Ram Revolution Electric Pickup Truck Looks Like a Single Cab in Teaser Video

Offering a single cab would make the Ram Revolution the only full-size electric pickup without four doors.

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Ram Revolution Electric Pickup Truck Looks Like a Single Cab in Teaser Video © Ram Revolution Electric Pickup Truck Looks Like a Single Cab in Teaser Video

Ram is poised to unveil its electric pickup early next year. Called the Ram Revolution, it will be seen in full on Jan. 5, 2023. Before that date, however, the automaker released Tuesday a short clip detailing the design decisions that went into building the truck. It gives us a sneak peek of what the vehicle is going to look like.

What we see isn't necessarily anything groundbreaking. Ram has released concept renderings of what the Revolution will look like before. We haven't seen anything physical, though, which is what changes with this clip. In the short film, you can clearly see physical mockups of the pickup, including views of the front fascia and the passenger side. The latter view also reveals an interesting detail: it looks like a single cab could be offered.


Now, design renderings are of course not necessarily a representation of something an automaker is going to do. There's a fair amount of single-cab imagery in this clip, though. This would be unique because there are currently no single-cab electric pickups for sale and no automaker has stated plans to build one. All GM, Ford, and Rivian pickups have four doors.

Other renderings show the Revolution as a crew cab, though. This could mean a variety of things. Perhaps the concept vehicle we'll see in January is a single cab but the production vehicle will be a crew cab. Maybe both will be offered as production body styles. We just don't know yet.

What we do know is that Ram's pickup is set to offer some unique features. The brand's CEO says it will have a gasoline or diesel-fueled range extender. That could be a huge plus for conventional pickup buyers who aren't ready to make the leap to battery power only. It could also help the truck maintain adequate range in colder weather or while towing.

That being said, expect the Revolution to have a decent range even without an extender. Its competitors from Ford and GM are offering in excess of 300 miles of travel distance, which means Stellantis will have to offer a similar figure or be left in the dust. When it comes to full-size pickups the competition is fierce, and Ram will have to bring the fight or lose part of its bread and butter business.

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