Max Verstappen’s Former 2018 Honda Civic Type R Is Up for Sale (Again)

This is a chance to own a Honda Civic Type R daily driven by two-time Formula 1 Champion Max Verstappen.

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Max Verstappen’s Former 2018 Honda Civic Type R Is Up for Sale (Again) © Max Verstappen’s Former 2018 Honda Civic Type R Is Up for Sale (Again)

The Honda Civic Type R is a great car. I bought one, and I’m having trouble figuring out how to make it better than it already is. But there is one surefire way of making one a lot cooler: let Max Verstappen drive it around for a year. And this particular 2018 Honda Civic Type R has just that pedigree.

Offered up by auction house Catawiki, this CTR is well-used and fairly average. It has a reasonable 36,000 miles on it, is completely stock, and has minor signs of wear and tear all over its widened body. It’s Championship White, which is correct for any red-badged Honda, and it looks fairly well-maintained with a full service history. The only exceptional thing about this car is the fact that it was driven by Verstappen and bears his signature on the dashboard. 

Verstappen did shoot a video for CarNext with the car, where he did “One Last Drive” in this exact Type R. He is an F1 driver, so the car was driven properly. If properly means doing donuts in a dirt field. So, not only was this car driven daily by Verstappen but it was also hooned. Which is way cooler. If you watch the video, he drove it like it owes him money, much like Lewis Hamilton and that R34 GT-R. Driving the fastest cars on earth doesn’t quite get it out of your system.


It was originally sold for charity last year through CarNext, as part of a promotion with the European auction site. After just one year in the hands of the current owner, which bought it from the charity auction, the car is offered for sale once again.

Maybe those 36,000 miles were a little harder than anticipated. But this is a rare chance to own some proper racing memorabilia. It’s up for no reserve. Other things like helmets and race suits carry a serious premium. We’ll have to wait and see what a street car driven by a world champion will fetch.

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