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Konig Wheels has been in business for over 35 years, cementing its reputation as one of the top aftermarket wheel…

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Best Choice Konig Illusion Black Ball Cut Blue Wheel Konig Illusion Black Ball Cut Blue Wheel
Best Value Konig Helium Bronze Wheel Konig Helium Bronze Wheel
Premium Pick Konig OVERSTEER Gloss Black Wheel Konig OVERSTEER Gloss Black Wheel

Konig Wheels has been in business for over 35 years, cementing its reputation as one of the top aftermarket wheel brands in the world. With a focus on style, quality, and performance, you really can’t go wrong with any of the wheels from its two product lines.

The company was acquired by YHI International in 2005, and it’s known for producing some excellent wheels for the price. If you’re looking to upgrade your ride, check out some of the best Konig Wheels in our buying guide below.

Best Konig Wheels

These 17-inch tuner-inspired wheels feature a 10-spoke design with blue ball cut machined edges. While these wheels have a blue-tinted clear coat as a color accent, they’re also available with a red tint or with a standard machined look and in other sizes. They are part of Konig’s Main Line product line.

These wheels are really good-quality and look awesome on everything from a Jeep Patriot to a Scion tC to a Nissan Rogue. They’re easy to install, and some consumers report that they look even better in person than they do in pictures. They look particularly attractive on blue cars.

Key Features
  • 17 inch
  • 10-spoke design
  • Blue color accent
  • Part of Konig’s Main Line
  • Brand Konig
  • Model Illusion
  • Weight 21 pounds



Look great on blue vehicles


May look different in person

May appear purple in bright light

May crack if you hit a pothole

These 15-inch wheels have an eight-spoke design and are notable because they are really lightweight compared to other types of wheels. In addition to bronze, they are also available in silver and matte black. They are part of the Konig Main Line product line.

These wheels are strong and look great on a variety of cars, such as Honda Civics and Mazda Miatas. They come with center caps, look clean, are a great value, and weigh very little. The fit and finish is very good, especially considering the price. Also, they are easy to balance.

Key Features
  • 15 inch
  • Bronze
  • Eight spokes
  • Offset: 40mm
  • Brand Konig
  • Model Helium
  • Weight 13.35 pounds

Strong yet lightweight

Great value

Nice fit and finish


Dent easily

Hub-centric rings are required

May be darker in person

These 18-inch wheels feature a face forward, split five-spoke design. They are gloss black with a painted finish and are also available in red and opal as well as in 15-, 17-, and 19-inch sizes. Konig notes that “the wheel face profile increases in its concave look.”

These wheels boost the stance of five-lug cars, whether you drive around town or on the track. They can be used in staggered applications if you like the look of wider rear tires. They come with the center caps and fit a variety of vehicles, from Honda Civics to Nissan Maximas.

Key Features
  • Gloss black
  • Offset: 35mm
  • Five spokes
  • Brand Konig
  • Model Oversteer
  • Weight 20.1 pounds

Increases your ride’s stance

Can be staggered

Fit a variety of vehicles


Lug nuts not included

Hub-centric ring not included

A little pricey

These 14-inch gloss-black wheels are also available in 15, 16, and 17 inches and a few other colors. They have 10 spokes, low offsets, and are compatible with four-lug and five-lug applications. The most notable part of this tuner wheel is the large machined lip.

These wheels are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to balance. They look great on cars such as Hyundai Accents or Honda Civics and provide a smooth ride. You can feel the difference when you’re driving, and they’re perfect for lowered vehicles. Also, the paint is durable and doesn’t chip very easily. But like all of the wheels in this guide, the Lightning wheels do not come with lug nuts or valves.

Key Features
  • 14 inches
  • Gloss black
  • Low offset
  • 10 spokes
  • Brand Konig
  • Model Lightning
  • Weight 12 pounds

Large machined lip




Lug nuts not included

Valve stems not included

The Rewind wheels have low offsets and are designed for four-lug applications. These particular wheels are graphite and 15 inches, but they are also available in 16 inches and in silver. They have a machined lip and can be used with both front-wheel and four-wheel drive.

Both race and street enthusiasts like these wheels, and they are very popular at National Auto Sport Association (NASA) racing events. They feature an old-school style look and an eight-spoke center design. The wheels are made of sturdy aluminum for extra strength and durability.

Key Features
  • 15 inch
  • Graphite
  • Eight spokes
  • Low offset
  • Brand Konig
  • Model Rewind
  • Weight 17 pounds

Old-school look

Sturdy and durable

Popular among racers


Lug nuts not included

Valve stems not included

Konig touts the Dial-In as its “lightest and strongest 15-inch wheel ever.” The wheel is matte gray with a clear coat finish and features a forward-face, 12-spoke design that’s created using the company’s flow forming technology.

