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Whether you’ve been an avid outdoor enthusiast for years, are recently discovering your love of camping, or are looking to…

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The Best Off Road Trailers (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Off Road Trailers (Review) in 2023 | Autance

Whether you’ve been an avid outdoor enthusiast for years, are recently discovering your love of camping, or are looking to spend a lot more time “off the grid”, a rugged, compact, and well-designed off road travel trailer can be a game changer when it comes to making your excursions more fun and way more comfortable than sleeping in a tent. The newer models of off road trailers are small and compact, but also brilliantly designed to utilize every square inch as functionally as possible. They are made to go anywhere you want to take them, whether it’s into the desert, camping in remote mountainous locations, lakeside fishing trips, riverbanks, and so much more.

Another great benefit to an off road trailer is that it’s small and light enough to be towed by most vehicles, meaning you don’t need to invest in a large truck with greater towing capacity in order to travel with it, although if you want to use it as a justification for getting that new truck you’ve been eyeing, we won’t tell anyone. 

Being considerably smaller than most campers or fifth wheel trailers, you might be concerned about sacrificing the comfort and livability that they offer when you get an off road trailer, but they’re so cleverly and innovatively designed, that a lot of people actually prefer them to their larger counterparts. Whatever your reason for wanting an off road travel trailer, you’ll find our recommendations and buying guide helpful in learning the ins and outs of these fun and funky camping trailers and selecting the one that’s perfect for you.

The Best Off Road Trailers

The Tiger Moth camping trailer from Taxa is the crown jewel of off-road campers. Fans of the great outdoors will love its simple and functional design as well as its many handy features. You can easily tow this lightweight off-road camper trailer using any four-cylinder car and bring it with you on your fishing trip or desert adventure. Both the doors and hatches can be easily opened or folded out of the way once you reach your destination, allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the scenery. Roadtrippers in search of a weeklong getaway where they can disconnect from the grid and unwind can take advantage of the water system and optional solar panels to cook their meals and charge their phones in remote locations. Friends or family members who enjoy traveling in pairs can accommodate two more guests on board the Tiger Moth. Interior and exterior storage spaces are also available in the form of an under-bed compartment where you can place your duffel bags and camping gear and an outdoor toolbox and rack. You can also prepare lunch and dinner using the pull-out kitchen that comes with additional storage space and a cutting board as well.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and easy to tow using many 4-cylinder cars
  • Exterior and interior storage spaces available
  • Full size bed and couch can accommodate 2 adults
  • Includes 12V accessory outlets including USB outlets
  • Interior reading light and exterior LED lights available
  • Built-in kitchen comprises of countertop and cubbies
  • Brand TAXA
  • Model Tiger Moth
  • Weight 1,360 lbs

The Tremor from Lotus Caravans takes off-road comfort and luxury to a whole new level.  This is one of the best-off road camper trailers on the market with a tough exterior built for harsh outdoor environments and a modern interior with a practical layout. The Tremor is your home away from home thanks to its sleek furniture and amenities. The kitchen is fitted with bench tops, a microwave, fridge and stove to help you prepare meals and stock up on drinks and frozen foods. The adjacent comfort lounge allows you to enjoy your meals with a panoramic view from the euro-style tinted windows. This caravan also comes with a 150W solar panel and a long-lasting 120Ah battery so you can go off the grid without worrying about running out of power or hot water. The interior is also equipped with a 24-inch television and an entertainment unit that allows you to watch movies and listen to music at the touch of a button.

Key Features
  • Boutique van made with German composite paneling
  • Independent suspension delivers a smooth ride on any terrain
  • Fully equipped kitchen with comfortable dining lounge
  • Modern furniture including large bed and two chairs
  • 150W solar panel and 120 Ah battery to power appliances
  • Fitted with air-conditioning unit and entertainment unit
  • Brand Lotus
  • Model Tremor

The Manley ORV off road tent trailer is one of the smallest and lightest camper trailers on our list, which is great if you love camping, but don’t have a ton of storage space at your home when the trailer isn’t being used. It boasts 31-inch all-terrain tires and a premium tent with a three-inch mattress. This model was designed for off road adventures and is equipped with a military tested torsion axle and a removable hard aluminum lid. The Explore comes with a handy toolbox and many additional features such as a rear hitch tire carrier and black decals that add a personal touch to your own camper. You can also customize your camper by adding clever creature comforts, like a water heater, shower tent, a 120-watt 12-volt solar panel, an equipment rack, a 75-liter water tank, and other cool features that improved functionality and livability.

