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Although we all wish that owning a car was simple, to ensure it performs to the best of its ability…

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The Best Radiator Cleaner Fluids (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Radiator Cleaner Fluids (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Royal Purple Radiator Cleaner Royal Purple Radiator Cleaner
Premium Pick Irontite ThoroFlush Radiator Cleaner Irontite ThoroFlush Radiator Cleaner
Premium Pick Bar's Leaks 10 Minute Flush Bar's Leaks Radiator 10 Minute Flush

Although we all wish that owning a car was simple, to ensure it performs to the best of its ability requires maintenance; just like our jobs and relationships. And if you don’t bother keeping your car in good shape, then prepare to suffer the consequences. We’ve all been driving along the freeway when we spot an unhappy family attempting to shelter from the rain beside a car with its hood up; with steam billowing from the engine. As you thank your lucky stars it isn’t yourself in that position, it’s best to start learning to identify the signs and source the products which help the most before it’s your engine causing problems.

Radiator Cleaner Fluids are truly must-have staplers for your tool kit. Yet like many products out there, it can be difficult separating the fantastic from the failures. That’s why we’ve compiled together the ten best radiator cleaner fluids on the market today so you can be sure that your car is receiving the high-quality treatment it deserves.

The Best Radiator Cleaner Fluid

No need to worry about your engine boiling up after treating it to Royal Purple’s Ice Super Coolant. Compatible with all major brand automotive anti-freeze, this two-in-one corrosion inhibitor conserves your system as well as cooling it to almost 22°F cooler than it was before. For Royal Purple, efficiency is key – and their motto is maintained by the lubrication of water pump seals enabling your engine to stay in healthy working condition.

This nifty, high performance radiator conditioner reduces hot spots in the engine and cylinder heads which evidently reduce the possibility of engine failure and likewise, the spending of all your hard-earned cash. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about electrolysis and erosion ever again thanks to the enhanced aluminum protection. By sticking with Royal Purple’s Purple Ice, you’ll be standing by a brand you can trust.

Key Features
  • 2-in-1 corrosion inhibitor offers protection all year round
  • Suitable for use in both water or anti-freeze blends
  • Reduction of engine failure thanks to cooling down of hot spots
  • Cools temperature down by an optimal 22 degrees
  • Compatible with cooling system additives designed to stop or slow leaks
  • Brand Royal Purple
  • Model ROY01600
  • Weight 14.1 ounces

Say hello to Prestone’s two-in-one radiator flush and cleaner which has been magically crafted to make your life and that of your vehicle’s a whole lot happier. Designed to flush out and properly clean the inside of an engine until sparkling, rust will simply fly out from your engine with this incredible formula. To confirm the myths, buyers everywhere are reporting ten-out-of-ten results.

A formula which is both toxic and acidic-free, there’s now no need to worry about any damage or corrosion to your engine which inadequate antifreeze has a habit of forming. Prestone’s wonder-product is able to efficiently remove heavy deposits by drawing metal oxides into the solution as well as restoring optimal cooling system ability. This product is an absolute necessity, even if your cooling system wasn’t that dirty in the first place!

Key Features
  • Compatible with all cooling system metals thanks to toxic and acidic-free formula
  • Heavy deposits completely removed by drawing metal oxides into solution
  • 2-in-1 formula ideal for both light flushing and heavy-duty cleaning
  • Designed to not only clean but remove grime and substantial rust
  • Ideal for use in neglected to adequate cooling system
  • Brand Prestone
  • Model AS105-6PK
  • Weight 5 pounds

Have you ever used a coolant which afterwards, seem to have made no difference or made your engine dirtier than it was before? Deviating from such disappointments, Irntite’s ThoroFlush is truly the professional’s choice: your engine will be transformed from bleak to chic with a single flush. Avoiding the detrimental chemical reactions produced by your average antifreeze is only one advantage out of thousands with Irontite, which will restore the life to your old cooling system.

The raving reviews – which range from a grateful jeep owner pleasantly surprised by the change to a Honda owner willing to trade his life for more of this antifreeze ­ – certainly proves the product’s worth. Freezing cold coolant will pass through the core just as effectively as ever afterwards – this stuff really works!

