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Although the feeling of wind in your hair may be desirable for many bikers, some regard this constant wind as…

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The Best Long Ride Shields (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Long Ride Shields (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Slipsteamer S-06C Motorcycle Long Ride Shields Slipsteamer S-06C Motorcycle Long Ride Shield
Premium Pick KLOCK Werks Road Glide Long Ride Shields KLOCK Werks Road Glide Long Ride Shield
Best Value Amazicha Black Wave Long Ride Shields Amazicha Black Wave Long Ride Shield

Although the feeling of wind in your hair may be desirable for many bikers, some regard this constant wind as one of the downsides to riding. Not only does it sometimes affect overall riding performance, the wind is filled with millions of nasty insects just waiting to be squashed into a rider’s helmet visor.

Thankfully, long ride shields provide riders with a first-class solution to their problems. They don’t only provide protection from the wind on long-haul rides, they also ensure that they look cool while doing so. Interested yet don’t know where to start looking? We’ve compiled a list of the finest long ride shields on the market to assist in your search for the perfect riding buddy.

The Best Long Ride Shield

First is Slipstreamer’s S-06 Motorcycle Windshield. Unlike many tinted screens that are sometimes too dark, the clarity of this product is a top selling point. Fitting perfectly on the majority of motorcycle models, this windshield is extremely easy to take on and off if you like switching it up. Also, it’s fully adjustable for both height and angles.

Users love how much Slipsteamer’s product blocks the wind. Plus, when purchasing this windshield, you’ll be happy to see that all parts to assemble are included. It’s crystal clear that you can’t really go wrong when purchasing this long ride shield.

Key Features
  • Windshield is fully adjustable for height and angle
  • Compatible with both round and square headlights
  • Adaptable with 7/8 inch and 1-inch handlebars
  • Extremely easy to take on and off
  • All necessary parts for assembling such as handle bar clamps, nuts, and bolts are included
  • Brand Slipstreamer
  • Model S-06C
  • Weight 2.7 pounds

Say hello to Klock Werks’ Road Glide Pro Touring Flare. If you’re looking for a shield that’s able to withstand long rides in the saddle as well as one that looks super cool, this product is for you. Excessive wind will no longer be a problem when riding due the to the patented design: it incorporates hips at the sides of the windshield to re-route wind away from riders. This absence of wind will allow you to keep your energy and concentration on longer rides.

Professionally tested on the road and in a wind tunnel, this windshield is only 9″ vertically, so even shorter riders can even reap the benefits. Buffeting will be significantly reduced when you’re on the saddle. And you’ll undoubtedly look tough thanks to the attractive dark smoke sporty design.

Key Features
  • Offers riders full-coverage against wind protection
  • Attractive Dark Smoke sports design is appealing to buyers and passers-by alike
  • Patented hips at side of windshield directs the wind away, improving overall motorcycle stability
  • Decreases minimal wind noise in the rider's ears
  • Listening to music while riding is made easier thanks to flip at the top of the windshield redirecting air
  • Brand Klock Werks
  • Model 2310-0584
  • Weight 5 pounds

It seems as though the designers at Memphis Shades thought of everything when they designed the Batwing Fairing 9″ Ghost Windshield. Compatible with a multitude of motorbikes, the decrease in buffeting this long ride shield maintains is unbelievable – diffusing the air stream substantially. The black ‘ghost’ gradient is also stunning.

This product is manufactured in the USA and made of Lucite for superior optics and durability.  It is designed for riding ‘over the shield’ – only measuring 9″ vertically. Don’t worry however, even if you’re not a massive fan of this riding technique but have your heart set on Memphis Shades’ product, it traps most of the wind behind its recurve windshield. So, what are you waiting for?

Key Features
  • Nine-inch windshield diffuses air stream, decelerating flow without buffeting
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Constructed out of long-lasting Lucite for superior optics
  • Recurve windshield keeps bugs off the rider's face 
  • Product compatible with all Memphis Shades Batwing Fairings
  • Brand Memphis Shades
  • Model MEP8568
  • Weight 3.6 pounds

Klock Werks has done it again with its Dark Smoke Flare Windshield. This product is created from Lexan Polycarbonate with FMR hard coating –creating custom molded designs that maintain unrivaled levels of durability in the biker buyer’s market. Setting up your new windshield won’t be a problem, as all long ride shields are predrilled to enable the mounting process to be as smooth as possible.