Key Features
  • Tepui Kukenam rooftop tent with 3-inch mattress
  • 31 inch all terrain tires for off road adventures
  • Exterior LED lights in the back offer much needed illumination 
  • Exclusive patented trailer rack and rear recovery hook
  • Military tested independent torsion axle
  • Brand Manley ORV
  • Model Explore
  • Weight 775 pounds

This off-road teardrop trailer from Oregon Trail R is a versatile and budget friendly offering for fans of off-the-grid camping. The Terradrop is super compact in size and can fit in some pretty tight spots that other trailers can’t, especially with it’s beefy tires and single axle set-up. Being one of the smallest on our list doesn’t mean you will be sacrificing comfort or function in this well-designed trailer; it has many road trip friendly features including pullout shelves and a well-lit exterior galley. You can customize your own camper and add other camping essentials such as a propane stove, thicker mattress, custom reading lights, a porch light, and water system in addition to an outdoor side table. You can also add custom doors, an audio system as well as durable knobby tires that allow you to venture down uneven trails with ease.

Key Features
  • Customizable camper with exterior galley
  • Ample storage cabinets and pullout shelves
  • Interior lighting provided via LED strip lights and reading lights
  • Reversible thermostatically controlled fan and vent
  • Under counter storage and exterior cabinet with drawers
  • Heavy duty independent suspension system for long travel
  • Brand Oregon
  • Model Trail R

The Bruder EXP-4 off road expedition trailer was designed with your outdoor needs in mind. This model is packed with a wealth of features including climate control air conditioning and internal USB charging outlets. The 7-foot-long sleeping area is spacious enough to accommodate two adults and three young children. The interior is insulated to provide warmth and comfort during winter and summer. The camper can be fully isolated from the great outdoors and comes with blinds and insect mesh that you can pull over the windows. This model is also built to withstand harsh terrain with a tough composite body and an airtight chassis that not only looks super utilitarian but functions that way as well. Moreover, the outdoor kitchen is durable and offers plenty of storage space for food and cutlery. You can also keep drinks and food chilled in the 60L fridge while you prepare meals on top of the wide bench top.

Key Features
  • Lightweight composite body with airtight chassis
  • Spacious sleeping area can accommodate 2 adults and 3 children
  • Functional exterior galley with fridge and stainless-steel basin
  • Optimized insulation and two large storage areas on the outside
  • Discreetly mounted built-in shower system 
  • Can be towed using small, large or modified vehicles
  • Brand Bruder
  • Model EXP-4
  • Weight 850kg

The Canyonland is another great off-road teardrop camping trailer that provides optimal insulation and plenty of upgrades for fans of the open road. This lightweight model is both functional and durable with an aluminum welded frame and 15-inch tires that were designed to tackle all kinds of challenging terrain. Birch plywood with a polyurethane finish is used in the cabin interior and galley, offering a polished look and an easy to clean surface. The 14 x 14-inch pop-up vent can accommodate a queen-sized mattress. The cabin area is illuminated via two reading lights and a center cabin light as well. You can lock up the cabin from the inside before going to bed or before going fishing or hiking for the day. Cooking and preparing sandwiches for a picnic is also made easy thanks to the outdoor galley that is fitted with a 30inch x 58inch countertop and a specialized area to keep your stove and coolers within reach. The galley offers three storage areas where you can store your food and cutlery for future use. There are 17 upgrades available for purchase including a water tank and stargazer window.