The best thing about these wheels is they only weigh 10 pounds. In addition to being lightweight, they are also very stylish and completely change the look of your vehicle. They are also very affordable as well as durable. And if you don’t like gray, they are also available in gold and black.

Key Features
  • Matte gray
  • Forward-face design
  • 12 spokes
  • Designed with flow forming technology
  • Brand Konig
  • Model Dial-In
  • Weight 10.9 pounds

Very lightweight




Lug nuts not included

Valve stems not included

May get scratched during shipping

Best Konig Wheels Buying Guide & FAQ

Konig Wheels has been around since 1983 and is one of the most well-known names in the industry. Many automotive tuners put Konig wheels on their cars to make them stand out. We’ve already reviewed some of the top Konig models on the market, but there are more things you should consider before making a purchase.

If you’re on the fence about investing in new Konig wheels, we list some of the reasons why you may want to purchase them. We explain the differences between the two types of Konig wheels currently available and include some tips for keeping them in good shape. We also answer some frequently asked questions about them.

Why Do You Need Konig Wheels

Vehicles require wheels in order to roll properly, and while you can get by perfectly well on a set provided by the factory, aftermarket wheels such as those made by Konig can completely change the look of your car. The company caters to the tuner crowd, and its wheels are designed to suit a variety of tastes.

Konig tuner wheels are precisely engineered, so they are strong and durable as well as aesthetically pleasing and performance-enhancing. They come in a variety of styles and finishes to make your coupe or sedan stand out. And since they’re manufactured using the latest technology, they are meant to last for many years.

Konig wheels also come in a variety of sizes, and while each model may not fit your particular vehicle, with so many choices there’s no doubt you’ll find one or two that meet your requirements. Finally, Konig wheels are affordable. If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enhance the look of your Miata, Accord, Acura, or Sentra.

As for alloy wheels in general, there are many benefits. First, they reduce unsprung weight, which can improve steering. They are also more responsive when accelerating and braking compared to steel wheels. And if you drive on performance tires, alloy wheels add strength and rigidity when cornering.


  • They’re popular with the tuner crowd and enhance the look of your vehicle.
  • They are available in a variety of designs, finishes, and styles. 
  • They’re good-quality and affordable. 
  • They increase performance.

Types of Konig Wheels

Konig makes just two types of wheels: flow forming and main line. Both lineups are geared to the tuner market and enhance the look of your coupe or sedan. The more technical of the two is the flow forming range, which is designed using advanced manufacturing techniques. Read more about the types of Konig wheels below.

  • Flow Forming Technology

According to Konig, flow forming is one of the industry’s most advanced manufacturing technologies. During the manufacturing process, pressure is applied to the wheel’s inner barrel while it spins and after it has been casted. The goal is to increase tensile strength by stretching and compressing the aluminum.

Konig compares its flow forming technology to the forging process because both methods have similar properties. Compared to regular cast wheels, wheels manufactured using flow forming technology are lighter, stronger, and more elongated. They also have more shock resistance and a greater load capacity. 

You can see why this type of wheel may be more desirable than other wheels on the market. Some of the products designed using this technology are Konig’s Dial-In, Hypergram, Ultraform, Dekagram, Rennform, and Freeform wheels.

  • Main Line

Konig also has a range of Main Line wheels. Like the flow forming wheels, this line also features tuner and sport compact wheels designed for the euro, sport luxury, and modern muscle markets. The wheels in this category are designed to increase traction while enhancing style. Many models are modern updates to classic looks.

Depending on which one you choose, the Main Line wheels are elegant or aggressive and expertly crafted with a concentration on performance and style. No matter which model you purchase, you’re bound to stand out. The wheels in this category are light and strong and made using the latest technology and materials.

What to Look for When Buying Konig Wheels

Just by reading this article, you deserve a gold star for doing your research before buying the first set of Konig rims that catch your eye. There are several factors you should consider before spending your hard-earned money on a style upgrade. These include vehicle compatibility and the overall look and design of the wheels.

  • Size

It’s critical that you choose a wheel that fits your particular make and model. Wheels come in a variety of sizes, such as 15, 16 and 17 inches (and larger). It is possible to upgrade to larger wheels, and many people do so because it often enhances the look of a vehicle.

However, larger wheels do have an impact on handling, acceleration, braking, and so on. If you lower your vehicle, you don’t want the tires to rub against the wheel well when you’re turning. If you opt to buy wheels that are smaller than stock, they may not fit well over your brakes.

  • Offset

A wheel’s offset is the space between the wheel’s hub mounting surface and the centerline, and it’s measured in millimeters. It’s important to have the correct offset or your vehicle will not handle well. If you change the width of your wheels, there’s a good chance you’ll need to change the offset.

