More Exclusive BMW M Showrooms Are on the Way

BMW is planning to offer a number of showrooms which will only feature its high-performance M models.

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More Exclusive BMW M Showrooms Are on the Way © More Exclusive BMW M Showrooms Are on the Way

Globally, demand for high-performance automobiles is rising. So it’s no wonder that BMW is focusing a lot of energy on its M division. The company announced that it's increasing the number of exclusive M showrooms worldwide.

Over the last four years, the number of dealerships BMW has certified to sell its M models has doubled to include 850 businesses. But in order to deliver a superior customer experience, BMW is adding a number of showrooms which only feature its M cars. The latest exclusively M show room is Performance Munich Autos in Singapore. The shop not only includes a showroom filled with the latest and greatest M models but also offers up M specific workshop services.

The new showroom spans more than 48,000 square feet. It has a lounge where customers can spec their own cars based on a variety of color samples, applications and leather choices. There’s also a delivery suite made to give an unforgettable experience. New buyers are welcomed with a personalized message followed by a product video. Finally, the room is gradually lit until the customer’s vehicle sits in the spotlight, waiting for the new owner to ride off into the sunset with it.

Speaking on the new showroom in Singapore, Peter Quintus, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BMW M said, “The BMW M brand is celebrating its 45th anniversary and we have been constantly building on your success. 2016 was a record year for BMW M with sales of 67,900 vehicles, and this year too we have grown significantly. Up until the end of November 2017, BMW M sold significantly more BMW M and BMW M Performance models than during the entire business year 2016. By the end of the decade, we will exceed the mark of 100,000 vehicle sold."

Sounds like a pretty nifty place to order up your very own BMW M performance car.

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