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The best motorcycle jeans combine practicality, protection, and of course, awesome style, and there are numerous options on the market….

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The Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans (Review) in 2023 | Autance
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The best motorcycle jeans combine practicality, protection, and of course, awesome style, and there are numerous options on the market. When deciding on the perfect pair of riding jeans you need to find high-quality brands that you can trust and whose product will offer you ultimate fortification when you need it.  Jeans that are specifically tailored for bikers protect you from serious abrasions if you fall off your bike at a high speed and offer comfort and flexibility that won’t hinder your ride.

Many riding jeans utilize Kevlar, which is known primarily for its incredible strength.  This high-quality fiber is used to make fabric that is resistant to abrasion, so it is able to offer specialized protection thanks to its amazing strength. Kevlar can be found in an array for protective products from riding jeans to bullet-proof vests.  While not all riding jeans utilize Kevlar, and some use generic fibers that are abrasion-resistant, it’s always a good idea to go with a brand that you trust.

The following list of best motorcycle riding jeans contains an array of products to fit diverse budgets, riding needs, and of course, styles to suit your perfect adventure.

The Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans

These stylish Maxler Kevlar motorcycle jeans are a fantastic pick for serious motorcyclists and combine incredible quality with awesome style. The outer shell is made from super flexible spandex fabric that won’t hinder your mobility when you ride.  These jeans come with attachable knee protectors that you can adjust according to your height. Thus, you can tailor this item to fit your unique needs and this offers you extra protection if impact ensues and if you want to wear the jeans casually, you can simply take the knee protectors out. Kevlar is used in the hip and knee to add extra strength and safety to this product. These gorgeous riding jeans come in eight different sizes from 28 to 42 and are made for a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Users have commended this brand on its great quality, user comfort, and stylish fit. While safety and practicality are of great concern, you’ve also got to look the part and these jeans will certainly give you that edgy biker look.

Key Features
  • Dupont Kevlar fibre lining on hip and knees
  • Adjustable knee protection pads
  • 8 different sizes
  • Made from super flexible material to allow for maximum mobility
  • Great quality
  • Brand Maxlerjean
  • Model Maxler002-33
  • Weight 3.81 pounds

Next on our list is a stylish pick by Scorpion. These stylish black jeans will make any rider look the part and consist of a number of motorcycle specific features, including super strong DuPont Kevlar lining and a specialized knee armor pocket. Whatever happens when you’re cruising down the highway, these bad boys will keep you safe from harm and nasty abrasions. However, although they are perfectly suited for riding and offer a myriad of practical and comfortable features to enhance your ride, they also boast a stylish trend and are perfect for a night out on the town. Thus, these riding jeans boast awesome versatility and will suit social riders who love to hit the town as much as they love to ride. This great pick comes in seven sizes from 30 through 42 and are perfectly suited to diverse riders. This brand combines quality with great value.

Key Features
  • Stylish black jeans
  • DuPont Kevlar lining
  • Knee armor pockets
  • Size 30 – 42
  • Brand Scorpion
  • Model 2503-34
  • Weight 2 pounds

Here is an epic pair of riding jeans that will make any motorcyclist feel super stylish and ready for any adventure.  Made with a durable cotton and nylon blend these great jeans come in a choice of three colors, namely, light blue, dark blue, and stealth blue. Boasting enhanced safety and protection, they have reinforced Kevlar panels in the slide zones and integrated hip and knee armor. The knee armor is adjustable and thus you can position it according to your comfort and shape for extra flexibility and riding ease.  For added user ease these epic jeans have five exterior pockets located at the front hand, front coin, and rear. Users have praised these Kevlar reinforced jeans for their amazing comfort, serious protection, and stylish exterior. While they embody comfort and protection, they also look like regular jeans and are perfect for riding adventures or a night on the town.

Key Features
  • Durable cotton and nylon
  • Choice of three colors
  • Kevlar panels in the slide zones
  • Integrated hip and knee armor
  • 5 exterior pockets
  • Brand Klim
  • Model 3057-000-030-250-A

The Copper jeans from Alpinestars look like modern, stylish jeans, yet they’re hiding protective shells. They come in several washes: Dark Rinse, Blue, Black, and Raw Blue. To finish the look, there is metal detailing for the buttons and rivets. Inside of the jeans are protective CE shells at the knee.

The biggest advantage these jeans have is the adjustable internal knee pocket for the shell. This lets riders of different heights adjust the shell placement. Then there’s the heavyweight denim that feels protective and abrasion-resistant.

Key Features
  • Regular straight fit
  • 13-ounce comfort denim
  • Certified knee removable protectors included
  • Metal detailing on buttons and rivets
  • Brand Alpinestars
  • Model Copper Jeans
  • Weight 17.64 pounds


Internal kneed compartment allows for adjustment of protective shells

Heavyweight denim


Size up to accommodate for the shells

More of a skinny jean cut than straight fit

Material only stretches in one direction

These midnight blue jeans from Cortech offer regular jean styling and motorcycle gear protectiveness. They feature a unique single layer design, thanks to a jean material that combines 13.5 ounce cotton, Cordura, nylon, and DuPont Kevlar. The jeans also have hidden pockets at the knees and hips.