Key Features
  • Lightweight with durable aluminum exterior
  • Exterior coated in foam insulation layer  
  • 15-inch tires designed for off road trails
  • Outdoor galley with 3 storage areas
  • Optional solar power package available
  • Interior walls and galley are made with light Birch plywood
  • Brand Colorado Teardrop
  • Model Canyonland
  • Weight 1150 lbs

The Cricket Camper Trailer comes from Taxa Outdoors which gives you the freedom to build your own jeep trailer. This model is customizable and comes with many features including a water heater system and a large bed with a spacious storage compartment. Cricket can carry up to 910 pounds of cargo and has a durable aluminum exterior carried by two 15-inch all-terrain tires. It has four swing windows complete with screens and shades and kitchen area with six roomy cubbies where you can stow away all your cooking and road trip essentials. The upper tent space gives you more ventilation with five mesh windows that invite fresh air in and protect you from mosquitos and other insects while you sleep. This model also comes with a freshwater tank, LED lights as well as 12V accessory outlets inside and out.

Key Features
  • Sleeping area can accommodate 2 adults and up to 2 children
  • Lightweight and easily towable by many four-cylinder cars
  • Spacious under bed storage and 6 large cubbies in the kitchen
  • Large kitchen counter with covered sink for cooking meals
  • Integrated plumbing and electrical systems
  • Indoor and outdoor LED lighting available
  • Brand TAXA Outdoors
  • Model Cricket
  • Weight 1,732 lbs

The Escapod trailer comes with an advanced suspension that was designed for off road adventures. Ideal for all season camping, this rugged teardrop cabin is made of durable wood with 1.5-inch insulation and a waterproof undercarriage. Lightweight aluminum was used to make the exterior walls and roof more resistant to corrosion. Baltic birch plywood covers all indoor surfaces including the floors and ceiling with warm light LED providing much needed illumination inside the cabin. All systems including the three-speed fan and USB charging stations are powered using a 12V deep cycle RV battery. Preparing easy meals is possible thanks to the open-air galley where you can make sandwiches on top of the stainless-steel countertop. The galley has ample storage in the form of two drawers and rear cabinets in addition to LED lighting as well. A queen-sized mattress awaits you at the end of a long day inside the sleeping area. This area is accessed via two doors and has insulated walls in addition to a stargazer window and six storage compartments where you can stow away your clothes and other nighttime necessities. The Escapod is available in seven different colors and offers you more than 20 add-ons to choose from including solar power and a fridge/freezer combo.

Key Features
  • Independent suspension and Goodyear Wrangler all terrain tires
  • Fully insulated walls, floors and ceiling with water-proof undercarriage
  • Sleeping area includes queen size mattress and overhead cabinets
  • Deep cycle RV battery powers ceiling fan, LED lights and USB ports
  • Exterior galley with stainless steel countertop and integrated table
  • Double pane stargazer window and two insulated side doors
  • Brand Escapod
  • Model Topo

The Expedition trailer from Turtleback Trailers is family friendly and was designed with the diverse North American landscape in mind. Camping with friends and children is made easy thanks to the wealth of features found in this design. The Expedition s the largest trailer in the Turtleback family and has many customizable options and standard features. The cabin is equipped with alloy wheels and off-road tires in addition to a 42-gallon water tank and interior as well as exterior LED lighting. There is more than enough room for all your camping essentials with more than 50 cubic feet of storage available inside and outside the trailer. Impressively, this model can also accommodate up to six people depending on the size of the rooftop tent that you can add to your very own custom made Expedition trailer.

Key Features
  • Ideal for families and year-round excursions
  • Can be easily towed using full sized cars and SUVs
  • Can accommodate up to six people in total
  • Comes with 42-gallon water tank and water heater
  • Includes kitchen complete with pantry, sink and stove  
  • Boasts 50 plus cubic feet of storage
  • Brand Turtleback
  • Model Expedition
  • Weight 1500 pounds

The MotoAlliance Impact Heavy Duty Utility Cargo Trailer isn’t like the other off-road trailers on our list, but it’s deserving of a mention. This off-road trailer is meant to haul items — while it isn’t a camper that you can take along on your next road trip, it’s a serious workhorse that makes hauling goods a whole lot easier. It can carry up to 1,500 pounds of weight, making it great for carrying off-road vehicles, wood, dirt, and so much more. It can be towed at speeds up to 10 miles per hour. Made with a solid steel floor and frame, with removable mesh steel side rails and tailgate, this off-road cargo trailer even includes a foot dump, a quick release latch, and a tilting trailer bed for easy loading and unloading. The entire trailer measures 85 x 48 x 30 inches in size. 

