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During the rainy season, most motorists face the challenge of removing sticky mud and debris from car tires and wheels. You need to protect them from dirt and debris. To do that, you should invest in the best ram 2500 fender flares OEM. In order to help you save time, we have highlighted the best fender…

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The Best Ram 2500 Fender Flares OEM Review 2023 | Autance © The Best Ram 2500 Fender Flares OEM Review 2023 | Autance

During the rainy season, most motorists face the challenge of removing sticky mud and debris from car tires and wheels. You need to protect them from dirt and debris. To do that, you should invest in the best ram 2500 fender flares OEM.

In order to help you save time, we have highlighted the best fender flare for Ram 2500 OEM at the comparison below:



Further information

Husky Liners 58056 Fits 2019

- Brand: Husky Liners
- Item Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 5 inches
- Item Weight: 3.7 pounds
- Fits 2019-21 Ram 2500/3500 trucks with OEM fender flares only and without the Power Wagon trim package.
- No Drilling Required
- Built to the maximum width for full tread coverage of single or dually factory tires

Bushwacker 50919

- Brand: Bushwacker
- Item Dimensions: 52 x 11 x 34.38 inches
- Item Weight: 17.75 pounds
- Adds up to 2.50 in. of tire coverage from debris
- Installs easily with no drilling required
- OEM matte black finish is easy to paint
- 100% UV protected Dura-Flex(R) 2000 – no chalking

Lund RX203S

- Brand: Lund
- Item Dimensions: 46 x 9 x 29 inches
- Item Weight: 14 pounds
- Front Flare Height: 4.25"; Front Flare Coverage: 2.25"; Rear Flare Height: 4.25"; Rear Flare Coverage: 2.25"
- Tri-Flex ABS thermoplastic material allows for maximum strength and flexibility while also being UV-resistant to protect against fading
- Easy no-drill installation utilizing factory attachment locations
- Rubber edge trim protects fender from dirt and debris

Bushwacker 50930

- Brand: Bushwacker
- 52 x 34.38 x 34.38 inches
- 21 pounds
- Front Flare Height: 6. 42"; Front Flare Tire Coverage: 2"; Rear Flare Height: 5. 95"; Rear Flare Coverage: 2. 6"
- Made from our proprietary Dura-Flex 2000 ABS material for a durable, yet flexible fender flare
- 100% UV protected with a matte black smooth finish that can be painted to match your vehicle

Smittybilt 76837 XRC

- Brand: Smittybilt
- Item Dimensions: 49 x 8 x 23 inches
- Item Weight: 42.2 pounds
- Includes both front and rear fenders (4 total)
- 100% steel construction for extra durability
- Also includes 10 Self-Tapping Screws, 20 10mm Hex Head Bolts, 40 Flat Washers, 20 Lock-Nuts
- CJ, YJ and TJ to be used with Smittybilt corner guards

The Best Fender Flare for Ram 2500 OEM

1. Husky Liners (58056) Fender Flare

If you want a fender flare that is durable, then look no further. Husky Liners provides you with an excellent fit 2019 ram 2500 fender flare OEM by design. It gives your car a classy look after installation. This is a stylish accessory with form-fit mudguards designed to fit perfectly and complement your vehicle appropriately. 

It is very easy to install and doesn’t require drilling. To mount it firmly, align it with all the hardware accessories. Moreover, you can use the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer and get detailed insights on how to set up your fender flare steady and fast. 

It is made of a thermoplastic material that can hold any mud or debris. It is also built to the maximum width for complete tread tire coverage. This device can be used to enhance the ram 2500, and therefore, it is the best choice to complement your car.

Made of thermoplastic material
Simple set-up process
Designed to match your fenders properly

2. Bushwacker (50919) Fender Flare for Dodge Ram 2500

Bushwacker fender flare is highly durable and doesn’t require replacement regularly. It is a stylish accessory that is available in OEM matte black finish. It is easy to paint to complement your vehicle’s finish.

It is relatively easy to install and doesn’t require drilling. You need to align it with all the hardware accessories to fit strongly. Besides, you can carefully read the installation manual to mount it quickly.

