Jeep Reportedly Has Six More Special Edition Wranglers Coming Before New Model Arrives

The JK-generation has a few more surprises left to give.

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Jeep Reportedly Has Six More Special Edition Wranglers Coming Before New Model Arrives © Jeep Reportedly Has Six More Special Edition Wranglers Coming Before New Model Arrives

The current Jeep Wrangler’s days may be numbered, but Fiat Chrysler isn’t about to let it fade into oblivion. According to a new report, the carmaker has at least six more special edition Jeep Wranglers lined up for dealerships between now and the arrival of the next-generation model next fall.

According to dealer information sheets seen by Automotive News, the first two special editions will be the Wrangler Sport Freedom edition and the Wrangler Sahara Winter edition, which makes us wonder if Jeep is just picking words at random from its hat full of trim names.

Both Jeeps will be available in both two- and four-door forms, and both will reportedly go on sale in December; oddly enough, the production run for the Sahara Winter edition will purportedly stretch well into spring, but the Sport Freedom will only be built through February.

The Sport Freedom will reportedly pack every bit of the Americana you’d expect from a Jeep with such a name, including a hood with a big “Freedom star” on it, an American flag decal on the driver’s side front fender, and “granite crystal wheels,” which we assume are the exact same color as the bedrock of this great land. The Sahara Winter model, in contrast, will bit a bit more upmarket, with standard LED headlights, remote start (on Jeeps with an automatic), and a well as plenty of decals and badges, of course. Two-doors Sport Freedoms will reportedly start at $30,690, with the Unlimited version going for $3,900 more; the two-door Sahara supposedly starts at $37,440, with four-doors costing $3,800 more.

But that’s just the start. Around the time the Sport Freedom production ends, Jeep will reportedly begin cranking out a new variant of the Sport, known as the Wrangler Sport Big Bear edition, as well as a new Rubicon Recon that replaces the existing Rubicon Hard Rock edition. Come March, a pair of new Sahara variants will allegedly join the fray, known as the Sahara Chief and the Sahara Smoky Mountain. Apart from the Recon, all those models will only stick around for a few months of production, according to AN’s sources; more details about these specific trims should become available as they near production.

By this point, the JK-generation Wrangler has produced pretty much as many special editions as any production car in recent history Assuming these plans all come to pass, FCA will ultimately have cranked out at least 17 different special edition JKs—and that’s just based on our best accounting. Considering how frequently the company cranks these special editions out, we could easily have missed one or two...or 10.

Pictured: Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition


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