Key Features
  • Can carry loads weighing up to 1,500 pounds
  • Built with a solid steel floor and frame
  • Sits on 18 x 8.5 inch tires
  • Trailer bed can be tilted for easy loading or unloading
  • Sits 11 inches off the ground
  • Brand MotoAlliance
  • Model IP8215

The Fort is a small, affordable offering from Moab Trailers and has all the necessary features you would expect from an off-road utility trailer. This model has 38.2 cubic feet of storage, allowing you to stock up on food, clothes and other essentials without worrying about where to store them. You can also add a cargo rack to mount bicycles and camping gear in the back. The Fort is available in two different packages. The Base package includes 31 inch off road tires, a powder coated steel frame and many other handy features. The Summit package is ideal for large groups of friends and families. This package includes a roof top tent that can accommodate up to five people, a stove for cooking meals and a water pump and heater. Customizing your very own Fort is possible with more than 20 add-ons to choose from.

Key Features
  • Affordable and easy to park in your home garage
  • Lightweight with aluminum wheels and 31-inch all-terrain tires
  • Available in two different packages: Base and Summit
  • 38.2 cubic feet of storage available on board the trailer  
  • Add-ons include a Tepui Tent that can accommodate up to 5 people
  • Summit package includes a stove and a hot water shower
  • Brand MOAB Trailers
  • Model Fort
  • Weight 1250 lbs

The Terra Trek expedition trailer was designed for remote area camping and is equipped with heavy duty 16-inch mud terrain tires and a long travel independent suspension. Ideal for small groups, this model comes with a hard-shell tent and a ground floor room option in addition to spacious interior storage. The slide out kitchen has a two-burner stove with a spacious pantry that you can access from the side. This model also comes with a solar panel and a fridge/freezer combo in addition to a chassis mounted spare wheel.

Key Features
  • Lightweight aluminum body capable of handling rough environments
  • Long travel independent suspension and 16-inch mud terrain tires
  • Includes durable tent and a ground floor room with ample storage
  • Pull-out kitchen with two burner stove and nearby pantry
  • Includes solar panel, fridge/freezer combo and many other features 
  • Ideal for small groups and remote area camping
  • Brand Terratrek
  • Model Tt-E Expedition

The Pika teardrop trailer is a compact model that was designed to accompany you on your journey through remote camping sites and quaint fishing lakes where rough terrain and bumpy trails are inescapable. This model is lightweight and easily towable using regular passenger cars. The Pika is available in three different suspension packages. The Classic package features 14-inch tires, torsion axle and round aluminum fenders. The All Road package includes 15-inch all-terrain tires, electric brakes in addition to larger aluminum fenders. It also features an independent suspension and can be towed down rough back roads and dirt trails. The third and final option is the Off-Road package that includes custom jeep style fenders and both axle-less and independent suspensions. This model has a cabin with a double size mattress and two USB ports at the foot of the bed. There are six LED lights inside the cabin that provide warm, white illumination at night. The galley is fitted with a fridge and a retro inspired countertop for preparing meals.

