KW Finally Fixed the Porsche Carrera GT, So I Can Buy One Now

The new KW V5 coilover kit has a hydraulic lift that raises the Carrera GT’s suspension to prevent scraping.

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KW Finally Fixed the Porsche Carrera GT, So I Can Buy One Now © KW Finally Fixed the Porsche Carrera GT, So I Can Buy One Now

Folks, the team at KW has done it. They've finally fixed the Porsche Carrera GT. For years I've wanted to buy one but I never could. Not because I couldn't afford it or because it's worth more than five times the value my house. No, no, of course not. I never bought one because its low front end would scrape on my driveway. That's the totally real reason. Thankfully, though, KW's new V5 coilover kit fixes the issue, so now I'm definitely going to buy one.

The Carrera GT was the most sophisticated supercar in the world when it debuted, with its F1-derived V10 and ceramic-composite clutch, but that was nearly 20 years ago. Suspension technology has massively improved since then. KW's V5 coilover kit uses its solid damper technology which is said to improve both the Porsche Carrera GT's ride comfort and handling ability. So as sacrosanct as the Carrera GT might seem, there's a good chance this KW V5 kit does actually make it ride and handle better than it did from the factory.

The important improvement, though, comes from the kit's optional hydraulic ride height lift. If you spec the optional lift, KW installs a button in the ashtray that can raise the ride height on both axles by 45 millimeters, so the Carrera GT can get over speed bumps and up steep driveways without scraping.

You're probably asking the same question I was—can you color match the springs to the center locking wheel hubs? The answer is yes, KW will do that for you if you ask. Carrera GT owners can't have KW's classic yellow and purple coilovers be seen through the engine cover, that would detract from the car's value. So thank goodness KW will color match them, otherwise I was going to have to back out of buying a Carrera GT again.

There are three different pre-adjusted damper setups for the V5 kit—one that's close to the stock setup, one that's firmer and sportier than stock, and another that's more comfortable. Like most adjustable coilovers, those adjustments are made at the shocks themselves and aren't electronic.

Now that someone has finally fixed my biggest issue with the Carrera GT, I'm totally, absolutely, realistically going to buy one. I definitely won't find another excuse to tell my Porsche friends. I am still waiting on an aftermarket air conditioning kit for the Ferrari F40, though.

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