Key Features
  • A multi-functional product serviceable on all metal, aluminum, and plastic radiators
  • Concentrated power ensuring an incredibly powerful flush
  • Restore a coolant system to its prime after a single flush, stopping the vehicle from overheating
  • Deep clean implemented as well as saving money on repairs by unclogging heater core
  • Available for use with all coolant exchange machines
  • Brand Irontite
  • Model 1 pounds
  • Weight Thoro-Flush

Liqui Moly’s Radiator Cleaner contains 300 milliliters of high-quality formula designed to change your cooling system’s life for the better. A product compatible with rubbers and plastics, just one flush will dissolve contaminants containing oil and lime and neutralize any harmful acids inside. This product is also ideal for use with all motor vehicles, buses and commercial vehicles.

The active cleaning agents included will save yourself thousands of costly repair bills in the long run as well as dispersing all icky sludge. Liqui Moly’s product is the top of its game thanks to an incredible amount of research; which has undoubtedly paid off. Buy your own version of this modern formula to see it work wonders with your own eyes.  

Key Features
  • No inclusion of any aggressive acids or alkalis
  • Optimal engine temperature ensured by removal of oil and lime deposits
  • High-quality product created based upon research suitable for all cooling water systems
  • Dissolves grease, oil, and sludge present in the engine
  • Compatible with rubbers, plastics, and antifreezes
  • Brand Liqui Moly
  • Model 2051
  • Weight 12 ounces

Do you live in sub-zero temperatures and find it almost impossible to warm up your car? Design Engineering’s Heater Hotter is here to bring warmth in those chilly winter months. As well as helping to reduce engine wear, the product contains no glycol which can often trigger unwanted chemical reactions.

So, how does it work? Simply add this fiery orange formula to your radiator and watch it work wonders: improving engine warm up time by 50%. Likewise, there’s now no need to worry about which anti-freeze to use alongside it: simply add to your radiator and watch the magic happen. If you want to make those chilly commutes a lot less miserable, we recommend ordering this product today.

Key Features
  • Product containing zero glycol; rendering it suitable with all types of anti-freeze
  • Ideal for vehicles operating in sub-zero temperatures
  • Engine wear and tear are reduced thanks to non-harmful formula
  • Heater in vehicle will warm up 50% faster in all temperatures
  • Brand Design Engineering
  • Model 040206
  • Weight 1.2 pounds

If you’re looking for a product which is worth your time and money, then look no further than BlueDevil’s Radiator Flush. This specially formulated coolant has your engine radiator’s best interests at heart by extending its life and working condition. All nasty car debris such as grease, rust, and grime will be eradicated after just one dosage of this magic blue liquid.

Obtain a bit of peace of mind by treating your vehicle to a complete flush-out. If you own a high-mileage vehicle, then BlueDevil’s effectiveness on its engine only improves! What’s more, after application your coolant levels shouldn’t drop for several months at least. In a world where we are consistently bombarded with let-down products, it’s wonderful to know that products still remain out there that we can trust.

Key Features
  • Specially formulated coolant concentrated formula extends vehicle life
  • Advanced cleaning formula helps prohibit build-up of grease, rust, and grime
  • Keep your engine level at optimal level by incredible flush-out this product offers
  • Works well in all radiators; especially those with high mileage requiring a deep-flush
  • Brand Blue Devil
  • Model 00204
  • Weight 2.75 pounds

There’s nothing worse than looking at your totally rusted radiator system and wishing you’d cleaned it more often. Thankfully, Motor Medic are here to save the day with their 10 Minute Radiator Flush. While removing all grease and scum, any rust and scaling which may damage your vehicle in the long run will also be abolished. This product contains no acids and is likewise compatible with all cooling systems.

Does this process all sound ideal, yet you’re worried that you won’t have time to fit into your packed schedule? The entire flushing process only takes ten minutes – an ideal amount of time to fit into the working week. It’s not a surprise that for the last 75 years, Motor Medic have been consistently attending towards our motorist needs when releasing products committed towards maintaining our vehicles such as their flush.

Key Features
  • Free from any harmful acids
  • Quickly removes rust and scaling
  • Ready for application with all cooling systems
  • No neutralizer required
  • Whole process complete within only ten minutes
  • Brand Gunk
  • Model C1412
  • Weight 13 ounces

Looking for a fast and simple way to get back on the road stress-free? Purchasing yourself a bottle of Bar’s Leaks will ensure you’ll be avoiding the mechanics for the foreseeable future. Containing no acids and requiring no neutralizing beforehand, draining your radiator system and installing water will only take around ten minutes. What’s more, this magic formula has been designed so no parts of your cooling system are harmed, even parts containing aluminum.