Key Features
  • Custom painted aluminum sides and insulated roof
  • Spacious galley with countertop and fridge  
  • 4-inch foam double mattress can accommodate 2 people
  • 7 indoor and outdoor LED lights provide maximum illumination
  • 2 windows with screens and 2 doors with vented windows
  • Cabin includes large tinted skylight and a vent fan
  • Available in Classic, Off Road and All-Road packages
  • Brand Timber Leaf
  • Model Pika

The Basecamp X is a new model that was designed to be your home away from home during off road expeditions. This all-terrain trailer is lightweight and can be easily towed using small and medium sized vehicles and crossovers. The new and improved design includes a wealth of outdoor must- have features such as flexible storage space and a shower inside the bathroom. You can disappear into the wild for a weekend or more and cook hearty meals in the kitchen where you will find a cooktop, a stainless-steel sink and a fridge. Charging your phone and camera is also made easy thanks to the built-in USB ports located inside the cabin. The Basecamp X is ideal for two people who can share the living space comfortably during their trip. This model offers panoramic views and plenty of sunshine thanks to its combination of windows and skylights. The sleek aluminum exterior is accompanied by Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires and a three-inch lift kit for additional ground clearance.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and towable using small and medium sized SUVs and crossovers
  • Fitted with heavy duty Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires
  • Cabin has a kitchen with a cooking unit, fridge and a stainless-steel sink
  • Includes stainless steel stone guard and solar window guard
  • Benches can be transformed into a bed for two people
  • Built-in USB ports for charging appliances
  • Brand Airstream
  • Model Basecamp X
  • Weight 2585 lbs

The Extreme Off Road is an affordable, straightforward, and functional model that comes in a standard and deluxe package. The standard package includes 33-inch tires, an aluminum exterior, 17-inch black wheels and a matching black frame. It also comes with safety chains and a handy front storage box and rack. This hiker trailer is affordable and comes in a 4×9 and 5×8 deluxe design. This definitely isn’t the fanciest and most luxurious off road camper trailer on our list, but it gets the job done and its lack of accessories and amenities means you can outfit it virtually any way you want and that you’re not paying for features you don’t want or need.

Key Features
  • Durable 33-inch tires with 17-inch black wheels
  • Steel off road black frame with 2 doors and windows
  • Aluminum exterior with a front storage box and LED lights
  • Safety chains and 7 pin wiring connection
  • Brand Lead Day Motorsports
  • Model The Extreme Off Road
  • Weight 3500 lb

The Ultimate GT 360 Camper is an off-road trailer that’s designed to hit the road — the unpaved road, that is. Built with durability and the roughness of the outdoors in mind, this off-road trailer is a perfect fit for even the most unpredictable trips. It’s designed to be able to withstand the Australian outback, which makes it capable of surviving all types of weather and all types of outdoor settings. Though this off-road trailer looks small at first glance, it expands into a pretty luxurious camper. It features a 360- degree canvas tent that offers protection from sun, rain, and more. It’s easy to set up, and once you’re camped out you’ll have everything you need. A three-burner stove, sink, hot water shower, table and bench, and premium drawer system create a homey interior. There are even privacy curtains included for added comfort.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and suitable for many towing-capable vehicles
  • Includes a 3 burner stove
  • A Galaxy bench and table offer dining space
  • Premium Australian canvas exterior is highly durable
  • 360 degrees of weather protection
  • Specially engineered to withstand tough outdoor conditions 
  • Brand Ultimate
  • Model GT 360
  • Weight 950 kg

The Sherpa is also one of the best-off road travel trailers on offer and has many features that form a solid foundation for a successful and fun excursion around the country. This model was designed for families and adventurous friends and comes with a spacious sleeping area with a flat screen television and two fans to keep you cool during summer. The outdoor kitchen is equipped with a stove for cooking and two fridge drawers that you can stock with food and drinks. A foldable sink is also available for washing dishes and other items. The well insulated body is built with the great outdoors in mind and is made of marine grade alloy with stone and UV protection. The Sherpa also includes durable all-terrain tires, cabin heating as well as 12V outlets and a 200L hydration pack.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and made from marine grade plate alloy
  • Cruisemaster suspension and BF Goodrich all-terrain tires
  • Cabin includes double bed, reading lights, two fans and LCD screen
  • Kitchen includes pull down sink, stove and 2 fridge drawers
  • Includes cabin heating, 12V outlets and two fans for summer
  • Brand Brs Offroad
  • Model Sherpa