A wheel with zero offset means the centerline and hub mounting surface are even. Front-wheel drive and modern rear-wheel drive cars often have a positive offset, which means the hub mounting surface is on the front half of the wheel. Lifted trucks and deep dish wheels usually have a negative offset, so the hub mounting surface is on the back half of the wheel.

  • Center Bore

The opening in the middle of a wheel is known as the center bore. This is where the wheel connects to the axle, and it holds a vehicle’s weight. The center bore of an aftermarket wheel should be, at a minimum, the size of the OEM wheel. Fortunately, most wheels have big center bores in order to accommodate several different types of vehicles.

Usually the center bore is hidden by a center cap (which may or may not be included with a wheel purchase). The wheel has to be centered on the hub or you will have problems with vibration. That’s why many aftermarket wheels come with, or require you to purchase separately, a hub-centric ring.

  • Bolt Pattern/Bolt Circle

The imagined circle that the wheel lugs form is known as the bolt pattern or bolt circle. Wheels come in a variety of bolt patterns, from four up to eight. When purchasing new wheels, pay attention to the bolt circle diameter, or BCD. For example, 5 x 100 mm indicates a five-lug pattern with a 100 mm diameter.

The bolt pattern is defined by the BCD and the number of holes. It can be hard to measure a five-lug wheel without a bolt pattern gauge, but this tool can be hard to come by. Fortunately, the information you need should be included in the owner’s manual.

  • Ourboard Face

Since people change their wheels largely to improve the look of their vehicles, this feature is very important. The outboard face is all about style. Also known as the “spider,” the outboard face can be designed in a variety of ways, depending on the manufacturer. Since vehicles with custom wheels often attract more attention, sleek and aggressive designs can boost your vehicles appeal as well as its value.

It can be easier to sell your coupe or sedan if it has a set of sleek or aggressive wheels. The outboard face is also important because it makes your wheels stronger and more durable, depending on the design.

  • Finish

In addition to the outboard face, the finish is also a big consideration when you’re customizing your car. Konig wheels come in several different finishes, and you may prefer a bronze wheel while your buddy likes gloss black. Depending on which one you choose, it will drastically change the look of your vehicle.

Maybe you want graphite wheels on your ride. Or you may prefer a red-tinted color accent. The great thing about Konig is that the company provides a lot of options. In the end, the finish you choose is up to you and how the wheels will look on your particular vehicle.

Tips for Buying and Using Konig Wheels

One of the first things you need to think about when you’re shopping for a new set of wheels is your budget. While many Konig wheels are affordable, you should still expect to pay a minimum of around $500 for a set of four. Depending on the brand, some wheels can cost thousands of dollars.

Bigger wheels are more expensive, and chrome wheels tend to be pricier than painted wheels. The type of wheel you choose, flow form versus main line for example, will also affect your bottom line.

Once you purchase your new wheels you want to protect them, especially if you invested a lot of money into them. That’s why you should do everything you can to avoid potholes, raised manhole covers, and obstacles such as train tracks. Unfortunately, it’s not too hard to bend or crack a wheel even if it’s made of high-quality alloy.

When it comes to cleaning your wheels, Konig recommends doing so frequently with non-acid based soap and water. Over time, brake dust can corrode the clear coating on your wheels, so it’s important to stay on top of that.

  • Think about your budget and put aside some money accordingly.
  • Protect your wheels by avoiding potholes and other road obstacles.
  • Clean your wheels regularly to avoid corrosion.

Best Konig Wheels FAQ:

We’ve included a lot of information about Konig wheels in this buying guide, but you may still have some questions about them. Maybe you’re thinking about getting wider-than-stock wheels and you’re wondering how that will affect your vehicle’s ride. Or perhaps you want to know about staggered wheels. Find the answers to these questions and more in the FAQs below.

Q: Does wheel width affect performance? 

Wider wheels can equal better handling because the tires increase ski pad performance. However, braking and acceleration may decrease, as will fuel economy.

Q: What are staggered wheels? 

A car with staggered wheels has different-sized wheels on the front and back (the back wheels and tires are wider). This option is not available on front-wheel drive vehicles.

Q: Are Konig wheels good-quality? 

Yes, and that’s why tuners like them so much. Overall, they are good-quality in relation to their price, and they come in so many styles and designs that it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that you like.

Our Top Pick

Our pick for the best Konig wheels are the Konig Illusion Black Ball Cut Blue Wheels. They feature a blue-tinted clear coat and an attractive 10-spoke design. They are high-quality wheels and fit on a variety of vehicles, and no matter what you drive, they will enhance the vehicle’s style. These wheels look particularly sleek and appealing on a blue coupe or sedan.

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