Need for Speed Back for 2017, Reintroduces Ability to Pause Game

Cops, customization, and an open world return to EA’s street racing sim.

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<em>Need for Speed</em> Back for 2017, Reintroduces Ability to Pause Game © Need for Speed Back for 2017, Reintroduces Ability to Pause Game

When Need for Speed was rebooted back in 2015 with a game simply titled 'Need for Speed', it was met with a mixed reception from critics and fans. It was praised for its visuals and overall style, but derided for being kinda mediocre at pretty much everything else. One common frustration was the fact that to play the game, you had to be online. If you just wanted to relax and bait some AI cops by yourself, but your internet connection happens to be spotty, you were out of luck. Most infuriatingly, if you had to, oh I don't know, get up to go to the bathroom, there was no real way of pausing your game, leaving your virtual car idle somewhere in a live session, open for cops and griefers to have their way with. "You can't pause an online game, mom!!!"

In a blog post by developer Ghost Games, Need for Speed is set to return by the end of this year. And good news, you can pause the game again. "... you will be able to play through a single player experience completely offline. Before you ask, and we know you will, this does mean you will be able to pause the game."

They also say that deep customization, a police presence, and dirt racing will feature in what is presumably an open world setting.

Exactly the sort of stuff Need for Speed fans expect, then. More details about the next NFS are expected at EA's E3 press conference scheduled for June 10th, 3pm EST.

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