The UEV 440 was designed for long vacations and can accommodate up to four people thanks to its compact yet functional body. This model comes with 16-inch Dunlop tires and alloy wheels including aluminum stone protection and a rooftop canvas awning. The cabin has two queen size fold out beds with foam mattresses for a comfortable sleep. It also comes with a fully insulated roof and utility bags. The UEV 440 also comes with a fold out shower and wash basin and a pressurized water pump. Cooking is also hassle free thanks to the stainless-steel stove, fridge/freezer and the handy drawers and grocery cupboard where you can store your supplies and groceries. This model is easily customizable, allowing you to add many more features to its rugged design.

Key Features
  • Independent suspension and 16-inch Dunlop tires
  • Aluminum stone protection and one rear entrance door
  • 2 double beds with high density foam mattress
  • Kitchen with stainless steel stove and 85L fridge/freezer
  • Fold out sink and shower cubicle with hot and cold taps 
  • Roof top awning with doors and windows
  • Brand Conqueror
  • Model UEV-440 Extreme
  • Weight 2,755 lbs

The Jayco Baja camping trailer comes with 15 inch off road mud tires and a scratch resistant body with an aluminum finish. The features this model offers are hard to count, and they include a 30-gallon freshwater system, coordinated furniture and two beds on either side of the cabin.  The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, sink and an optional stove. The ceiling has a roof vent and a mildew resistant aluminum finish and the roof itself is compatible with bike carriers and is made of seamless fiberglass. The tinted windows are fitted with fine mesh screening and the sleeping area has privacy curtains that you can use during bedtime. The cabin also has a comfortable J steel sofa and a carry out table that you can use for dining indoors or outdoors.

Key Features
  • Scratch resistant body with aluminum finish and a dome fiberglass roof
  • Includes the Jayco fully enclosed lifter system with bed support poles
  • Multi-media stereo with outdoor speakers
  • Dining area with booths, cushions and storage cabinet 
  • Kitchen equipped with sink, fridge and optional stove
  • 2 separate sleeping areas with privacy curtains
  • Brand Jayco
  • Model Baja

Off Road Trailers Buying Guide

Now that you’ve seen many of the coolest, most functional, and well-designed off road trailers on the market, we need to talk about what sets them apart from other options. What are the reasons to buy an off road trailer other than the coolness factor? Although, that is reason enough to buy one. 

What features, construction materials, functional components, and design ideas are must-haves that will ensure you’re getting the best off road trailer that your money can buy? The following buying guide will have the answers to all your questions and then some.

Do You Need an Off Road Trailer?

If you’re sick of roughing it in a leaky and drafty tent, a tiny off road trailer is the perfect solution for you. If you ever loved building or playing in forts with your friends as a kid, these compact travel camper trailers will take you right back to those days, but better than any blanket or cardboard box fort, these trailers can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and travel over even the toughest terrains to take you to all the places you imagined going as a kid.

Off road trailers are a great option for people who are looking to live “off the grid” a little bit more and experience more time outdoors exploring, instead of stuck inside scrolling mindlessly through social media or binge-watching TV shows. Although, I guess you could also do that in your cozy travel trailer if you want. Because of their compact size, you can take these trailers to so many more places than a larger camper or fifth wheel can go.

Off road trailers are a lightweight option that can easily be towed by most 4-cylinder vehicles so you won’t break the bank having to invest in an expensive new vehicle with a large towing capacity and a major thirst for fuel. They’re an affordable way to see the country.

  • Off road trailers can go many places that larger campers and RV can’t, but can still be used at campgrounds if you wish.
  • They take up much less storage space in your driveway or yard than RVs or full-size campers.
  • Off road trailers allow you to travel all over the country affordably and economically while limiting your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Popular Types of Off Road Trailers

It may come as a surprise, but there are several different types of off road trailers to choose from. Of course, each one has its pros and cons, and the ultimate decision on which one will suit you best will likely boil down to a cross between personal preference in aesthetics, and functionality based on what your specific travel needs and must-have features are.