The jean material for these pants isn’t like regular jeans. The tensile strength of the material is 150-350 percent stronger than standard cotton denim. This makes them incredibly strong and abrasion-resistant. The stitching used to make the jeans is high-quality.

Key Features
  • Single-layer design
  • 13.5-ounce cotton, Cordura, nylon, and DuPont Kevlar
  • Hip and knee armor
  • Regular straight fit
  • Brand Cortech
  • Model Primary Aramid Jeans
  • Weight 2.35 pounds

150-350 percent more tensile strength than standard cotton denim

Sturdy stitching

Room for your boots


Sizing runs big

Feels hot when riding

Knee and hip shells not included

Lucky number 7 on our list is a great pair of Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans by Maxler. This stylish pick is perfect for those balmy summer evening drives and the inner mesh fabric ensures ultimate comfort and coolness. These jeans also boast amazing safety and protection and come with attachable knee protectors that can be adjusted according to your height. Since they are attachable you can take them off when you get to your destination and enjoy a night on the town in total style. Added protection comes in the form of specialized Kevlar lining at the hip and knee as these are usually high impact areas. Users have commended these fantastic riding jeans for the brilliant protection that they offer and their absolute comfort. Many have also praised them for the fantastic style, noting that they really make riders look stylish and sharp. If fashion is your forte, then these bad boys certainly won’t disappoint.

Key Features
  • 14 0z denim
  • Attachable and adjustable knee protectors
  • Kevlar lining at the hip and knee
  • Stylish
  • Brand Maxlerjean
  • Model Maxler1614-34
  • Weight 3.75 pounds

These jeans look seriously cool in black. They’re perfect for the rider looking for safety and style. They come in both black and blue. The material is abrasion-resistant and has a comfort mesh liner. The fit is supposed to be a regular cut through the seat and legs. The knees have removable CE armor.

One standout feature of these jeans is the zippered back pockets. This is perfect for securing your wallet while on the bike. There’s also a stretch panel through the crotch to make them more comfortable while riding.

Key Features
  • Thin knit aramid liner
  • Removable Knox Lite CE armor
  • Abrasion resistant material
  • Regular fit
  • Brand Speed and Strength
  • Model Thumper Jean
  • Weight 2.44 pounds

Styled to look like regular jeans

Stretch crotch panel

Zippered pockets


Fit is slim, not regular through the leg

Knee pockets aren’t adjustable

Not the most durable material

These jeans have a rider style to their cut and design. This is obvious from the built-in stretch panels just above the knees and in the upper seat area. The material used is a heavy-duty 12-ounce denim. At the knees are internal pockets for protective armor.

The material is very protective with Kevlar reinforcement in the hips, knees, and seat. Then Aramid fibers are woven into the fabric for improved heat resistance and abrasion resistance. To give the rider comfort, there’s a soft cotton liner on the inside of the jeans.

Key Features
  • 12-ounce heavy-duty denim
  • Pockets for knee armor
  • Stretch panels in the legs
  • Ride-friendly cut
  • Brand Joe Rocket
  • Model 1462-1036
  • Weight 2.35 pounds

Kevlar reinforced in the seat, hip, and knee panels

Aramid fibers

Cotton comfort layer


Armor is sold separately

Stretch panels feel abrasive

Knee guards are too low

If you want motorcycle jeans that can pass for regular jeans, then these are it. The styling makes them perfect for when you don’t want to look like you’re wearing gear. They’re made from 12-ounce denim. For protection, they have Kevlar fiber reinforcement panels throughout 70 percent of the jeans. There are CE level 1 armor shells at the knees and removable shell pockets at the hips.

You’ll love how breathable these jeans are. They also fit great with the removable hip pockets. The cut of the leg is large enough to be comfortable when wearing them with motorcycle boots.

Key Features
  • 12-ounce denim
  • Kevlar fiber reinforced panels with over 70 percent coverage
  • CE Level 1 knee armor
  • Plaid pockets and interior trim detail
  • Brand Fly Racing
  • Model Resistance
  • Weight 2.3 pounds

Detachable hip armor pockets


Fits well with boots


Hip armor sold separately

Sizing runs small

No stretch panels

Slip these relaxed fit jeans on and go for a cruise. The traditional styling of these jeans makes them perfect for on and off the bike. They have a comfortable straight-leg fit that tapers at the ankle. The waistband sits just below the waist and has a nice slim fit through the rear and thighs. The color is distressed for a lived-in style.

These jeans have a unique left-side coin pocket to make it more convenient for riders. They also have a durable “V twin” detail on the back for increased strength and durability. You’ll also note stylish graphics on the inside of the waistband.