It is a long-lasting tool that complements perfectly with both passenger’s and driver’s sides as well as front and rear sides. It adds up to 2.5 inches of tire coverage from mud. It cannot experience any chalking because UV Dura-Flex protects it.

Easy to install
Easy to paint OEM matte black finish
It has a limited warranty
Made in the USA
Quite expensive

3. Lund RX203S Elite Series Fender Flare

Some prevailing rogue road challenges such as debris and mud can affect the wheel and tires of your vehicle. It gives your vehicle enhanced protection against all road issues hence giving it an aggressive appearance. This tool is excellent for mounting it on ram 2500, and significantly it easy to install.

It is constructed from ABS plastic material that gives your car maximum flexibility and makes it more strong. It cannot fade easily because it is UV-resistant. The use of ABS plastic material ensures that it is long-lasting as it gives you maximum strength.

Simple installation process
It has a limited lifetime warranty
Made of ABS thermoplastic material
It has an extensive design for large wheels and tires
Made in the USA
The installation process is time-consuming

4. Bushwacker (50930) Fender Flare

It is cost-effective and suitable for ram 2500 OEM models. One sure thing is that this flare is tested and constructed from resilient materials. Buying 2020 ram 2500 fender flares OEM guarantees you a long-lasting service.

It is made from strong and flexible ABS plastic material. It is protected with OEM matte smooth finish, which can be painted to complement your car. Besides that, it is easy to install and comes with mounting hardware. No drilling is required during the installation process.

It is protected from UV light by adding UV powder to prevent chalking and rust during the manufacturing process. This product is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can protect your vehicle’s wheel and tire from an infestation of mud, scratches, and any external damages.

Simple and easy to install
UV-light protection
It is not vulnerable to rust
It is easy to clean
Not versatile
Quite expensive

5. Smittybilt (76837) Fender Flare

Smittybilt is one of the best 2019 to 2020 ram 2500 OEM fender flares. This can be your most treasured asset if you are tired of debris that always affects your car. Therefore, it has some real benefits, and it adds an aggressive appearance.

An excellent thing about Smittybilt fender flare is the ability to complement different types of vehicles. It is a great fender flare to purchase because of strong and durable stainless steel construction. It has OEM matte finish that can be painted to match your car.

The installation process is relatively simple and easy, which includes installation hardware. You are also provided with a user manual to give you a detailed insight into the proper set-up. Therefore, you can mount it yourself without the need to consult a qualified mechanic.

Made of sturdy and durable steel material
It complements your vehicle easily
Simple and easy installation process
Takes a lot of time to install
Quite expensive

Buying the Best Ram 2500 Fender Flares OEM

It is significant to consider some factors before deciding to buy the ram 2500 fender flare of your choice. Here are some of the important factors to consider:

Construction Material

The type of construction material is an essential factor to consider when shopping for your fender flare for ram 2500. This product can be made from either ABS, strong stainless steel, or plastic materials. But, the products constructed from plastic are relatively cheap and lightweight.

If you want a reliable and durable product, choose the one made with stainless steel. Some products can give you high-quality features such as heat resistance, non-flammability, longevity, and durability, depending on the type of material they are made with. The products of high quality can give long-term usability and high performance.

Installation Process of a Fender Flare

When you are shopping for this product, you need to check how you can set it up. Most of the products reviewed always come installation manual; thus, you can do the task alone. Some don’t require drilling, but if it a must, seek assistance from an expert mechanic.

Nevertheless, manufacturers often provide an installation manual to guide you on setting up the fender flare for ram 2500 OEM effortlessly. A user manual is an instruction element that helps you save time and enhance product productivity.

Style and Design

When acquiring your ideal a flare for ram 2500, the style and design used to make it is one aspect that you should not overlook. Different unique designs exist, such as OEM design, cut-out design, street design, Fender trim style, and many others.

You can use solid and resilient adhesive tape to set up pocket design fender flares. Apart from the adhesive tapes, you can use metal screws. This design features eye-catching rivets mounted on top of your flare.

