Man Flips Lifted Truck. Internet Asks, “How Much?”

Of course they did.

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Man Flips Lifted Truck. Internet Asks, “How Much?” © Man Flips Lifted Truck. Internet Asks, “How Much?”

Bro dozers. Pavement princesses. Mall crawlers. There’s dozens of unique nicknames for highly-customized, lifted show trucks. These rigs are clearly polarizing as for every 100 fans they attract, there’s probably another 500 haters. I’m certainly not saying the backlash isn’t warranted as some of these trucks are simply ridiculous. There’s bone stock Subaru wagons that are more capable. However, as with any pocket of custom automotive culture, you have to acknowledge that everyone has different tastes and ultimately build their vehicles the way they want – not to please you.

Bringing sand to the beach.,

This past weekend, Patrick Mills of Eustis, Florida totaled his lifted Silverado 2500HD and posted the aftermath on Instagram. Apparently, the transmission or rear end “locked up” while going down a bridge at 65 mph. This caused the truck to slide for 200 feet before flipping three times. The transmission was found 150 feet from the truck and the transfer case has yet to be located. 


Thankfully, both he and his friend made it out alive, although not unscathed. However, posting the images to Instagram left Pat and his truck vulnerable to a barrage of comments he may not have anticipated. 

It's a miracle they survived.,

To be fair, 95% of the comments are positive – and they should be. This was a horrific accident and a miracle the driver and passenger didn’t lose their lives. But unfortunately, there's always a handful of assholes that have either no sense of humor, empathy or timing.

The obvious haters are a bit more brash and leave comments like these (yes, I included the usernames - you deserve it):

•    @jordanielz Thank god this piece of shit is destroyed. One less truck rice.

•    @_austiinn___ That's what happens when you put your boyfriends Honda rims on your truck.

•    @juiced888 Still want 36,000 lol

•    @juiced888 Would be better if you killed yourself instead lol

•    @dream.2.reality When you can't keep up with the note or you just want the 17 that bad

•    @tjruzicka_@jonny_cheeze One less piece of shit on the road

•    @will_l_84 One more brodozer turd off the road

•    @jayden.m.h Thats what uget for driving Chevy

•    @jayden.m.h Not as good as dodge

The next group of heartless opportunists are those who simply look past the tragedy and human aspect of the ordeal and go straight to how they can personally profit from the situation: 

•    @ridin_on_37s Part out?

•    @juanittosikseven You selling any parts off of it ?

•    @noah_queen Let me buy the rims an lift kit if it ain't messed up

•    @breakin_necks_truckin What are you doing with the axles and coilovers?

•    @rbanos86 Glad your ok. How much for the wheels?

•    @deckard_markk How much did insurance give you? @pat_mills_

•    @colton_haigler Salvage any parts?

•    @187_angelfromtexas How much for the wheels

•    @ckloupe Engine ok? How much?

Really, bro?

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