Key Features
  • 100 percent cotton denim
  • Classic five-pocket jeans styling
  • Straight leg
  • Sits just below the natural waist
  • Brand Harley-Davidson
  • Model 99004-15VM
  • Weight 2 pounds

Unique left-side coin pocket for rider convenience

"V-Twin" back belt loop detail

Printed graphics on inside waistband


Ankle taper can be constricting

Longer belt loops mean slimmer belts can move around

Material can shrink

Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans Buying Guide

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Riding Jeans

When you’re on the hunt for motorcycle riding jeans there are a few things you’ll want to look for, after deciding on your preferred style. Once you have found a pair that look the part it’s important to look for these things.

  • Do they utilize Kevlar fabric?

Do the riding jeans that you are eyeing out utilize the famous DuPont Kevlar fibre? Kevlar fibre is super strong and is the perfect fabric to use in protective jeans. In fact, Kevlar’s even been used in bullet proof vests, and thus it’s the perfect thing to protect you from abrasions if you fall off your bike. Since you will be wearing your riding jeans a lot and they are created to withstand wear and tear, you will want a pair that are as strong as possible and won’t let you down!

  • Do they promote comfort and flexibility?

You also need to think about comfort when deciding on a pair of riding jeans. Jeans that are too tight will restrict your movement and flexibility when you ride, but jeans that are too lose could cause a wind tunnel and get in the way. You need to find a pair that fit just perfectly, and this might require taking your measurements and following the sizing guide. Your riding jeans need to be super comfortable, especially if you’re an avid rider who will be wearing them more often than not.  Stretch panels on the knees and waste are a great way to encourage greater movement and comfort.

  • Do they give you enough protection?

You also need to consider the protective features that your brand of motorcycle riding jeans offers. Do you ride often and fast and need built in riding armor, like knee protectors? You might also wish to get a model that has a hip protector and extra reinforcement on the seating area.  If you want maximum protection, opt for brands that have these extra safety features.  Riding armor is usually adjustable and thus you can pop it on when you’re riding and take it off when you get to your destination.  If you are wanting to wear your riding jeans socially and on your bike, make sure that you can take the riding armor off.

Difference Between Motorcycle Jeans and Regular Jeans

Motorcycle jeans are built to last and to withstand the wear and tera of daily riding. Unlike conventional jeans, they are often reinforced with super strong Kevlar fibres to ensure extra durability. Riding jeans also often come with attachable protectors for the knees, hips, or seat area. Riding jeans are created with strength and protection in mind and unlike regular jeans, will offer some skin protection from abrasions, and maximum comfort when you ride. The perfect pair of riding jeans won’t hinder your movement.

Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans FAQ:

Q: How to wash motorcycle jeans

First things first, when caring for your awesome riding jeans you never want to use harsh cleaning material that contain bleach or other chemicals. These ingredients will destroy your jeans and cause a lot of unsightly marks that you won’t be able to get out.  You also don’t want to wash your jeans too often as each wash will wash away a little bit of the dye.  But when you do wash, follow these top steps!
Consult the label found within your jeans as there might be special instructions for each unique product. Always follow specific instructions if they are given to you.
Before you wash your jeans take out anything that’s in your pockets, and all inner armor, or detachable parts.
Then turn your jeans inside out to preserve the dye and to ensure that your zips don’t snag other items in the wash.
Wash on a gentle cycle, at a low temperature (about 30 degrees) and avoid using fabric softener as this could destroy your riding jeans.
Hang them out to air dry once they’ve been washed (and avoid putting them in the dryer as this could shrink them, or cause damage).

Q: Do all motorcycle jeans come with knee pads?

Classically all riding jeans will have a reinforced aramid weave lining on the knees as this is often a high impact area. However, many pairs now come with extra protection in the form of riding ‘armour’. You can attach these to your riding jeans for added safety and knee armour is a pretty popular addition to many models.

Q: How do I pick the right size?

Follow the sizing guide on the product that you want and check your measurements to ensure you are choosing the right size. If you are worried about your riding jeans being too tight, then opt for a size bigger to ensure they don’t hinder your movement.  However, it’s important to not get jeans that are too loose as this could cause problems when you drive.

Our Top Pick

After much consideration, we have opted for Maxler Jeans and their Kevlar Men’s Riding Jeans as our top pick. This make amalgamates fantastic quality, with gorgeous style and will leave all riders feeling seriously stylish as they embark on their next adventure. This brand utilizes the amazingly strong Dupont Kevlar fabric in the hip and knee lining and thus boasts awesome strength and abrasion resistance. These jeans also have adjustable knee protection pads that can be specifically tailored for any height and taken out when you want to wear the jeans casually. This pick also uses spandex material for extra flexibility and won’t hinder your ride. Combining great quality, with epic style, this model is really our best pick from our list of awesome motorcycle jeans.


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