Now There Is A Le Mans Inspired Graphic Novel

That’s right, the Steve McQueen classic film is now a gorgeously illustrated graphic novel. 

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Now There Is A Le Mans Inspired Graphic Novel © Now There Is A Le Mans Inspired Graphic Novel

The movie Le Mans is a favorite among car fans, and even more so among Porsche folk. To the point that the film's star, Steve McQueen, is now looked upon with nearly god-like adoration by Porsche folk. Having made the 917K, in Gulf Wyer livery, the star of his 1971 release film, he forever solidified himself as the Porsche-fan favorite. The film, if I'm being a little honest, is not really that good. With a lackluster script and almost no point, the dialogue and acting are a bit of a bore. The film, however, is made by its gorgeous cinematography and excellent use of in-race footage to tell a somewhat haphazard story. 

While I'm not sure how much of the dialogue from the film was carried over into this graphic novel project, a similarly glorious use of art has been employed to tell the story. Focussing on the cars rather than the actors, this new book "Steve McQueen in Le Mans" is the holiday gift every Porsche fan, nay car fan, needs in their life. The book itself is quite large, framed at 14" by 10". Each page appears to be similarly beautifully drawn. The book was initially available only in French, but has now expanded to German, Italian, and now English. At just $32, this is an easy decision to make. If nobody gets one for you, you owe it to yourself to buy your own copy. 

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