You can install ram 2500 fender flare OEM design in your vehicle as a standard tool. This design is painted to complement perfectly with the color of your car. That said, when you install a wide OEM design, it sticks outside your car’s body.

The product with street design have an attractive viewpoint. When you install the cut-out design, you must cut the metal sheet from the OEM fender. The most significant thing is that both designs enhance the size of tires. Generally, all these designs do not reveal the rust in your vehicle’s wheels.

The Aim of Installing Fender Flare for Ram 2500

The main reason for installing the flares for ram 2500 OEM is to control the amount of mud, dirt, and debris thrown into the air. It also helps to cover rusted components around the wheels and tires. Nevertheless, most car owners install them due to its appealing feature, because it enhances your vehicle’s appearance.

You should consider your car’s needs before you decide to buy a fender flare. Some of the important aspects to consider include:

  • The size of fender flare
  • Different fitness for diverse car models and brands.
  • The model and make of your car

You need to ensure that your vehicle’s make and model is compatible with the fender flare from the manufacturer’s listing. This enables you to know whether you should acquire a set of either two or four ram 2500 flares.


Seek the price of fender flares from various shop outlets because not all of them are cheap. Most of the flares for ram 2500 purchased directly from the manufacturer is relatively cheap. But those bought from legalized dealers are very expensive. The best thing to do is compare prices from different dealers to get the most affordable products.

How to Paint Fender Flare OEM for Ram 2500?

Most of the ram 2500 OEM painted fender flares utilize spray car paints, especially polyurethane. You can follow the procedure below to paint these accessories. You need to:

  • Unmount the wheel flares from your ram 2500 and then use the right degreaser to clean them thoroughly.
  • Protect other car components using electrical tape.
  • Strand the area around the flare and wipe it carefully using a clean cloth.
  • Apply your undercoat and allow it to dry for approximately one hour
  • Apply the final paint and allow it to dry overnight.


Put on a respirator and protective attire when applying paint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This part has relevant questions and answers that can make you understand everything concerning fender flares for ram 2500 OEM. The following are some of the common questions asked:

How can I set up my preferred fender flare?

You can mount 2020 ram 2500 OEM fender flareseffortlessly on your own. When shopping for this product, ensure it comes with a user manual and read it carefully. This manufacturer’s instruction manual has detailed insights on how you can install them perfectly. Nevertheless, if you experience any installation challenges, you can call a proficient mechanic.

Are fender flares for ram 2500 attractive?

They can be attractive, but this is a matter of personal opinion. As a user, you can be thrilled by its appealing appearance and how it is easy to install. Most drivers confirm that their choice of flares OEM for ram 2500 makes their wheels appear quite smaller.

What is the best way to avoid rust issues under ram 2500 OEM fender flares?

All wheels are susceptible to infestation of rust due to rain and salt. It is challenging to detect rust because they conceal metallic components. It is essential to take necessary precautions during the installation process to prevent rust issues. You can spray all the parts covered by these components using a strong sealant.

What type of paint can be used in my fender flares OEM for ram 2500?

Not all paints can enhance the appearance of ram 2500 OEM painted fender flares. You can read through the user manual carefully to get relevant ideas concerning the best paint for your flares. Paint mixing is often conducted indoors, and you can source it from different paint dealers and manufacturers.

What are some of the important features to look for when shopping for the best fender flares for ram 2500 OEM?

Before you decide to purchase a fender flare of your choice, consider the following features. It should be:

  • Easy and simple to install
  • Paintable
  • Varied car compatibility
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and greatly portable

What kind of materials are used for constructing ram 2500 fender flare?

They are made from different materials. Plastic material is the most common, but it’s not durable and sturdy. ABS plastic material is of high-quality, durable, and quite expensive. Therefore, it is imperative to buy high-quality fender flares, however expensive they might be.


You can notice the difference if you invest in a quality and durable ram 2500 fender flares OEM. All the fender flares reviewed above are the best option for you. One important thing to do is protect your vehicle’s tire and wheel from prevalent road mud and debris to save on huge costs related to constant repairs. You can invest in one of these products and experience a smooth drive.

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