Mighty Car Mods’ Old How-To Videos Hold Up So Well Many Years Later | Autance

Marty and Moog have published many videos since they started sharing car-modding insights in 2008, and even their old stuff is still fun to revisit.

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Mighty Car Mods’ Old How-To Videos Hold Up So Well Many Years Later | Autance © Mighty Car Mods’ Old How-To Videos Hold Up So Well Many Years Later | Autance

Mighty Car Mods is quite possibly the longest-running and most well-known automotive YouTube channel, ever. It’s hosted by Marty and Moog, two friends who’ve published hundreds of videos since they started it way back in 2008. Content ranges from simple DIY maintenance to extensive, heavily modified, year-long builds. They’ve also traveled the globe, done cool stuff with enthusiasts everywhere they’ve been, and even once helped assemble their very own Ford Focus RS.

When it comes to which season, series, or single video is their best, there’s way too much excellent content to choose from. It’s all great. At least as their series go, this one’s definitely in my top five: How to Turbo.

This was uploaded way back in the simpler times of Spring 2013. My God does that feel like a long time ago. Eight years ago? More like sixteen if you count the cursed year of 2020.

Anyway, this video is a solid representation of what Mighty Car Mods is all about.

Their humor is incredibly goofy and top-notch, the music is an excellent accompaniment as well. It’s entirely scored by Moog, who’s a recording artist himself. He and Marty actually met while both working in the music industry. The camera work is fun, they have an excellent dynamic, and they generally do an excellent job explaining what their goal is, what needs to be done, and how it all gets done. Their perspective as two guys who are decently well-versed in wrenching, but ultimately need some professional help, is quite cool, too. They don’t act like know-it-alls, and still have a lot to learn. This perspective is great for viewers who are at the same (or lower) experience level.

Their wrenching aptitude has certainly grown heaps since this episode.

There’s another reason why this fun instructional series is so crucial: it introduces two re-occurring characters: Turbo Yoda (aka Alan) and Dose Vader (aka Miles), who both run AM Auto, a shop that graciously helps them out doing this turbo installation. Turbo Yoda later started his own sort-of-spin-off channel, The Skid Factory.

This episode and it’s following two are pretty darn evergreen. The principles and techniques discussed are universal across all internal combustion cars and provides a lot of insight into DIY forced induction.

So spend a rousing couple of hours, or an entire day, either brushing up on or re-visiting some of Mighty Car Mods’ older content. It’s all so freaking good.

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