Caravan Trailer

The Caravan style of off road trailer is a hard-sided travel trailer that features all living space and storage contained inside the trailer. It’s the most common and popular design when it comes to off road camper trailer options. It may or may not have a slide-out workspace or galley. This style of trailer can also vary widely in length and width, making it a versatile option that can accommodate anywhere from two to six people.

This type of trailer can also have a vast array of amenities or accessory options to make it more functional or homey. Some models even have separate rooms, just like a larger camper or RV, which is great if you’re camping with kids or friends and want any semblance of privacy at all.

Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop trailers are a whimsical and aerodynamic shape and can be similar to caravan trailers in that some models have all the living and storage spaces combined inside the trailer. However, many newer models are featuring the sleeping space inside and the cooking/work space as a separate compartment that opens up at the rear of the trailer from the outside. This creates more workspace, since it incorporates countertops or tables that can extend out off the back of the trailer.

This is a great option if you want a very compact trailer, as it’s usually smaller than the typical caravan trailer. The downside is that you have to go outside to access your food and prep area, which can stink when the weather is bad. Although, the opening of the back hatch does act like a roof to protect you somewhat from the rain.

Pop-Up Trailer

The pop-up trailer is a lightweight and super compact option in which the living space of the trailer folds down and is stored inside the hard-covered trailer. When you want to use it, the living space is expanded and opened up. These trailers come in a variety of sizes and can feature some pretty substantial pop-ups, or they can be very tiny.  The pop-ups are usually constructed from durable and waterproof vinyl or canvas and include windows and screens for easy viewing and airflow. 

They’re relatively affordable, making them a popular choice for many campers. Newer models are being made with beefier suspensions and tires that allow them to go off road more securely than earlier versions of this trailer.

Utility/Military Trailer

This type of off road trailer is either made from retired military trailers or made to look like it is. This is hands down the most rugged, durable, and utilitarian type of off road trailer. Some of them actually look like a little military tank. This kind of off road trailer is extremely compact, with the trailer being used for storage of supplies and a roof-top tent that pops up over the top of the trailer. 

This type of trailer is one of the most compact models and takes up the least amount of space of the various trailer types. The possible drawback is that you’re still sleeping in a tent and doing the majority of your food prep and activities outside. For many, that’s kind of the point of camping, but some people might want a bit more luxury. This is also not the most economically priced option, but it will go just about anywhere and withstand some heavy wear and tear. It looks pretty cool, too.  

What to Look for When Buying an Off Road Trailer

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist design that’s just enough for storing your camping gear, or you want a tricked out luxury apartment on wheels, there are definitely some boxes to check when researching and choosing off road trailers that will ensure you’re getting a high-quality, durable trailer that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors for years to come. 

Customizable Options

We know that great off road camping trailers aren’t a one-size-fits-all item, so consider going with a manufacturer that gets this concept also and offers different add-ons and accessories, like solar panels, water tanks, different mattress options, gear storage, maybe even different layout specs so you can pick the one that will work best for you or your family.

Sizeable Fresh Water Tanks

If you’re planning to take your off road trailer off the grid to some more remote areas, you’re going to need enough fresh water to get by. A lot of off road trailer makers will let you select the size of your water tanks, which can range from 5 gallons to 55 or more, so consider this carefully before you buy.

Solar Panels or Prewiring for Them

Again, if you’re looking to avoid crowded campsites and get some much-needed privacy and solitude, you’re probably not going to want to have to run a noisy generator to meet your electrical needs. Solar panels are an efficient (and silent) way to power lights, refrigeration, or charge your devices when you need to.

Raised Axles and Rugged Frame Construction

A true off road trailer will be built to withstand the rigors of rough roads and more robust conditions. Raised axles with beefy, thicker tire treads will roll over unpredictable terrain, while a solid frame will absorb bumps and vibrations easily.

Care and Maintenance for an Off Road Trailer

As with most outdoor equipment that you’re shelling out a sizable sum for, taking the proper care and maintenance of it will ensure that it lasts as long as possible and provides reliable service in even harsh weather conditions. It will also help keep costly repairs to a minimum. Setting up an easy maintenance schedule will help you stay on top of it and will let you easily keep track of what was done and when.

