More Honda Civic Type R Variants Are Coming, Report Says

Both more and less hardcore versions of the new Type R are reportedly in the works.

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More Honda Civic Type R Variants Are Coming, Report Says © More Honda Civic Type R Variants Are Coming, Report Says

If you thought Honda would just release the new, critically-praised Civic Type R and call it a day, I'm afraid you were mistaken. An entire range of Type R variants are in the works—mimicking the strategies taken by the likes of Porsche's 911 and Chevrolet with the Corvette, according to Automotive News.

"We’re hoping that by gradually putting out more [variants] that we’ll be able to maintain a more stable sales volume," said Civic chief engineer Hideki Matsumoto, according to AutoNews. Naturally, that includes an even faster, more powerful, more hardcore version as a strong possibility. A Civic Type R-S, if you will. Look for that car to break some more 'Ring records sometime in the next couple of years. At the same time, a toned down, grown-up, and presumably more comfortable Civic "focused more on the grand touring aspect" is also in consideration, says Matsumoto-san.

The real kicker from AutoNews, however, is probably the possibility of an all-wheel-drive Civic Type R. Such a car would finally quell the common criticism that pretty much all of the Honda's direct competitors drive power to all four wheels while the Civic's 306 horsepower only goes to two of them—the ones at the front, no less. 

Other than the inevitable, beefed-up Civic Type R GT3, Civic Type R Plus, Civic Type RR, or whatever they decide to name it, what Civic variants are you hoping to see? We suspect a cheaper, stripper-spec Type R would likely make many budget enthusiast's shopping lists. Or perhaps a Civic Type R "Grand Sport" that offers all of the running gear of the Type R but replaces the divisively outrageous boy-racer aesthetics with the relatively tamer appearance of the Si? Make it happen, Honda.

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