One word of advice from the manufacturers; if you are a shorter rider, Klock Werks does not recommend purchasing the black version due to it potentially not being appropriate. The opaque material – although simply stunning – may create a dangerous blind spot. Yet we hope that in the rest of this guide, you’ll be directed towards other incredible long ride shields ideal for your size. And if you’re lucky enough to be one of the tall riders able to take advantage of this product, then you’ll be wind-free thanks to the windshield’s curved flip at its tip.

Key Features
  • Designed and tested in a wind tunnel
  • Easy mounting ensured thanks to predrilled windshields using stock windshield hardware
  • Product manufactured from Lexan Polycarbonate with FMR maintains fantastic durability
  • Air is directed over the rider thanks to flip at the tip
  • Compatible with a wide variety of motorcycle designs
  • Brand Klock Werks
  • Model 2310-0477
  • Weight 2.35 pounds

Are you fed up with constantly buying long ride shields that seem to scratch within the first week? Amazicha’s Wave Windshield for Harleys is a product that stands out from the crowd. Constructed from high-quality ABS plastic, Amazicha’s model windshield will certainly turn heads, and it fits well on any bike.

This ultra-classic model is extremely easy to install, with users reporting set up times of around four minutes. And it does a fantastic job of keeping the wind off of its rider. If you want to experience the satisfying feeling obtained from watching the rain go around the shield instead hitting and soaking you directly, this is a good option.

Key Features
  • Manufactured from durable and high-quality ABS plastic
  • Simple installation taking only a couple of minutes
  • 8" windscreen height prevents any major buffeting
  • Unbelievable quality for the price
  • Sheen Black Windshield looks fantastic on any bike
  • Brand Amazicha
  • Model B01M273G7T
  • Weight 15.2 ounces

Is your sorry-looking bike ready for a makeover? We believe that Memphis Shades’ Demon Windshield, equipped with a Handlebar Mounting Kit, is the product to kickstart your motorcycles transformation. Fitting most circular headlights, this long ride shield is made from Lucite for optimal clarity and weather resistance. Consequently, if windshields constructed from plastic just aren’t your thing, looks like we’ve found ‘the one’ for you!

What’s more, Lucite is scratch-resistant – meaning that your lovely ride shield will stay in perfect condition for a long time! What’s more, this tactically shaped windshield isn’t just aesthetically appealing, it is designed to substantially reduce wind turbulence. If you want to catch yourself in a shop mirror sporting a beauty of a windshield rather than a scratched old model long past its sell by rate, we recommend purchasing this long ride shield to prepare for your upcoming summer rides.

Key Features
  • Gradient Black windscreen manufactured from Lucite for optimal weather resistance and pane transparency
  • Polished billet aluminum handlebar included to fit 1" and 7/8" handlebars  
  • Constructed from scratch-resistant Lucite
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Air turbulence substantially reduced by shaped windshield
  • Brand Memphis Shades
  • Model MEM2211
  • Weight 5.8 pounds

Are you considered to be somewhat of a trendsetter when it comes to purchasing the newest riding kit among your mates? Or are you constantly being slated for owning the grimiest gear which is deemed old-fashioned and unfashionable? Why not kick it up a notch and treat yourself to Klock Werks’ 12″ Dark Smoke Flare Windshield? Having been rigorously tested in both wind tunnels and real-life, this fantastic windshield is truly the definition of sweet.

And that’s not all its good for – not by a long shot! The hips on this beauty provide added downforce in conjunction with the flip at the tip directing air over the rider to help eradicate the swirling air usually omnipresent at the rider’s front on standard windshields. Likewise, its durable LexanPolycarbonate construction with FMR hard coating furnishes Klock Werks’ model with unparalleled toughness compared to the other long ride shields out there. What’s not to love?

