Learn Everything About Off Road Legend BJ Baldwin

The Baja winner sits down with Hoonigan to drink some beers and answer questions.

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Learn Everything About Off Road Legend BJ Baldwin © Learn Everything About Off Road Legend BJ Baldwin

BJ Baldwin is a two time solo Baja 1000 off road winner off road racing champion native of Las Vegas, Nevada. He is known for his off road driving, known for his viral video series Recoil, and occasionally known for practicing his second amendment right. For the most recent Hoonigan "A BREW WITH" episode Baldwin is featured. He almost finishes a beer before they ask him any questions.

You may remember Baldwin recently visited the Hoonigan's Donut Garage for the 100th episode of the Hoonigan video series Daily Transmission. He thrashed his 800 horsepower Toyota Tundra based Trophy Truck named "Fedor" on the Hoonigan crews loading dock. There were donuts, figure eights, and jumping off the dock. 

After almost crushing his first beer, the Hoonigan crew got out some questions to Baldwin. They asked him some questions about his past like what his first car was. It was his moms Jeep Cherokee which he always ate tires up on off roading so when he got some money saved up he bought a $3000 Ford Bronco. His favorite driver is Sébastien Loeb due to his car control skills and his favorite movie is Smokey and the Bandit. He even mentions in one of his most sketchy moments he has been shot at before, but he leaves it at that.

Speaking on his off road driving, he mentions that he is the only driver to solo the Baja 1000 in a Trophy Truck. The harsh conditions cause him to take roughly ten days to recover after a race. As he says he gets to the level of where he can "see dead people". He mentions the first 500 miles of a 1000 mile race are killer and that 500-600 feel like the first 500, but he fights through it with the mind set of "Die First, Quit Later". 

While on racing, he mentioned his worst crash. It was at the 2016 Baja 1000. As he puts it he hit "a rock the size of a school bus". As he describes, he going 100 miles per hour in 6th gear, then went hard on the brakes down to about 70 miles per hour when he hit the rock. He compressed several vertebrate, tore cartilage in his ribs, and had a concussion where he did not have full access to his vocabulary. That was not even his scariest moment, that was when in 2003 at the Baja 250 when he was leading his car erupted in fire and he was sitting surrounded by fire.

Baldwin probably broke the "A Beer With" record on beers drank. To get more details and the fun check out the video below.

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