Lifted Ford Maverick on 32-Inch Tires Looks Like a Real Truck

We’ve seen how Ford’s new truck looks closer to the ground. The opposite doesn’t look so bad, either.

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Lifted Ford Maverick on 32-Inch Tires Looks Like a Real Truck © Lifted Ford Maverick on 32-Inch Tires Looks Like a Real Truck

I know I'll get angry comments and emails for calling the unibody Ford Maverick a real truck, but that's okay. I've driven it and, yes, even towed with it, so I can confidently say it's worthy of the "pickup" title. And while it shares a platform with the humble Bronco Sport, that's actually good news for its off-road credentials. Likewise, that means aftermarket support is steadily flooding in—take this lifted Maverick on knobby 32-inch tires as proof.

The $525 kit from Ford Ranger Lifts raises the all-wheel-drive Maverick two inches with plans for a slightly smaller 1.5-inch lift later on. There's enough room under there for bigger rubber, like the 255/75R17s seen here. One has to imagine this makes the Maverick a fairly capable off-roader, especially when you pair it with the FX4 package that includes monotube suspension dampers, hill descent control, and multiple driving modes for sand, snow, mud, and so on.

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It's worth noting that you won't see a front-wheel-drive, hybrid Maverick riding high on this kit. It's made specifically for AWD models, which are exclusively powered by the 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo four-cylinder. That engine's 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet are better suited for turning larger tires anyhow. The cons would outweigh the pros with a lifted hybrid considering that variant's biggest benefit is fuel economy, and this would definitely impact that in a bad way. When someone figures out how to get 42 miles per gallon in the city from a lifted truck, please do hit me up.

The lift utilizes two-inch strut spacers up front made from quarter-inch, laser-cut steel plating. Out back, there are 1.25-inch steel coil spacers and one-inch subframe drop spacers, plus trailing arm spacers to retain the factory geometry. Ford Ranger Lifts recommends 245/65R17 or 245/60R18 tires, though it'll fit 245/70R17, 255/75R17,  255/60R18, or 245/70/R18s with some trimming to the fender plastics and firewall pinch weld.

Most Maverick drivers will leave their trucks alone; if anything, they're more likely to lower them than lift them, like we've seen already. Still, it's cool to see one modified like this. I wouldn't mind one for myself if I had a couple of ATVs to haul around.

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