Key Features
  • Made from hard-coated polycarbonate for superior durability
  • Front end stability maintained thanks to patented design
  • Pre-drilled in order to facilitate easy installation using stock hardware
  • Tested in both real world and wind-tunnel
  • Stunning design shaped to reduce wind  
  • Brand Klock Werks
  • Model 2310-0358
  • Weight 3.5 pounds

With its prodigious height of 19 inches, this long ride shield is certainly long – and suitable for those riders who favor the ‘through the shield’ riding technique. For those prospective buyers used to riding ‘over the shield’ and consequently worried about windshield distortion, the windshield’s avid fans confirm that this model provides its user with vision clear as day.

This optimal visibility referred to above is enhanced by the manufacturer’s choice of material: the Makrolan 7130 polycarbonate material is certainly as durable as they come. Likewise, setting up will be an absolute breeze due to all the holes lining up perfectly with the existing chrome brackets. Speaking of breeze, there certainly won’t be much of it behind this somewhat ‘protective shield’ due to the chamfered edges being designed to cut through wind like a knife. Proudly manufactured in the States, Sled Shields’ model is one to watch.

Key Features
  • No distortion when looking through the windshield
  • Makrolan 7130 polycarbonate material provides first-rate durability
  • Traditional chamfered edge eliminates all sharp edges and is designed to cut through the wind
  • Easy to assemble to bracket
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Brand Sled Shields
  • Model RK OEM LT

Are you seeking optimal wind protection but don’t want to splash the cash on an expensive branded long ride shield? National Cycle’s Dakota 3.0 Tall Windshield is affordable yet still as classy as they come. Made from clear and economical 3.0mm acrylic plastic, it can resist all kinds of high impact. With this windshield, you could conceivably ride for thousands of miles through a storm and it would still *theoretically* emerge without a dent (we’re not suggesting that you try this out to prove us wrong, by the way).

Buyers rave on and on about this product, affirming that it was the windshield they both wanted and needed. Many cite the fact that it is non-removable as a disadvantage, but we believe that for those who enjoy routine, you simply can’t go wrong. Installation – although it takes a little longer than the interchangeable long ride shield models – is made simple through manufacturers providing in-depth instructions. You really can’t do better than this!

Key Features
  • Manufactured from 3.0mm thick high impact acrylic
  • Adaptable with almost any motorcycle due to both patented variable width brackets and adjustable diameter fork clamps
  • Trendy custom look for bikes with exposed forks
  • Available in two appealing styles for high or low turn signals
  • A fantastic price for a product providing ultimate wind protection
  • Brand National Cycle
  • Model N2310
  • Weight 5.15 pounds

What better way to end on a high then with Slipsteamer’s SS-10-T Motorcycle Windshield? This stunning smoky windshield is solid as a rock due to its optimal glass coverage and large shield protection. This will improve your overall riding style and, most importantly, your overall safety when behind the wheel.

Although tall riders are somewhat disadvantaged due to this long ride shields’ somewhat questionable height, short riders can reap the benefits. Our favorite feature just has to be the fantastic side coverage which prevents any unwanted buffering. Although you could say this windshield is too ‘stereotypical’ for a rider, we believe that sometimes it’s better to stick to tradition.

Key Features
  • Superior upper body protection is ensured due to large shield protection
  • Easy, uncomplicated instructions provide a perfect fit for the majority of bikes
  • No helmet buffeting thanks to optimal glass coverage
  • Side coverage provided, encouraging safe riding
  • Brand Slipstreamer
  • Model SS-10-T
  • Weight 4.25 pounds

Best Long Ride Shield Buying Guide and FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying a Long Ride Shield

So, you’ve finally to join the masses and treat yourself to a long ride shield. This is a decision you won’t regret! But before you plunge headfirst into the countless options out there, here’s a list of things you shouldn’t forget:

  • What height are you?

Since society was pretty much established, the world has been designed for tall men and doesn’t cater for anybody else (except for airplanes, we’ll give you that!). This unfortunate fact is certainly applicable when it comes to long ride shields. Measure the height of your prospective shield carefully when sitting on your bike before purchase so you’ll be able to look over the top of your shield to prevent your vision from becoming obstructed.

  • Will this shield last?

What material(s) is your shield constructed out of? Opting for one that is made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate material is a pretty good place to start. Although it can be tempting to go with the masses and save some cash, we recommend purchasing a shield which will be with you long-term.