One bottle of Bar’s Leaks is enough to treat the radiator of the average vehicle or light truck admirably. After this, your neglected cleaning system will finally be gunk free. Compatible with all cooling systems, affordable and easy to use, what’s not to love?

Key Features
  • No acids and needs no neutralizing
  • Flushing process will be completed in optimal time of ten minutes
  • Compatible with all automotive cooling systems as well as being safe to use on aluminum
  • Guaranteed to improve your car's performance long-term by removing build-up
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Brand Bar's Products
  • Model 12 ounces
  • Weight 1211

Design Engineering’s Radiator Relief Coolant Additive will heavily increase the power of an engine and reduce its operating temperature. According to this reputable brand who have successfully conquered the coolant market, this is the first additive that maintains pH levels in comparison to other products’ fluctuating pH levels, which ultimately cause damage to your vehicle over time.

Being biodegradable, non-toxic AND non-corrosive, this product is safe for use with all alloys and doesn’t require any subsequent mixing. Ideal for all water cooled engines, the sixteen ounces of coolant will be sure to satisfy all your radiator cleaning needs.  

Key Features
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic additive to be utilized alongside all water and anti-freeze mixtures
  • 100% Safe for use alongside alloys
  • Operating temperature subject to reduction up thirty degrees
  • pH levels will be maintained to eliminate possibility of core damage
  • Anti-corrosion additives ensure radiator durability
  • Brand Design Engineering
  • Model 1.2 pounds
  • Weight 040200

Last but not least, let’s turn our attention towards Niteo’s Super Heavy Duty Radiator Cleaner. And it’s got all the features; including powerful cleaning agents and neutralizer which will dissolve any rust, scale, or grease that your radiator has picked up over the years. This super concentrated product won’t only help flush out all rust, it will make sure that your car will run a lot cooler.

With a whopping 32 ounces of this liquid, chances are you won’t be running out of money or fluid anytime soon! Niteo is a family-owned company with products coming straight from the USA. Although this product takes an hour or less to clean, taking the time to properly maintenance your trusty vehicle will produce sure-fire results.  

Key Features
  • Made by a local, family owned company based around Charlotte, NC in the USA
  • Safe for use with aluminum as well as other cooling system metals
  • Affordable bottle containing 32 ounces of concentrated liquid
  • Super concentrated product will help flush out rust and make your car run cooler
  • Brand Niteo
  • Model C2232
  • Weight 2.35 pounds

Best Radiator Cleaner Fluids Buying Guide

Things to Consider Before Buying Radiator Cleaner Fluids

Choosing the right radiator cleaner for your car comes with large responsibility. Yet by following this check-list, the radiator cleaner you eventually choose should be at the top of its game.

  • Compatible with Aluminum

The number one reason for corrosion in a vehicle’s cooling system is improperly mixed anti-freeze. Since a heater is predominantly composed of metals like steel and aluminum, liquids, even seemingly harmful liquids like chlorine are actually strong corrosive agents. Avoid this problem entirely by selecting a cleaning product which is compatible with aluminum.

  • No Glycol

Although this point is barking up the same tree as the last, we cannot stress how important it is to avoid any unwanted reactions from occurring in your heater. Within antifreeze, ethylene glycol is the main chemical involved – its function being to allow antifreeze to stay liquid even in extremely low temperatures. However, glycol often triggers several chemical reactions which could consequently harm your heater and reduce the lifespan of your reliable motor.

Why You Need Radiator Cleaner Fluid

In our lives, there are several DIY tasks which we just cannot escape; and cleaning out your car radiator is unfortunately one of them. So, if we’ve got to carry out this task so many times, we may as well start doing it properly with the correct tools for the job. Radiator cleaner fluid will allow the engine to perform at its best by removing the old antifreeze which is no longer able to manage the non-corrosive components and renewing it with fresh liquid. Although many DIYers urge drivers to clean out their radiators with vinegar, this liquid could very easily damage the structure of the entire radiator and weaken it, leading to several more problems. Our advice? Better to be safe than sorry and opt for the products fit to carry out the task.