Be sure to wash down your trailer after every use. Tree sap, bugs, bird droppings, twigs, and all sorts of other environmental detritus can cause your canvas or even your hard outer panels to wear out faster and look bad at the same time. Use approved cleaners and soft brushes to remove debris and be sure to let it fully dry before storing your trailer completely. Be sure to check over any canvas for tiny rips and tears that need to be mended before they become much bigger problems.

Tires and axles need to be checked over before every outing with your trailer to make sure air pressure is good and there isn’t any damage from the last trip or from sitting for long periods in your yard, driveway, or garage. Tires should be changed every three-to-five years — or sooner — depending on how much use your trailer gets, and just like with your vehicle, they should be rotated regularly to promote even wear.

Your wheel bearings also need to be checked and replaced every 10-12,000 miles, or maybe sooner if you’re tearing through a lot of particularly muddy or tough terrain or water crossings. Dirt, salt, and water can all cause the wheel bearings to wear out, so it’s also a good idea to invest in a trailer hub kit that matches your specific model in case you need to do a quick change out.

  • Avoid harsh chemical mold removers, as a lot of these contain bleach and other chemicals that can damage your waterproofing. Instead, clean mold with a mild vinegar and water solution.
  • Remember to check your spare tire for damage or wear; just because it isn’t being used under the trailer doesn’t mean it can’t have a problem.
  • Be sure to clean the undercarriage of the trailer after each outing to remove and corrosive or damaging debris and promote longevity.

Best Off Road Trailer FAQ:

In case you’ve still got a few questions swirling around in your head regarding the best off road trailer, we’ve taken the liberty of seeing what some of the most frequently asked questions are on the topic and have supplied you with our best answers to help you gain some more clarity.

Q: What is the best off road travel trailer?

The best off road travel trailer is one that ideally fits your budget while checking as many boxes as possible when it comes to your wants and needs. It will be manufactured by a reputable company that stands behind its product with a solid warranty and stellar customer service. The best off road travel trailers have a loyal customer base and plenty of shining online reviews.

Q: How much are off grid trailers?

Off Grid is actually a brand of off road trailer manufacturers based out of Canada. The company’s most popular trailer, the Pando, starts at around $24,000 and goes up depending on the various options and accessories. There are many other brands of off road trailers that are less expensive, some as low as $6,200 for the brand new base model, and some that can cost upwards of $50,000. There’s definitely a wide variance in prices, so consider setting your budget before going shopping so you can quickly narrow down your relevant choices. 

Q: What happened to Adak trailers?

Adak Trailers was one of the first companies to pioneer the off road utilitarian travel trailer. It enjoyed peak success in 2015 but has since gone out of business. While you can’t buy brand new Adak trailers anymore, there are lots of pre-owned ones on the market to look at.

Q: What are the worst travel trailers?

We’re not the kind to go around pointing fingers and bad-mouthing specific businesses, so let’s just say that the worst travel trailers can be found rather easily through a quick online search. However, they typically have a few commonalities. The worst travel trailers often receive terrible user reviews and are made with cheap, low-quality construction materials and methods, lots of design flaws, and the company will have some pretty poor customer service. Check out this informative article at RVing Know How to learn more. 

Our Top Pick

Well, now that you’re well-versed in the world of off road trailers, it’s pretty easy to see why the Taxa Tiger Moth Off-Road Camper is our top pick out of all the stellar choices we have listed. It’s a simple, yet uber functional and comfortable trailer that’s light enough to be towed by almost any four-cylinder vehicles. It’s got cleverly designed fold-out doors and hatches so you can enjoy an unobstructed view of nature. It can comfortably accommodate two adults with room for three more in an optional roof-top tent. The pull-out kitchen has a generous 5.5 square feet of counter space with a cutting board, two large cubbies, and a two-burner stove. It’s got everything you need in a cleverly-designed ultra compact package.


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