head and mold it appropriately, to prevent the flat head syndrome.
  • Another benefit derived is the comfort children receive with this product. It is an ideal item for long trips and strolls thanks to the soft filling and breathable fabrics employed.
  • Head supports are a great way to get optimum protection for your child, around their chest and head areas, especially during a collision. Some models come with side impact protection features and energy-absorbing foams that keep your little one safe at all times.

Best Infant Head Support FAQ:

Q: Are infant car seat head supports safe?

Infant head supports are safe, provided they are used in the right manner. There are some instances where individuals do not positon their child’s head well; thus, the head supports do not work as effectively as they should. To ensure safety when using head supports, parents are advised to follow all instructions by the manufacturers.

Q: How do I keep my baby’s head straight in a car seat?

To ensure that your baby’s head is kept straight while in your car seat, you need to make use of head and body supports appropriately. Keep your child’s head lifted, to avoid his or her neck from hurting. Also, keeping their heads up enables them to breathe properly.

Our Top Pick

The Boppy Noggin head support is our best choice product for many reasons. This unit works well for children of all ages. It features a machine-washable fabric which is also comfortable and breathable for your baby. It is endorsed by a pediatrician and comes with adjustable supports that allow keeping using it while your child grows.


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