Different Types of Radiator Fluid

Choosing the radiator fluid for your vehicle isn’t as easy as sauntering down to the shop and grabbing the first one on the shelf. There are three main products which fall into the radiator fluid category; radiator cleaner, coolant additive, and radiator repair flushes.

  • Radiator Cleaner

It’s the cheapest out there yet otherwise incredibly effective. Although simple radiator cleaner isn’t a repair product like the others, sometimes all you need is to flush out your cooling system. It’s straightforward and does the job right. For those who don’t want to splash too much of their cash, simple radiator cleaner is all you need.

  • Coolant Additive

Not only do they flush out the system, coolant additives prevent any potential damage to your coolant system by containing inhibitors which improve cooling properties of the water and antifreeze present in the system. Consequently, the days in which you worried about an overheating engine will be long gone.

  • Radiator Repair Fluids

Are you thinking it’s about time to replace your car radiator, but you just don’t have enough money to see it through? Radiator repair fluids possess integral chemicals which treat leaks all shapes and sizes. Although some larger tears may be untreatable, best to give them a shot to see if your engine situation is fixable.

The Best Radiator Cleaner Fluids FAQ:

Q: How often should I flush my radiator?

There isn’t just one but two rules for when your car’s radiator should be flushed. Due to the varying amounts that us road users drive our cars, radiators should be flushed every 30,000 miles or every three years – whatever milestone creeps up on you first!

Q: Is flushing a radiator complicated?

Although several mechanics create a false pretense that flushing a car radiator is just, if not more difficult as performing brain surgery, by following the right instructions then it becomes pretty straightforward. Adhere to the DIY method below to save some money.
Place the drip tray or catch container at the ready
This will involve sliding the drip tray underneath the car radiator and under the valve where the old coolant should drain.
Take off the Radiator Cap and Unfasten the Drain Valve
Once cool, remove the radiator cap before unscrewing the drain valve below the radiator. This should start off the flowing of the coolant, which should be adequately disposed of afterwards in a safe and secure manner.
Time to Use Your Radiator Cleaner!
And if you’ve read this handy guide correctly, the radiator in question should be a high-quality product ready to do the job right! After closing the radiator drain valve, clean out the cooling system with a chemical flush product. The system should be filled up with water after the first drainage and ran hot. Then, add your lovely fresh coolant through the radiator cap, filling it to the max. Note – These are only simple instructions and should be advanced with additional guidance.

Q: Can other problems cause engine overheating?

After reading about all the different problems which cause engines to overheat, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you’ve just got to add coolant – or wishing that you had! However, it’s best to remember that all of these problems will only lead to one costly outcome: engine damage.
Stuck Thermostat
If your temperature gauge skyrockets after just a few minutes behind the wheel, chances are that your thermostat has run into some difficulties. This is due to coolant flow being regulated through the radiator. As a result of the coolant being stopped when the engine is already ‘cold’, a broken thermostat consequently stops the radiator from receiving its much-needed coolant juice’.
Got a Leak?
If your engine has unfortunately contracted a puncture, much of the coolant produced easily drips through the puncture which creates an ‘airlock’. The consequences of an airlock are pretty self-explanatory through its name: it locks the air in the engine, stopping the coolant from pushing through.
Broken-Down Water Pump
By pushing the coolant through the engine and radiator, a water pump has a pretty important job. Its wear and tear can lead to the damage of the impeller – the rotating section of the pump constructed to move fluid by swiveling. Its deterioration can lead to a lack of coolant flow and therefore, an overheating engine.

Our Top Pick

So, if we had to choose between all the high-quality coolant specifically selected today, our number one choice would have to be Royal Purple’s Purple Ice Super Coolant. Not only does it look cool, the 12 ounces of top-quality liquid in one bottle will easily be able to flush out your entire system without any problems. As well as protecting any present aluminum within the flushing process, using this product beside water and any other anti-freeze products is also possible.

Royal Purple promise that your heater will run up to 22°F cooler, consequently allowing more heat to be transmitted outside the radiator and generating lots more energy from your vehicle. Unlike other coolants, Royal Purple’s reputable success ensures that plenty of instructions exist when concerning its own product’s utilisation within the cleaning process, making it a lot easier for novice car users. Finally, the reduction of engine hot spots and cylinder heats subsequently expands the running life of your water pump. Quickly grab this ‘super coolant’ for a bargain before Royal Purple realise the worth of their product and amp up the price.


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