Mitsuoka’s Toyota Yaris Looks Like a Jaguar Playing Chubby Bunny

Yes, Mitsuoka is still around, and it’s not stopping no matter how hard you pound your keyboard.

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Mitsuoka’s Toyota Yaris Looks Like a Jaguar Playing Chubby Bunny © Mitsuoka’s Toyota Yaris Looks Like a Jaguar Playing Chubby Bunny

If you thought the Toyota GR Yaris was the most extreme thing anyone's doing with the Yaris these days think again. Japanese coachbuilder Mitsuoka is using one as the basis of a retro-inspired hatchback called the Viewt Story, which looks like a Squishmallow Jaguar Mk. VII.

Mitsuoka is most easily summed up as a Japanese twin to Zimmer: a comparison that makes little sense to anyone younger than 30. In short, they're both upfitters with neoclassical—and questionable—tastes, whose creations stand out for their uniqueness (or tackiness, your call). Mitsuoka mainly uses Japanese cars as the donors for its range, which today includes a Chevy Corvette C2-inspired Mazda MX-5, a Blazer-like Toyota RAV4, and of course, this.

Toyota Yaris-based Mitsuoka Viewt Story rear and interior. Mitsuoka

The Viewt Story (as Mitsuoka calls it) marks the 30th anniversary of the Viewt line, which historically has been based on the Nissan Micra. Now, it's built from the Toyota Yaris, and therefore uses those powertrains. There's a 1.0-liter gas option, a 1.5-liter with an available hybrid or manual, and then optional all-wheel drive on top of those according to Car Watch.

To match its body, the Viewt Story has a completely redesigned interior, with lots of what looks like leather (Mitsuoka's Viewt Story product page doesn't say what materials it uses). It may well be, as the whole conversion process reportedly takes up to 40 days.

If your mind goes where mine does, you probably wondered if you could apply one of these conversions to a GR Yaris. I'm doubtful though, as the Viewt Story uses heavily altered front and rear bumpers that I can't imagine fitting the widened GR Yaris. There's just no way those chrome strips along the doors fit over the GR Yaris's widened front fenders. That's not to say Mitsuoka wouldn't make you one, though, if you paid enough.

Toyota Yaris-based Mitsuoka Viewt Story, scenic shots. Mitsuoka

What even a regular Mitsuoka Viewt Story costs however isn't apparent, as Mitsuoka hasn't updated its product page to show pricing for this new model. Nevertheless, Mitsuoka is accepting pre-orders on the off chance you live somewhere the Yaris is still sold and can afford to turn one into a car fit for Jay Gatsby. Or at the minimum, Jay Lamm.

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