iPhone Maker Foxconn Might Build New Scout EVs for VW: Report

The original Scouts were built by a tractor company, and it seems like the new ones could be assembled by a smartphone manufacturer.

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iPhone Maker Foxconn Might Build New Scout EVs for VW: Report © iPhone Maker Foxconn Might Build New Scout EVs for VW: Report

Volkswagen is reviving the Scout name as an electric-only adventure brand. The automaker has been vocal about its intentions and has even shuffled some internal talent to make the dream work, but that's only part of what's needed for a successful launch. As companies like Rivian will tell you, actually building the vehicle is far more important—and challenging.

To solve that problem, VW appears to be engaged in talks with tech juggernaut Foxconn. A pair of reports from Automotive News and Automobilwoche link VW to the Taiwanese company that most notably manufactures iPhones for Apple. Foxconn has persistently sought out automotive partners for the past year, and AN's sources at VW claim it might find one in Scout Motors.

VW hasn't officially revealed how Scout Motors will build its vehicles. It has, however, noted that Scout will be a U.S.-focused brand, which leaves a lot open to interpretation. Context clues point at a North American production facility given the brand's audience; couple in tariffs placed on imported trucks and the revised requirements for the EV tax credit, and the need for a U.S.-built truck is clearly recognized. Both VW and Foxconn declined to comment on any speculation to Automotive News.

Now, Automobilwoche reported in the past that VW had also been in talks with Magna International regarding Scout's comeback. At the time, it was believed that Magna would likely become a parts supplier or assist in the engineering behind the first Scout vehicles, though it would almost certainly not be the company building them. Its newest report signals that Foxconn may further its reach into automobile manufacturing by taking on the responsibility of the Scout production line.

Foxconn already builds the Lordstown Endurance pickup and is contracted to handle the production of the Fisker Pear EV. Moreover, it showed the world its ability to engineer its own vehicles in late 2021 when it debuted three distinct concepts. But partnering with the venerable VW Group could prove to be a big breakthrough for the manufacturer.

Whether or not VW plans to partner with any company to produce the news Scouts is still up in the air. Automakers secure tier-one parts suppliers with any new vehicle launch, so initial talks like this are not unheard of. However, the news coming from Automobilwoche's sources indicates that the brand may outsource production for one or more models to Foxconn entirely, which is a fairly big deal if true.

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