  • Will this long ride shield be compatible with my bike?

Beware! Sometimes, a motorcycle won’t be suitable for your exact brand of motorbike. Most manuals and website have a list of the kinds which are. Therefore, be sure to check before purchasing your dream long ride shield to avoid making a costly mistake!

Different Techniques for Using a Motorcycle Windshield

There are two techniques when using a motorcycle windshield. Read on to assess which one is for you!

‘Over The Shield’

Pro – Wind travels up the shield whilst trapping the wind behind

This technique is when riders peer ‘over the shield’ by about an inch or two. With a long ride shield, bikers will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet – protected by the wind while their long ride shield takes all the heat!

Con – Watch out for flying pigs!

Ok, maybe you’ll be safe from pigs. But when you’re speeding along the highway, you aren’t alone! Sharing the route are millions of insects and even rubbish – flung out the window by unreasonable drivers – flying through the air. These low-flying objects will be sure to get in your way.

‘Through The Shield’

When opting for ‘through the shield’ technique, the pros and cons affiliated with the ‘over the shield’ technique are simply switched around. It’s up to you to decide what you’d rather: major gusts of wind or the fear of being knocked out by miscellaneous flying objects!

Benefits of Long Ride Shields

Do you need more convincing before treating yourself to a windshield that will have your best interests at heart? We’re here to help.

  • Spoiler Alert: They Shield You

Goodbye to gusting wind which slaps you in the face! After installing a long ride shield, you’ll be sitting pretty behind your new best friend – your bike shield.

  • Play that Funky Music

Get blasting those tunes! Now that you won’t have the wind blowing in your ears, it’s time to turn the speakers up. Even your mate in your sidecar will be able to hear the music from behind the screen.

Best Long Ride Shield FAQ:

Q: How do I install my motorcycle windshield?

Before we go through the simple instructions for installing a motorcycle windshield, we have to specify that fitting every motorcycle windshield is unique! Any decent company should include a detailed set of instructions to adhere to specific to their exact long ride shield.
Removal of Objects:
These objects, which hold the handlebars together, should be removed to make way for the base of the windshield itself.
Line up the windshield with the fastener spots:
The next step is to ensure that the holes on the windshield align with the spots where the fasteners go. Afterwards, with the windshield at the ready, reattach the fasteners to their position.
Attach Brackets:
Finally, when making your windshield that little bit sturdier, it’s time to attach the sides of the windshield to the motorcycle through utilizing brackets. After this, you’ll be out on the road in no time!</li> </ol>

Q: How should I clean and maintain my windshield?

If only cleaning our motorcycles’ windshields was as fun as cleaning our motorcycles! Follow these easy steps below to ensure your windshield remains swirl-free:
Soak It!
First up, take a soaked rag and lay it over your windshield. This process will soften up your windshield, therefore loosening up any hard dirt and grime ingrained on it.
Next step in the war commonly known as biker versus grime, it’s time to rinse off the filth, wielding the power of running water as your weapon.
This will remove all the aggravating dirt and grime which has persisted even after the soaking and rinsing stages! Don’t be firm when doing so – this could scar your window by rubbing the hard dirt and grime in circular motions against your lovely windshield.
Rinse Again
Wave goodbye to all the soapy suds by rinsing once more.
Attention: don’t let rushing through the last ‘simple’ stage of the process be your ultimate downfall! It’s important to gently dry the surface with a 100% dry and scratch-free cloth (like microfiber, for example). DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS! Although they may look harmless, these contain nasty paper fibers are sharp and will mercilessly cut your screen.

Our Top Pick

So, if it was up to us to decide which long ride shield was up to the task of safeguarding us from buffeting, we’d have to go with Slipstreamer’s S-06C Clear Motorcycle Windshield. Simple yet effective, this clear windshield is constructed from high-quality materials – the bars are made out of durable steel and not the awful plastic often found on scooters. Fitting perfectly on to most motorcycles, it can be easily adjusted and fits snugly around handlebars. And it’s yours for a steal! We recommend purchasing it fast before Slipsteamer realize what an irresistible product they have created and consequently up their price.


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