Open-Air McLaren Elva Hypercar Production Slashed in the Name of Exclusivity

Apparently, the originally planned production run of 399 examples was a bit much.

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Open-Air McLaren Elva Hypercar Production Slashed in the Name of Exclusivity © Open-Air McLaren Elva Hypercar Production Slashed in the Name of Exclusivity

When a manufacturer tweaks its production numbers due to popular demand, it typically results in it assembling more cars, not less. However, the multi-million dollar, windshield-free hypercar market is not a very typical place because as a result of customer feedback, McLaren will be building 150 fewer Elvas than it originally planned.

When it was first unveiled back in November, the $1.68-million, 804-horsepower Elva was originally on track for a production run of 399 units. That number is now 249 and, apparently, it all has to do with exclusivity. Speaking to the Australian Financial Review, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt explainer, "The feedback from our customers is that they think the car should be more exclusive than that, so we’ve capped it at 249.”

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As much as you might suspect McLaren is merely trying to save face in the midst of coronavirus-induced production or, dare we say it, demand issues, the conundrum of "too many McLarens" isn't completely unfounded. As part of its Track25 business plan that has the company introducing 15 new cars and variants between 2018 and 2022, McLaren's been pumping out new models at a very rapid pace. Woking's current portfolio consists of the GT, 570S, 570GT, 600LT, 620R, 720S, 765LT, Senna, Speedtail, and, of course, the Elva. That's a lot of cars for what is supposedly a boutique automaker. 

The abundance of McLaren road cars hasn't been kind to the residual values of its existing products. I mean, why spend big bucks on one now if you know something cooler and shinier is coming in just a few months? Champagne problems or not, this sort of thing matters to McLaren's clientele. 

And as limited as 399 examples may have sounded to plebs like you and me, it's kind of a high number as far as ultra-expensive exotic cars are concerned. Aston Martin's competing V12 Speedster will only be sold 88 times while just a dozen Bentley Mulliner Bacalars will ever exist.

So, if you're one of the fortunate few with enough cash for an Elva and are looking for another open-air hypercar to add to your collection, get in line quickly because it just got shorter.

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